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  • Adventure!!!!!!!

    The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack is really underrated. It's so funny. It's about a little kid who lives inside a whale. Then one day he meets a retired pirate named Captain K'nuckles. K'nuckles tells Flapjack all about the advenutures he used to have. He also tells him about a place called Candy Island. Flapjack becomes obsessed with adventures and wants to go to candy Island. His whale Bubby disapproves. So far Flapjack hasn't gotten to Candy Island yet. But he has had some other adventures. like when he got abducted by a grop of pirates called the Snarks. Or when he finds out he's a guardian angel and tries to keep k'nuckles safe. So I reccomend this show to anybody that wants to watch a show that's funny and that's like Spongebob
  • Another Great show from cartoon network

    flapjack is a really good show 2 watch. The whole title is really long though but people just call it flapjack. At first they were showing the mini flapjack shows that lasted about 2 minutes. Now they have the whole half hour show. hopefully it won't be a huge disappointment and then turn in2 some dumb show that no1 cares about. But flapjack is a really good show and stuff like that, and.... y do we have 2 have this b 100 words long? it's really annoying. but anyway i recomand this show 2 every 1. bye people bye cu l8tr
  • I haven't been on here for a while ... but now I'm gonna review a show I thought (I repeat, I thought) was going to be another one of Cartoon Network's excuses for a crap show.

    To start off this review, I love Chowder, but when I first saw the previews for it, I thought the show was going to be really bad. However, I checked out the previews for Flapjack, another show coming on for Cartoon Network, and thought it was going to suck really hard. However, I kept on missing showtimes for it until I saw online that it was pretty good. That made me think that this show would end up like Chowder. I didn't like the previews at all and wasn't too interested into watching it at all until I turned on my TV and saw the show, so I decided to watch it.

    When I did watch it, I noticed it wasn't as bad as it looked. I thought it was alright (I found the part where a giant George Washington-like guy attacking unexpectfully VERY random), and I liked how Flapjack and K'nuckles have a relationship similar to Chowder and Mung. Still, I may like Chowder better. Still, I like Ed, Edd n' Eddy and shows better than this, but that still doesn't mean I hate this show.
  • A cute show with a really nice aesthetic. Flapjack definitely doesn't deserve the hate it's getting.

    The Misadventures of Flapjack is a household treasure here, so it's a little bewildering to see so many people bash it. It's a refreshing little cartoon about the life of a manically happy orphan child.
    In my opinion, much of the criticism is overblown. There isn't THAT much gross-out content and the show certainly doesn't rely on it - it just happens to be another one of its quirks, that's supposed to add to its surrealism more than anything.
    And the show is insanely, insanely cute. The mixed-media backgrounds and energetic character expressions will have any fan of illustration art bubbling with joy. The characters are very well-designed - almost iconic. On the downside, the plotlines have a tendency to be very slight, but it's not as though that's unintentional (it's called misadventures for a reason). As a heavily aesthetic show, some parts will seem oddly shallow, like watching an amalgamation of random ideas. Taken from a sitting-on-a-sofa after school point of view, it's still a lot of hysterical fun.
    Much less annoying than Chowder, anyhow.
  • Quite enjoyable

    Like most shows, there are from both sides of the aisle--while some people hate it with a passion only matched by that of a thousand burning suns, others proclaim it's the greatest show on Earth.

    I, personally, think it's just as marvelous as it's name says it is.

    I have yet to find a slip up in the animation and the drawing is quite incredible. It really sets the tone while also being very unique. I have yet to see anything like it, thus far.

    The characters and the voice acting, while having it's flukes, does come off rather well. Flapjack is a young, optimistic want-to-be-adventurer whose childlike innocence both pulls at the corners of my mouth and my heartstrings. K'Nuckles both sharply contrasts with Flapjack (like most everything else in the show) and compliments him quite well. K'Nuckles' character is the one I'm most impressed with. He's a good-for-nothing glorified bum, but that's what I like about him and Flapjack is too naive to see this and is often times whisked away by K'Nuckle's fantastical tales (which are often exagerated beyond belief or entirely made up). However, he does has has moments and is a good person at heart who deeply cares for Flapjack. Bubby is the overprotective adoptive (whale) mother of Flapjack and is as sassy as she is blubbery. Doctor Barber, however, is my favorite character. He's more like something out of my worst nightmare than a cartoon character, but that's what I love about him. Despite being "creepy", or "sociopathic" he does have good intentions.

