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  • The bizarre adventures of an over imaginative boy, a whale and a self-proclaimed sailor.

    "The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack" is quite an odd show, especially for Cartoon Network. But in spite of the weirdness this show has to offer, it really isn't bad as I thought it would be.

    The show revolves around young Flapjack, an imaginative young boy, who goes to outrageous adventures that often leads him to every twists and turns. Along with him is the overprotective Bubbles, and Captain K'nuckles, a sailor with an ego. Together, the three finds themselves in unusual predicaments, all the while try to find their ultimate destination: the fable Candied Island.

    With a somewhat depressing atmosphere, some good humor and decent character design, The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack might be a good show (for the kids at least).
  • I love this show!

    At first, I thought this show would just be ok. I was SO wrong! This show is so funny and cute! I know that this show does have some gross and weird scenes, but this show is still awesome to me! The character Flapjack is so cute. Bubby is so funny and so is peppermint Larry and his candy wife! I know that this is a ripoff of the show " chowder ", but I still love this show. Like I said before, this show is one of the cutest shows that I have ever seen on cartoon network! I don't why some people thought that this show would be bad!
  • Surprisingly, it's quite good, and as I see it, it's a little underappreaciated.

    Usually, I don't like shows with an ocean theme. But in this case, I'll make an exception. The show is about a boy named Flapjack who likes to adventure with a pirate named Captain K'nuckles and a talking whale named Bubbie. I originally thought this show was a rip-off of both SpongeBob and Chowder, but it's actually only slightly similar, with maybe the stop-motion puppetry from Chowder and aquatic theme from SpongeBob. The voice-actors are decent, and the humor is actually pretty funny. I recommend watching the show before bashing. I originally thought it was going to be bad, but it turned out to be actually quite good. Give it a watch.
  • Tales that follow a young boy named Flapjack under the guidance of a loving whale mother and an old pirate with metal claws!

    At first, I thought this was going to be a disappointment like other cartoons CN has been airing lately. But just like Chowder, if you give it a chance, you may just find yourself begging for more from this unusual cartoon! The visual style is definately an eye-catcher and the characters are so much fun to watch! I'm having the pleasure of watching this new show come to life, hoping it won't be canceling anytime soon! I suggest watching this for sake of accepting a real promising show that may make you laugh into a good mood and help boost up some positive expectations for the other upcoming cartoon shows!
  • I Really like this show.

    When I first heard of this show, I thought it wouldn't be that great, but I was wrong. I ended up really liking it. The animation is good, and it's really fun to watch. It's not the best show ever, but certainly one of my favorites. I hope that It dosen't get cancelled anytime
    soon. If you think this show isn't going be good, and you shouldn't waste your time watching it, you should really give it a try, especially if you've never seen it before.
    I gave the show a chance, and I ended up really glad I saw it. That's Pretty much my review. -anderson587
  • At first glance, I thought it was another mediocre cartoon, but now I'm starting to like it.

    Hey, everybody! I'm back and I'm going to be a senior in high school later on.

    Anyways, I'm here to give my opinion on Flapjack. As I said before, I thought it was one of those random cartoons thrown at us, much to most of our dismay. But then, when I first saw the show, I was a little relieved to see some original humor in the show. This show is about Flapjack(a boy who wants to be an adventurer), Captain K'nuckles(his grouchy role model and best friend), and Bubbie(a whale who treats Flapjack like a son)going on crazy adventures in search of Candy Island for candy. Flapjack sort of reminds me of Spongebob because his cheerful personality. Through the show, there are some references that are based on Chowder, but their mainly they are the puppet segments of the show. Finally, This show really makes me smile in the inside because some parts of the show(like K'nuckles in a duel with the George Washington)can be random at times. If you're sort of patient or like the original 2D animation give this show a try.
  • Very creative, interesting show to watch

    Whoever made this cartoon definitely has intelligence as a part of them. The graphics of this show like the candy wife for example are absolutely pioneering compared to normal cartoons. Flapjack is basically the first of it's kind to do what it does. If you saw only commercials the show is not that great looking but watch it and it puts you in a spell. Shows like this are not very common at all and it is a real treat to be able to see something as cool as this on tv all the time. This kicks chowder's *ss by a long run.
  • Wait a Minute! Cartoon Network may be on to something here!

