The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack

Season 1 Episode 10

Pun Times with Punsie McKale / Balance

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Aug 07, 2008 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Pun Times with Punsie McKale: With Flapjack's help, Peppermint Larry goes head-to-head against Punsie McKale in a pun-off competition.

Balance: Flapjack tries to understand why all the citizens of Stormalong love movies.

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  • Absolutely marvelous! :idea:

    There's really nothing more that I can say that can capture so much of what I think about this episode as well as the general humor this show manages to produce. And this episode has some of the best laughs I've heard in this show, and outshines the humor found in many other shows to! When Peppermint Larry and a Stormalong Harbor celebrity named Punzie McKale compete in a Pun-off for the title of the ultimate "Punny-man," hilarity and hijinks ensue. Flapjack even learns how to understand And tell jokes! He even stands up for Peppermint Larry when Punzie McKale starts being too mean! In the end, its the antics of Flapjack and Captain K'nuckles that end up bringing the house down, Literally! Speaking of antics, what kind of antics can be seen on the early moving picture device called a Cinematograph? Not much, apparently. Flapjack doesn't understand their popularity, and instead wants to have adventures! But the owner of the Cinematograph isn't just an expert movie projector, he's also an early expert film-maker, and shoots scenes of Flapjack living out his adventures! When K'nuckles sees how well Flapjack's films are being received, he wants the exact same star treatment. But his results, Way more silly then serious! And that's why I love this show: it doesn't hold back on the humorously irrelevant behavior of the characters on "The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack!" People simply owe it to themselves to check this show out! :idea: Enough said, true believers! ;)moreless
Jeff Bennett

Jeff Bennett

W.D. Muttonfluffer / Dips

Guest Star

Steve Little

Steve Little

Lolly Poopdeck / Pun Pirate #1

Guest Star

Antoinette Spolar-Levine

Antoinette Spolar-Levine

Pun Pirate Scribe

Guest Star

Jeff Bennett

Jeff Bennett

Peppermint Larry

Recurring Role

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • We learn that Punsie McKale can't frown (when a tear came from his eye, he wasn't frowning).

    • At the beginning, everybody (even Bubbie) likes movies except Flapjack.

    • Punsie McKale probably is named for a writer of the show Patrick McHale.

    • Running Gags:

      1) Whenever Punsie McKale makes a pun joke, a rim shot is played. ("Pun Times with Punsie McKale")
      2) K'nuckles trying to tell his "Lady in a red hat joke", but Flapjack would say, "There's a lady in a red hat". ("Pun Times with Punsie McKale")
      3) The same scene keeps playing on the movie screen being projected from the Cinematograph. ("Balance")

  • QUOTES (19)

    • Sailor: Once you get your hankerin', just drop your anchorin', to Peppermint Larry's Candy Barrel. I was paid to say that. (applause)

    • K'nuckles: Hey, aren't you that kid?
      Flapjack: Well, uhhh...
      K'nuckles: Hey! Do that balance thing ya do, like ya do in the picty show!

    • Sailor: Oh no! He's gonna sit on us! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

    • Captain Handy: Wait a candy-picking minute!
      K'Nuckles: What is it, Captain Handy?
      Captain Handy: It's this film. I think it's...
      K'Nuckles: Yes? What is it?
      Captain Handy: It's...boring.
      K'Nuckles: I knew it!
      Bubbie: Something else needs to happen.
      Guy: I got an idea! Let's...go!

    • K'Nuckles: Flapjack, any time, any place, adventure always awaits. Remember that and you'll never be without...uhh...adventure.

    • Peppermint Larry: Uhh...hi folks! I'm Peppermint Larry, but you can call me Acorn Larry.
      Punsie McKale: Why, cuz you're nuts?
      Peppermint Larry: No, because I'm a-corny joke teller!
      Guy: Boo!
      Punsie McKale: That's you in a nutshell, alright!

    • Guy: It ain't every day you get to see something you've never seen before!