    The humor is offbeat, dark, sometimes random, but overall likeable. I don't enjoy puns all that much, but these puns I do. The show also features a good deal of hypocritical humor, most often times with Bubby scolding K'Nuckles for not being a good role-model for her baby, but isn't always a good role-model herself. This show does have it's grotesque close-ups, but you can't deny that they don't succeed in their purpose--for being creepy, sometimes scary. The only thing I don't like is the jokes made about K'Nuckles alcoholism, coming from a family where I was more like the Flapjack and my father more like a K'Nuckles. Although I'm certain it wasn't intended to be sad, I did cry at one episode when K'Nuckles is obviously drunk and tells Flapjack that's he's his only friend, Flapjack responds with, "You tell me that every time you eat this much candy." or something of that nature. It brings back some bad memories.

    Overall, the stories are creative and interesting. They have their high and low points, but so does every show.

    I give this show an 8/10
  • Really wasn't that marvelous, except for the animation.

    The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack wasn't all that marvelous, unless you count the animation and the fact it was set somewhere other than the future. The idea rocked, the execution, not so much. The barber was freaky, and the whale (although a fabulous job by Thalia the Muse's voice actress from Hercules) wasn't as memorable as the muse's. K'nuckles or whoever his name is reminds me of my uncle: he drinks a lot. And I mean a lot. Of what? Here it's maple syrup, but in the real world it'd be equivalent to alcohol. The kid's design is adorable! But his voice is too high and squealy. Also, there aren't too many girls in Flapjack, unless you count the rich lady and other backgrounders. Set sail...somewhere else.
  • Oh great, another one..

    Ok most people I know don't like this show at all and I can relate to that, but I was actually curious enough to watch some episodes to see if it was decent. The episodes ideas are usually quite unique which is one of the few things I like about this show but the plot is always ignored to do something else like eating candy, causing confusion and generally trying to be a disobedient moron.

    The voice acting is kinda good, but some of the minors have voices that could make anyone's ears bleed. I can also see the art talents in this show but they are usually wasted on sick close-ups on characters that could easily put the viewers off.

    Yeah exaggeration on emotions and actions is expected in a cartoon but in most episodes they are just so exaggerated its.. just retarded and not even funny.

    So yeah, I'm seeing too many of these cartoons that try oh-so hard to be funny with dark humor and over-used jokes. The old cartoons were so much better.
  • I just don't understand. Why can't I find this show interesting?

    I don't know if it's just me, but I just don't find this show so interesting. Maybe it's just because I'm getting too old for these types of childish shows. I nearly fell asleep while I watched this show. The humor in this show in my mind just not exactly appealing to me. I didn't laugh at any at the jokes. I guess if I was 10 years younger, I probably would've laughed at them. I really just don't have much to say, but the reason why I give this show a 6 is because I just think that this show just doesn't get through to me. Well uhhhh....good bye.
  • I'm glad this got canceled....

    While this show was full of promise and potential, it was all ruined by the disturbing and gross content this show show produced. The whole show was basically random, and this show made me feel stupid whenever I watched it. Not to mention the show is boring, but yet also has a creepy side to it. I think they should have kept Chowder on the air and gotten rid of this hunk of garbage instead. Chowder is a classic cartoon that actually knows how to make random, bizarre plots while Flapjack is just a piece of crap.

    Deranged Lemur over and out!
  • Sorry, but it just ain't doing it for me, you know? Gosh.