    Yep! That's right! I said it! You heard it here first! First it was Chowder now it's the Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack! I seriously did believe that Cartoon Network might start making a comeback ever since Chowder first aired! I wonder how long this streak of good shows will go on? Hopefully, quite a long time. Well anyway, the Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack is a show about a young adventurous child named Flapjack who lives in Storm Along Harbor. His mentor, Captain Knuckles takes him on all sorts of fun adventures. Together, they live inside of a whale named Bubby. You could say that shes Flapjack's mother. Well, at least he's treated by her like a mother
  • Adventure!

    Oh man I didnt think this would be a good show..boy was i wrong.I love the characters ,Especially flapjack,He is up for anything,Especially adventure!All of the characters stick to what they do best and never stop.I love the differences in the animation these people use,It amazes me this show got so big so fast.All of my friends watch and and cant stop watching it! its hard to stop since the show rocks! Its the beggining of a huge series,And a major trendsettor.I really hope this show lasts very long,And i can already tell it will be a long lasting series considering all of the people that watch it.And ending this. Flapjack ftw!
  • Indeed a Misadventure!

    Along with Chowder, Flapjack is one of the few new CN shows that's pulling the network back uphill! The show tells of an adventurous young boy named Flapjack who takes the advice of a washed up old pirate named Captain K'Nuckles. They live inside a whale named Bubbie in Stormalong Harbor and are always trying to reach the legendary Candied Island.

    For this show, I rate a 9.9/10 just because I haven't seen many episodes. The animation is very unique and the plots are cleverly written. I find each episode to teach a moral, one of the few shows left to really make that clear. Overall, Flapjack is just the way to go. Like Chowder? Well, go for another Adventure. Adventure!
  • Another neat show from Cartoon Network.

    The past year's been pretty good for Cartoon Network. First we get Chowder, which restored a lot of my faith in the channel, and now we have Flapjack. At first, people will jump to conclusions and call it a ripoff of Chowder or even SpongeBob, but I feel it's going in a different direction. But it's not a bad thing at all.

    Flapjack is a little boy who lives in a harbor with Captain K'nuckles, a weird blue pirate. They both live inside Bubbie the Whale, seek out adventure, and eat lots of candy.

    The animation can be extremely detailed at times. Many minor characters appear to come off more detailed than the main characters. And like Chowder, it makes use of stop-motion for some scenes.

    I personally prefer Chowder, but Flapjack's pretty cool too.
  • Another Hit "The Buzz on Maggie" has to beat

    I enjoyed this show as much as Chowder, like I said The Buzz on Maggie fails to be as good as both shows now a days with this Chowder, Home Movies, & George of The Jungle Cartoon Network will have to take of Squrriel Boy & others of there Bad shows

    The one episode about Snarks was great, even when Flapjack & K,Nuckles where traped in there ship & I will say it better than seeing Kyle Finsker bulling Rodney & blacknail him for Lying & after the the first 4 episode Flapjack might have a bright future after all in CN.

    You have GOT too be kidding me. Now im hearing good reviews about this show? and now this show has a bannner? WTF. This show is crap. The drawings are VERY poor, the jokes sucks, and the story line is stupid. I rather watch the show "Three delivery" then this show! Every channel has its horrible shows

    Nickelodean: Spongebob
    Nicktoons Network: Edgar and ellen
    The N: Degrassi
    now in Cartoonetwork: This show

    This has too be one of the worst shows ive seen in a long time. I cant belive people actually like this show. I wish the old cartoon network was back. i want the old shows back
  • A perfectly animated series.

    Unlike most shows Flapjack does not use Cel-Shading which is perfect. Like Chowder, it contains stopmotion animation and claymation. It contains the voice actor of The Flying Dutchman from Spongebob which is another great twist. Also Bubbie is very interesting and maternal as she takes care of Flapjack. The series also is very Kid-Friendly and does'nt refer to any form of Beer thus making great for your child. Instead of Beer we get Candy which is very popular among children. The only flaws is that it looks very dull and not usually positive and very innaccurate as I barely know of any town that exists in the middle of the sea. Watch the series if you want to but don't if you dislike Sea-faring.
  • The most idiotic cartoon in the history of animation.