    • Flapjack: There's a lady in a big, red hat! (laughs)
      Peppermint Larry: No one does hat jokes anymore, Flapjack.
      Flapjack: Why not?
      Peppermint Larry: I don't know! I guess there just old hat...jokes. (laughs)
      (curtain closes)

    • Peppermint Larry: (nervous) a pirate Captain walks into the Candy Barrel the other day and asks me for some gum and I said...wh-why do you want gum that's been dropped? No wait! He asked for gumdrops!
      Guy in Audience: Geez, this is awful.

    • (after being told about pun-off)
      Flapjack: That will be berry exciting! You know, like strawberry?
      (short pause)
      Peppermint Larry: Maybe you should leave, Flapjack.

    • Punsie McKale: So, Ms. Leading, I hear you're a school teacher, how classy! Speaking of classes, what does a shapely dame like yourself teach the kids, geometry?

    • Peppermint Larry: I'm performing here, Punsie! Take a seat.
      Punsie McKale: Well, if I take two, will you take five?

    • Peppermint Larry: Now, there are many species of humor, Flapjack. But the pun, also known as "wordplay" or "paronomasia," is the most sophisticated and difficult to master. Are you ready?
      (Flapjack nods)
      Peppermint Larry: Then what, pray tell, is this? (puts a salt shaker on the table)
      Flapjack: Looks like ordinary table salt.
      Peppermint Larry: You could call it ordinary, but it might be in-salt-ed.
      Flapjack: Don't you mean "in-sult-ed"?
      (Peppermint Larry raises an eyebrow)
      Flapjack: Oh! Wooooow!

    • K'nuckles: (to Punsie McKale) I don't think you're funny! I'm a bit of a comedian myself. Say there's a lady in a big, red hat.
      Flapjack: There's a lady in a big, red hat.
      K'nuckles: Really? Where?
      (crowd starts laughing)
      K'nuckles: Are you making fun of me, boy?!

    • K'nuckles: Now, a joke is when you make fun of somebody. So, say there's a lady in a big, red hat.
      Flapjack: There's a lady in a big, red hat.
      K'nuckles: Really? Where? Where's the lady? Where?
      (Bubbie laughs at him)
      Bubbie: Oh, Flapjack, tell that joke again, baby!

    • Peppermint Larry: So that Pirate made me walk off the plank and I asked, "Can't I have one last mug of root beer?", and he said "That would be fine", so then I took the mug and jumped! And you know, I would've drowned if it hadn't been for one thing: Root Beer Floats!
      Pun Pirate: I get it, like a root beer float.

    • Peppermint Larry: So a pirate walks into the Candy Barrel yesterday, and he asks me for some gumdrops. And I say: "Why do you want gum if it's been dropped?!"
      (all the pirates in the Candy Barrel laugh)

    • Punsie McKale: I'm about to open a new chapter in rhyme and punishment.
      Flapjack: Uh...
      Punsie McKale: You think you're ready for my rhymes? You'll soon be green as envious limes.
      Flapjack: Uh...
      Punsie McKale: I see you're not yellow, fellow, but I don't want to make you BLUE! So get a CLUE and pur-pull the plug before you play, or I'LL ARRANGE A RAINBOW ON YOUR PARADE!!!
      Flapjack: (appearing hypnotized) You've got colorful language, but... (gibberish)

    • Flapjack: Hey, I got a pun, Peppermint Larry! Uh, what did the candy say to the other candy when the first candy asked the second candy if the second candy would dance with the first one?
      (everyone is confused)
      Flapjack: Of course you can-dy dance with me!
      Pun Pirate: Hey, what are you trying to pull here?

  • NOTES (3)


    • Swedish Fish
      In "Pun Times," Peppermint Larry makes a pun to candy fish being sweetish. This is actually a reference to the candy Swedish Fish.

    • The Cinematograph
      The machine used to play the movies not only refers to the practice of cinematography (which is how movies are made), it is also a direct reference to the real-life invention of the Kinetoscope. The device invented by Thomas Alva Edison in 1876 (and refined several times afterwards) was the first machine that could display rapidly moving pictures moving in a sequence, later called a moving picture or a movie. The movies showed on the Cinematograph also directly reference some of the early works that movies made, such as a person running, sitting around, balancing, and slapstick.