    This review reflects my own views and definitely not the view of fans of this show. Read accordingly. I think this show is just so bad. They got the pirate who's supposed to symbolize an alcoholic, who has to take care of a kid who to me seems like a spaz. And even though he's such a terrible role model, he still seems like an angel on Earth to Flapjack. It's like the fact that he is so mean to him makes him love him more. And he goes around kissing people. Seriously? Ok, that is it! Ew. No more!
  • One of the only reasons I actually watch Cartoon Network anymore.

    I'll admit it: when this show first aired, I wasn't that interested in it. But then, I saw one episode that showed the relationship between Flapjack and K'nuckles. That's when I decided to give this show a chance. And I actually like it.

    Flapjack and K'nuckles are the classic odd couple: an optimistic, adventurous little boy and a grumpy old big-talker who are searching for the legendary Candied Island. Oh, and they live in a big, blue, talking whale.

    I like the fact that Flapjack always sees the best in people, especially K'nuckles. The captain can treat him like trash, and Flapjack still considers them the best of friends. And there are episodes that clearly show that deep down, K'nuckles truly values his friendship with Flapjack.

    Plus, with all the other kooky characters on the show (Peppermint Larry, Dr. Barber, Candy Wife, etc.), it never gets bland.

    So...there you have it. "Flapjack" has interesting characters, beautifully surreal artwork, and plots full of so many twists and turns, you can't help but watch. Basically, one of the only good new shows on Cartoon Network.
  • It's not a fantastic show, but it IS watchable and it DOES have its moments and quirks.

    I mean, I will certainly not deny it is a very strange show. It levels nearly with Chowder in that regard. But I do find its eccentricty and the show itself quite entertaining and it gives me quite a few laughs. The characters are interesting, namely Knuckles and Flapjack. It's really just how, well, they work well together as a comedic duo that makes them fun to watch. The loyal and admiring cabin boy and the self-absorbed good-for-nothing captain.

    The "adventures" the two have as well are fun to watch. The two are candy-hungry pirates who search for an island made entirely out of candy. Yes, that is very weird but as stated before, that eccentricity is not necessarily a bad thing. It really makes the show stand out on its own.

    So, all in all, a very weird show but it is still enjoyable and something you can really sit down and watch even if you're bored.
  • The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack is a fun cartoon about a young adventurer and the misunderstood swashbuckler he looks up to.

    I remember when I first saw a preview for this show I was not sure what to expect. The animation looked ugly, and the fact that this show was based around another fun loving child seemed almost cliche now. (Due to the amount of cartoons with a main character like this in recent times such as Spongebob, Chowder, Camp Lazlo, Phineas and Ferb, etc. And yet I have enjoyed all the ones I have mentioned...) I saw a couple episodes, and it just didn't seem to work at first. But then a couple of my friends were raving about how funny this show really was. So, I began to watch it more and more, and it grew on me. Suddenly I found Flapjack to be one of the most entertaining cartoons to air in a while. I now absolutely love the animation style and the whole world in this show. The characters are all perfectly cast. Flapjack himself has one of the most entertaining cartoon voices I have ever heard, and when you actually see who voices him in real life, (Creator Thurop Van Orman) then it works even more, as he himself is a bearded adventurer. In a way it reminds me of Rahl Dahl book, with some Ren & Stimpy weirdness thrown into the mix, forming a cartoon that has a feeling all of its own. Watch this cartoon, and hopefully it will one day become a classic they will look back on like we all do with Ren & Stimpy.
  • I respect others' opinions, but personally, I don't think show is quite as bad as some people say it is.

    I can't say that "The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack" is my all-time favorite show, but I have seen a lot of cartoons, so believe me - I've seen worse. Artwork/Animation: 6.5/10. I think the artwork is pretty creative, but not something to write home about. They have drawn the characters in some very grotesque ways, which is both hilarious and creepy, but I think it is done a little too frequently on this show. I'd say the animation is average, about as good as shows such as "Chowder" or "Johnny Test". Characters: 7/10. They have a pretty good mix of characters on the show. Some are memorable and some are extremely forgettable, but I think most of them have had their moments. The main characters, Flapjack, Cap'n K'nuckles, and Bubbie have a lot of personality and fit in with the rest of the show quite well. Though, I think some of the most interesting characters in my opinion are ones that have only appeared once or twice, like Sally Syrup or Tee Hee Tummy Tums. The last thing I'm going to mention is that character's voices, namely Flapjack's, might sound a bit strange to you at first, but chances are, they will grow on you eventually. Plotlines: 7.5/10. Some episodes had great plots (i.e. "Gone Wishin'"), then there's been some boring ones (i.e. "The Sweet Life"), but overall they aren't too bad and unique to the show. Some have had wonderfully surprising endings! The humor is a little dark, but I'm sure some people wouldn't have it any other way.