    I honestly don't understand why Cartoon Network would make a cartoon that encourages children to act like goofballs and eat lots of sweets that causes diabetes. It is also historically inaccurate because last time I checked, pirates didn't care about candy, they cared about attacking citizens, other ships, and treasure hunting. And candy didn't exsist back then. Flapjack's friend K'nuckles is not an excellent role model; all he does is eat candy and he always puts Flapjack in dangerous situations, that is a bad example of being a guardian. The only decent role model in this show is Bubby, and she's a talking whale. Oh and let's not forget Chowder, whose valgur eating habits can influence children to eat more and excerise less, which is not good for their health. Remember children are very impressionable. Not to mention he lacks social skills, that's why he doesn't have any friends around his age. I'm sorry but I don't think there is room in Cartoon Network for two waste-of-everyone's time, idiotic cartoon shows.
  • I watch this when nothing else is on.

    Flapjack's a show about a boy that wants to find candy island. Because him and his friend, Captian Knuckles looove candy. I love candy too. But, I mostly eat donuts. And, Flapjack lives in a whale named, Bubby. I think Captian Knuckles does too. And, first. I thoght this show would be bad to other people. But, I learned that everybody loves this show now. Well, not everybody. I guess. Score:
    Animation: 6; Kinda bad, childish.
    Humor: 8; Very funny.
    Plot 7; Okay
    Theme song: 6; Not much of a theme song but, okay.
    Voices: 9; They got Brian Doyle Murray. He's really good! :D

    Final score: 7.2
  • Great, it is something that is easy to understand and just comical enough for little children. It has no "words" that parents don't like their kids using (idiot, stupid). Viewers actually understand the story.

    Har, Har, Thursday is here and I've got my series recording set on one show: The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack. Although it has a musical, whimsy themesong, and the longest cartoon name, it isn't half bad. It isn't all about its jokes so the watcher can actually get the plot and not focus on how funny the show actually is. It is unrealistic, which is a good attribute, because, come on, who needs another super popular high school drama again? (pokes at hannah montana show ;D) I would say that it is one step ahead of the pirate, sea type story because I think a kid can watch it without having to see a ship looted for gold; instead candy, which is not gruesome nor violent. Seriously, this is what a pirate-y type kid could watch, instead of seeing or reading a bloody Treasure Island (although it is a good book), and think that this is ADVENTURE! To me it is better than Chowder too, because sometimes Chowder has some themes (like Mung Dal being a woman's man while already having a WIFE) and stupid jokes (Rada can bring us to insanity, ya know...!). It is a good show, and I will look forward to watching more of it.
  • An unappealing show as far as designs go, but it has its moments

    The first thing one will feel when they see this show, is that the animation was done poorly. The illustrations just make the show seem unappealing, and turn viewers away. The character designs don't add much to it, either. They are very sloppy, and the puppet images are pretty dull and bland. However, though an ugly show, it's OKAY at times. It does seem a bit dumb, though, especially since pirates never really cared about candy, and what could have been a good concept was ruined by a mediocre "pirating" image, though they seem nothing like pirates, just goofballs. The jokes aren't very funny, but they serve a few laughs every one in awhile. But not a whole lot seems to happen in each episode, so the show becomes quickly bland and boring, and some characters such as Flapjack can get rather annoying. So, it's an okay show, but it's not really one to care for much unless you're into the material the show focuses on. On the biggest areas, I'd say:

    Story: 6

    Probably below par, as it's an acceptable concept, but the story seems to go bland, and have little significance. Plots are also either dumb or uninteresting.

    Animation: 4

    This is probably what the show does worst. It's just unappealing to look at and atrocious character designs just ruin it even more. Puppet images look horrifyingly inconsistent. In short, hardly any effort was spent into the designs of this show.

    Voice Talent: 6

    What can I say? Flapjack's can be so irritating, and some voice talents are just annoying. Captain K'nuckles, however, has a nice voice for his character.

    Theme: 5

    The pirates theme this show expresses seems interesting, but its mix with silly, "kiddy" stuff just kinda slops it up, and Flapjack's guardian is a terrible example.

    Overall: 5.5/10

    Granted, it's not a very appealing show to most eyes, but it can be decent at times, and it's not all that bad compared to other crap out there.
  • It won't last 2 seasons. I gave it a 0.1 but I have to give it at least 1.

    Flapjack is sort of a pirate cartoon. It is one of cartoon network's worst original shows ever. The worst part of the series is the main character: Flapjack. He wants to be some kind of adventurer, but he acts stupid. It gets so annoying having to hear him laugh or even see him smile. And he talks like he's 4 years old or something. This sho is just as bad , or even worse than Zixx (I thought is was impossibleto be as bad as Zixx is, but congratulations). I think Cartoon Network is just starting to get desperate since they ended some of their best shows, such as Samurai Jack, Billy and Mandy, Ed Edd and Eddy, Bo Bo Bo, and Code Lyoko.
  • This show is flat out Hilarious!!