    All and all, I highly recommend you see more than one episode before you form your final opinion of the show. You may like it, you may not. You might want to start with either the first episode or "That's a Wrap", because it tells you a lot about the characters on this show.
  • Great show. Funny, and underrated, way better than Spongebob. Reminds me of spongebob in its early seasons.

    This show is really underrated, its a great show. And its way better than lame-@ss episodes from spongebob. If you like Chowder, and pun-intended shows, then I would reccomend watching flapjack. I regularly watch this show on-demand, but I rarely catch it on tv. This show is loosely based in the victorian era, maybe you could say in England or Europe. Based on around the 1800's, early 1900's. I would also reccomend that you don't eat in front of this show.

    Its a little nasty and "greassy" like. Well this is a great show and you should catch it on CN
  • Way better than most of CN's current programming.

    Flapjack is a uniquely animated cartoon that is enjoyable to watch. The characters are interesting and the vioce overs are great. The music that is spareingly added is always good, songs like "the plantman" and flapjack singing "I will follow him" are both funny and well done. Oh yea and for the record Cpt. Kerknuckels (Hope that's right) OWNZ!!!
    His and flapjacks completely oppsite personalities clash superbly and can turn any situation into a funny one. The background characters all have thier time to shine and each one is as entertaining as the next. If you haven't given Flapjack a chance I urge you to reconsider.
  • This show deserves much more recognition than it gets. (warning this review lacks enthusiasm,bubbly exitable people should definitley not read it)

    A lot of people say this show is underrated and some say it is overrated. Though this review is relentlessly positive I make no gurantees that you will enjoy "The marvelous misadventures of Flapjack"
    this brings me to my next topic,behold my fantastic little review of "the marvelous misadventures of flapjack"

    The first aspect of this show I will praise is the animation it's very interesting and sometimes even mildly disturbing. Aside from that the animation is very good considering other CN cartoons look identical to flash videos.
    And on with the next segment of the review the humor it has everything and by that I mean it has lots of slapstick to make children laugh and yet it also has plenty of wit so it appeals to a wider audience
    than many other cartoons.
    Last but not least,the cast of many unique characters including captain Knuckles a misunderstood man who lies constantly, Flapjack an exitable boy with a taste for adventure, and Bubbie an overprotective whale with an atittude.
    And as for now I'll leave the rest to you.
  • This show was pretty much the precursor of Adventure Time and Regular Show, it wasn't brilliant, it wasn't even good but it was alot better...than CN Real.

    The Marvellous Misadventures of Flapjack is a somewhat drab, boring and unintereting rip-off of SpongeBob but with pirates, seamen and a talking whale named Bubby.

    It follows a small boy called Flapjack who has a friend called Captain K'nuckles who often comes up with some convoluted scheme to try to get to a legendary island full of candy called Candied Island.

    On the way to the finale (which was a major dissapointment imo, and left me feeling very sad, uncomfortable and confused) Flapjack, K'nuckles and Bubby go through a series of episodic scenario's whether it be going to a Knot Festival, Mechanical Genie Island or Cammy Island which was an island where a giant lived rather than an island full of sweets, "Candied Island"

    Flapjack is an...ok show, it's not brilliant but it's better than Chowder in my opinoon.

    6.5/10 = C-/A+
  • Cartoon Network why have you betrayed me!

    Okay well, this show is just about the weirdest and stupidest thing I've ever seen. The premise is that a kid, (whose parents must have really loved pancakes since they named their Flapjack) who lives in a whale's mouth with a strange blue person who constantly get's drunk on maple syrup at a bar that sells sweets. They basically run around randomly doing extremley stupid things ranging from searching for an island made of candy to getting taught school by an octopus teacher. I'll be schocked if it lasts past the basic 65 episode order. The one thing I hate most about this show though is that it replaced the cartoon network great, Camp Lazlo.
  • Has great potential, but too much gross humor ruins much of the show's sentiment

    This show is about a young boy named Flapjack wanting to go on adventures with his father-like figure, Captain K'nuckles, and his adoptive mother, a whale named Bubbie. I will admit that this show has a lot of potential, with originality on the storylines, to the weird characters, to the situations. So why only a 5? Easy: the humor is way too focused on gross gags. Like, I said this show has a ton of originality. But in every episode they make it a gross gag fest, where it's close-up gross gag after another and then barfing or something like that. Yuck! Overall, this has a ton of poetential, but the humor needs to be more focused on making us laugh, not gag our throats. 5/10, F
  • I don't what I have to say to this show....

    Ok, what the heck is this, the first episode was great when I turned out in the second episode and the rest of the episodes, it's plain horrible. Like this show is weird and and the show is creeps me out. Like in some kind of a episode is all about a fashion show of mustaches, in the ending of it, the girl is so big, and her face, ughhhh disgusting.

    Ok it's all about a young child sailor named Flapjack and a old Flying Dutchman-voiced pirate captain named Captain Knuckles, they live in a whale. The episodes wasn't so adventurous after all like they just trying search for candies. I agree with MentallicFilms, the plot is pointless.

    The animation is in retro cartoon style, but it is computer generated.

    There Ok, but they doing childish thing.

    The humor aren't very good

    Voice acting:
    It was ok....


    Overall: Poor
    Retro cartoon style animation, fair humor, ok voice acting, ok characters but they do childish things and pointless plots. I recommend you should watch Chowder than watching this.
  • Epic Fail. Just Plain Ol' Epic Fail.

    This is the worst thing I have ever seen! They canceled the golden age cartoons for this?! My god! What has this world come to?! Now that ,that's over. I can review. This cartoon is just plain awful. A waste of paper and great ink! It centers around a homosexual kid named Flapjack, his mom (I think) Bubby, and his uncle (or something) K'nuckles. First off: lolwut? What's with these names?! Also, saying that he's homosexual isn't bashing. Because you know it's true. He's as gay as Spongbob (Who I also hate). This cartoon is horrible and shoulkd not be seen by the eyes of children.

  • It isn't very funny, but it good.

    I wasn't too sure about Flapjack at first, but I watched four episodes and I thought it was good, but not the best. I will try to watch every episode so far. The only bad part about this show is that the supporting characters and the areas are incredibly dull and ugly. I like Flapjack, K'nuckles and Bubbie all equally because there all different. I like Flapjack because of his wierd voice and design, I like K'nuckles because he is great pirate and I like Bubbie because she is used as a house and a transportation. I hope this show lasts for atleast 5 years.
  • This show seems to have taken a fall in its quality.

    This show seems to be for kids and appears on a kids channel, but has some very dark humor. Flapjack is a show that has its highs and lows. A high point for example was the show when K'nuckles and Flapjack switch places. They learn the problems that they go through everyday. Kids can learn from this. Other episodes, like the more recent one, has K'nuckles eating so much candy that he becomes crazy and drunk. When he runs out of candy K'nuckles goes into a state of withdrawal. He eventually sees hallucinations of Flapjack prying his mouth open and shooting candy down his throat. I'm sure kids under 13 wouldn't get much from this. This episode made me think about the quality of The Misadventures of Flapjack. I know not all people that watch this show are kids but this is a kids network during the day. This show is sometimes disgusting and repulsive to watch and I don't recommend this to any children because it could give them nightmares.

    4.5 out of 10
  • Is it over yet?