    I've seen a few episodes of this show, and after those episodes this is now my favorite show. The intro is amazing. The time and effort that was put into the intro is astounding,it's just so unique and funny. I haven't seen an episode of the show yet that didn't make me laugh, it's just such an original and funny show. There is a part in one of the episodes where Kid Nickels beats a fly up with his toes, which is hilarious. Basically the show is near perfect from what I've seen, and I can't wait to see if it gets another season. I will be heartbroken if the show ends after the first season so I'll have to tune in as much as I can, and contribute to the ratings, and anyone who agrees with this review should do the same and watch the show as much as possible.
  • Completely Idiotic! I can only rate it 1, but I'd give it a -5!

    People seriously enjoy this show?? Give me a break. Cartoonnetwork is seriously lowering it's standards. I'll begin with the art. It's terrible, sloppy, and it gives me the impression that the artists don't at all care about their work, and have no pride. I am aware animation is hard, but if you're gonna broadcast it, work hard!

    The actual show is way way way worse. Flapjack is an idiot pirate, and the jokes are not funny in the least bit. It's one of those shows where you can feel your I.Q. dropping. This is a terrible show-I'd rather watch grass die! It's terrible shows like this that cancel good shows like Code Lyoko, and so many others that suffered the same fate.
  • I feel that it's time announce that Cartoon Network loves having "idiot shows" invade their network. If you want to watch something smart and educational, tune to the history or military channel.

    Here's the basic line of the show. A mentally challenged wannabe pirate named Flapjack teams up with a self-centered jerk named K'nuckles to find "candy island" On the way the adventures are impaired by K'nuckles' poor sense of direction (really pirate like eh?) and Flapjack's incredibly low intelligence, seriously who the heck came up with that. And K'nuckles seems to use Flapjack for personal gain and Bubby the whale seems to take care of Flapjack for some reason I don't want to know. Is there a message children should see? Glorifying mental retardation is okay? Intelligence is not allowed? Dancing like a fool in public is a local pastime for youth? There are no positive moral messages in this show. If idiot conservatives say video games cause violent habits in youth, well I say shows like these are part of the reason why American youth are incredibly stupid and sociopathic.
  • It's okay

    Well this show is okay. CN must of thought of something good. The show can be sometimes funny but I would prefer this show to a younger audience lets say the ages 5 to 12 but when you are a little older you don't find it that interesting no more but it is pretty cool to watch it when you are those ages. Flap jack does act funny sometimes and can make me laugh but it is not a show I would like to watch and for it to be in my favorites and I know that is because I have seen the commercials. CN should keep this show for a little longer for a younger audience infact they should keep it. The show gets a 7.5 out of 10. Not a bad show actually CN might get back to it's getting back to it's old self slowly.
  • A very neat and interesting show from Cartoon Network.

    What defines a cartoon for you? Is it the plot? The animation, the atmosphere, or the appeal? Does it need to be entertaining, educational, or both? Why am I asking you these questions? Shouldn't I be getting on with the review?

    The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack is a recent cartoon and a quite engaging one at that. Now, flipping through the reviews on this site, I can see some positive but a few negative ones with the score at the least, "1". Why "1"? Is the show that bad? Does it really need a "1"?

    The show isn't bad. In fact, I think it gets good with each episode. I mean, I had high expectations for it when I first heard about it and saw previews for it. Even when I saw the first few episodes... They weren't bad, not what I was quite expecting but not bad. It was okay. Though, when I saw the next few episodes, I came to the conclusion that this show could actually be one of CN's best shows. It's certainly starting to seem like that as I watch more of it.

    The quality of the show is pretty attractive. The main setting, Stormalong Harbor, is portrayed as a dark and bleak place. The art styles are varied, too, and take influences from several different eras in time. But, never modern times. You really can't get any 'o' that dark feel from Modern Day stuff. In a way, the whole theme of the show is basically a tribute to sailor folklore and old legends. It's great because you don't normally get those kind of shows.

    The backgrounds aren't the only interesting sights. The character designs are pretty neat, too, and are sometimes simple enough to improvise on. One example is in one episode when a certain disease-carrying rodent transforms the Stormalong residents into horrific messes, making them more ugly than they already are. The main characters, Flapjack, K'nuckles, and Bubbie, also seem to have simple yet fun designs.