    I don't like this show. This show is a rip off version of Chowder. This show is all talk and sometimes doesn't make sense. The good shows are those shows that you can watch and understand/laugh at without really paying attention. In this show, you NEED to pay attention. When I watch a show, I expect them to make there comedy out of funny movements and faces. Not by what they say. Especially if they can't make a good joke out of it. This show shouldn't go any further. Let Chowder get the fame CN, not this show. Geez CN!
  • Underneath the kiddy exterior, this comedy on Cartoon Network is surprisingly funny.

    This show gets blasted more than any show on Cartoon Network (aside form the terrible abomination known as Total Drama whatever). However, this show has improved significantly ever since its debut. The comedy is pleasantly random yet quite subtle at times. Some the episodes are....a little out there, but since I am a fan of Invader Zim, I really don't mind it that much. The writing can be great a times and mediocre every once in a while, but the comedy is very rarely dry and the voice cast always does a great job.

    Lets start with the artwork. There isn't a show out there that has the same kind of art style that Flapjack has. The basic art design is good enough, but it's all the details and other elements they use that really bring out the design. Candy Wife, the wife of Peppermint Larry (the owner of the Candy Barrel) isn't drawn, but she is a puppet. Other puppets have been used, and other art designs have been implemented. The "nightmare scenes," as I call them, are done perfectly. The dark artwork is done extremely well and is the best I have seen since Invader Zim.

    Overall this show has potential to be a great comedy cartoon. My hope is that the writers will realize this potential and try not to make this comedy too silly and stupid. The story lines aren't bad, and the comedy is hilarious at times. I find this show enjoyable, and since Chowder has been cancelled, it is the best show on Cartoon Network as of now.
  • A pretty unique cartoon with it's own style of humor~ Also remember that cartoons are ment for kids.

    This is a pretty good show! It's art is unique and usually messed up unlike all the other cartoons you see that are all bright and shiny, The art's great.

    Flapkack's just an innocent little guy who looks up to K'Nuckles while hoping for ADVENTURE!!! They do alot of random stuff and I congratulate the creators for thinking up most of the stuff they do and exist in their world.
    The shows pretty risky too with it's own little style of humor too.. It's dark and ment for kids at the same time. Um.. Yeah.

    I would rather watch this than Spongebob, but rather watch chowder over this.. It's just my style.
  • This is awful!

    This cartoon right here? This cartoon right here? From just watching it I wanna burn my eyes out then attenpt to eat the remanders with a friggin' spoon! I know it seems alittle serious but uh I really hate this show. Although I'm only 11 I just love the old shows but this? This right here? Oh my god! This is about a lil boy show suspishesly in love with a bird like thingy. I Mean, whoever likes this is just like a newbey! A newbey that watches the new and werid things out on this network. That's why I dislike this so much!
  • Ok this is a very odd type of show.

    After watching a lot of episodes I have come up with a list of things that make it good and bad.First thing that caught the eye is the art if you like cartoons to be pretty pass on Flapjack, many of the characters look like they were modeled after pickles. Most of the show is dark colors giving it an even more unpleasant feel. On the lighter side the the show itself is usually very funny. Flapjack gives the show the happiness that for the most part counters the art. If you like odd art and lots of laughs then "The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack" might be for you.
  • I know, people hate it...but I personally enjoy Flapjack's (and everyone else's) creepness and the shows...err humor...

    I will admit to being highly addicted to forth favorite CN show (after TDI, 6TEEN, and Fosters) some say "Who would watch this?" I say, "Who wouldn't watch this?" The first couple of episodes I didn't really like, but after watching some more, I decided I liked it... I enjoy the cheesy humor, dumb adventures, and of course, the freaky characters that are far worse then people I've seen on CSI..this show ranks high on the weird/scary/annoying scale... I actually got in to the show because some little kids I watch like it, Flapjack is definitely a show for little kids, but I can't see much wrong with it. I like it, but don't love it. I think people need to give shows like this a chance....

    Overall Score: B- It's in my top 5 CN shows, but would never make my Top 10 overally fave shows...
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