    I love the writing for this series. I won't bother typing up the main plot since you probably already know it from either watching the series or reading the summary. I will tell you that although the plot sounds overused, the plots in the episodes certainly aren't... Or maybe are, but in a really hidden, subtle way. Y'know, in a way where you probably wouldn't notice right off the bat or at all, really. ;) Like, for example, one episode involves the Flapjack and K'nuckles sneaking on a ship only to arrive at the wrong island. Another one, which is much more lighter, involves Flapjack and K'nuckles hitching a trolley ride in hopes of getting to a cure for their footburns.

    Anyways, for those who dismiss the show right off the bat, don't. The show is getting on its feet and to me, is one of the more enjoyable shows on Cartoon Network at the moment.
  • This show is a strange but hilarious imagination...a must for those with a twisted sense of humor.

    You have to watch this show!!This show is hilarious!!! I love its originality and would even like to meet the crew behind the idea.I guess its all in each persons sense of humor.I happen to have a friend who looks just like "Peppermint Larry" with the big gums and small teeth.its just a riot!!I have been drawing for many years and have always come up with the strangest characters that you could ever think of.that also why i identify my imagination so much with this show.I could just imagine how much fun these guys have coming up with the storyboards.Keep up the good work!!!!
  • Horrible show!

    I hate this show so much. It's not even rometly funny. It's just a bunch of BS. They have dull chracters, dull animation,dull humor, it's just an all around dull show. I wonder who even thought of this show. It's so dumb, You gain nothing for it. It's pointless. It's not entertaining it's not fun to watch it's not mind enriching it's just a really bad show.It's like someone just got a pen and a peice of paper and started doddleing something because they were bored. It's so bad thiers not even a word for it. It's just a load of crap.
  • this show centers on Flapjack, an obedient and excitable boy, with a strong need for excitement, and his freinds and mentors, Captain K'nuckles and Bubbie

    This show started as a humble short cartoon, or "Wedgie", on Cartoon Network, but with its many bizarre aspects, it managed to score a place on the full-time circuit.

    At first, i myself thought it was terrible, but my little brother started watching, and it became painfully addictive!
    its many characters pull you in with their antics, from the insane Dr.Barber and his quartet of sweepers to the main cast, including the wide-eyed and eager Flapjack, Captain K'nuckles, the *ahem* struggling father figure with a very judgement-impairing sweet tooth (i know your pain, friend), and Bubbie, the wise and motherly...whale. so for all of its oddities *coughCAMMIEcough*, this show has really made smething out of itself.
  • This show just sucks.

    I don't know why I had even watched this, it sucks so bad. It may be related to Chowder, in terms of animation but when it comes to funny, this show is horrible. And then there's Flapjack, his voice is so annoying and he's so stupid that when you watch it you get dumber for even having watched it. Seriously, my IQ dropped a point when I watched this crap. The storyline is just retarded. Who ever wrote this should be sent to jail, for ten years and have their animation education revoked. I feel sorry for the show that got replaced by this crap.

    All in all a 3. Only because it's related to Chowder in some way, it's more of a ripoff then anything.
  • Overrated!It's not that great of a show to watch.

    It's overrated beacuse of a few reasons.

    1.Plot-Boring and terrible.Pirate is getting candy.How lame is that.Pirates want the treasure full of gold and jewerly.

    2.Jokes-the jokes don't make sense at all.

    3.Animation-absolute garbage.


    I gave it a few chances.What Cartoon Network are you thinking.You finally hit the right direction with Chowder.Flapjack do not deserved to be compared to Chowder.I mean Chowder have more originality than Flapjack.This is another hit or miss type tv show,more miss than hits.This show was a total letdown.Overall in my personal opinion it's just another overrated show in Cartoon Network along with Ben 10,Foster's,and TDI.This is LSUstinks11 tellling you a good night.
  • Cough... Cough...Cough...Change...Cough...The..Cough...Channel...Cough...Now

    One thing about this show is that it is one of the most immature shows ever. Why Cartoonnetwork why. Why do you keep making stupid cartoonnetwork shows why. This show has stuff about pirates which I don't like. And the violence is not good at all. I just need to trow-up right now. Because does that captain guy has no skin on his hands because that's just nasty. The main character... Flapjack he looks *** look at his pants the way he talks the way he looks he look like a girl god dammit. To end the reveiw I'd like to say to Cartoonnetwork if you're going to make shows, don't make them immature please!
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