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  • horribleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    h o r r i b l e e e e e e e e e ee e e e e e e e e e e! it so horrible the shoy is horrible. h o r r i b l e. a n d. t e r r i b l e. w hy. d i d. t h e y. m a k e. t h i s. s h o w? its horrible horrible horrible horrible horrible. the storyline is horrible. flapjack is a stupid dumb idiot kid that thinks he is a cool adventure. cool idiot maybe.
  • Not a good show. Horrible to be exact.

    Look, this show is just another show that makes CN not bring back Code Lyoko. I think that this show should end. It's stupid. Fine for a kid's show, but not for certain people. I know some people might like this show, and I would prefer you not bash me in any way. I am only trying to show people that this is stupid. Last time I watched that show, I think I lost 5 I.Q. points. Yes, I recovered, with a 128 I.Q., but I suggest not bashing me. This show has bad artwork. Learn something for once, CN!
  • Would give this show a zero if the rating system would let me, and btw, there's only one word to describe this show: TRASH.

    This show is STUPID. It has no point to it whatsoever, I didn't even have to watch 5 minutes of this mess to know that it was a waste of time. All its about is a little boy called Flapjack who's a wannabe pirate and hangs out with this UGLY captain he calls a friend, and all they do is sit back and eat every possible form of sweets and then call it an adventure-garbage! Also, just not to be left out, the animation is disgusting, my dog can draw better than the animators of this show, the plots of the episode are meaningless and the jokes don't make NO sense and are an extremely pathetic attempt to be funny. I don't even know why I bother watching CN anymore, the only real shows that I find interesting are TDI and Chowder (which has its moments as well). What happened to the good old shows like Dexter's Lab, Ed, Edd n' Eddy, Johnny Bravo, etc.? Well its a real pity that the great classics had to be cancelled and be replaced by this bull like this that the company claims to be a cartoon, BAH! My final words are to Cartoon Network, and I'll keep em short and sweet................. WAKE UP!!!!!!
  • Ugggh!

    God! This show! I couldn't stand it when it came on TV. Of all the Cartoon Network shows that aired while it was still good, Flapjack was by far the worst. Admittedly, I didn't watch it past the first season, but that's because I found "Marvelous" (Hahaha, no. No it's not) Misadventures of Flapjack so unbearable that I didn't want to continue with it.

    The characters by far were the most annoying part of the whole show. It's side characters never left an impact, K'nuckles was a jerk most of the time, the only redeeming character I found was the whale, her tough demeanor combined with that voice, she made me laugh more than a couple times. Then, we have the title character himself. Flapjack is by far the worst part about this show. His voice is grating, and his personality is Ungodly annoying! If your main character is this unlikable, then that doesn't bode well for the show itself.

    Also, I don't like this animation style. I'm aware that it's the same as Regular Show, and really, what're the differences between the two. They're both really bad cartoons with annoying and unlikable characters. The show's drawn in a way that makes every character look ugly. The only show where it's any good is in Gravity Falls, cause at least the humans are drawn to actually look like humans in that show. As for the show's humor... What humor? There really was none to be found.

    I can't believe that Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack lasted three seasons. Did people really like it that much? Cause I can't find any redeeming factor for Flapjack accept for the sassy whale. Oh well, I'm just glad this stopped showing on TV. If it does ever come on again though, STAY AWAY FROM IT! It's a horrible cartoon.
  • Really is quite special, same creepy humor that i adored from Ren and Stimpy. if your a sucker for super weird craziness then this is the show for you.LOVE IT PERIOD. ADVENTURE!

    Really is quite special, same creepy humor that i adored from Ren and Stimpy. if your a sucker for super weird craziness then this is the show for you.LOVE IT PERIOD.
    ADVENTURE!craziness then this is the show for you.LOVE IT PERIOD.
    ADVENTURE!craziness then this is the show for you.LOVE IT PERIOD.
    ADVENTURE!craziness then this is the show for you.LOVE IT PERIOD.
    ADVENTURE!craziness then this is the show for you.LOVE IT PERIOD.
    ADVENTURE!craziness then this is the show for you.LOVE IT PERIOD.
    ADVENTURE!craziness then this is the show for you.LOVE IT PERIOD.
    ADVENTURE!craziness then this is the show for you.LOVE IT PERIOD.
    ADVENTURE!craziness then this is the show for you.LOVE IT PERIOD.
    ADVENTURE!craziness then this is the show for you.LOVE IT PERIOD.
    ADVENTURE!craziness then this is the show for you.LOVE IT PERIOD.
    ADVENTURE!craziness then this is the show for you.LOVE IT PERIOD.
  • People actually watch this... NOTE: THIS REVIEW IS INTENDED FOR VIEWERS OVER THE AGE OF 10

    I could rant On and On and On about how much I hate it, but I want to talk more about WHY I hate it. Some people like this show, good for them, they just don't know WHAT it is. Sure, its "appropriate" for kids from 3 to 6, but Having CHILDREN hug older men, who are alcoholics is a pretty bad image to start our kids off on. Sure its Maple Syrup that "Knuckles" drinks, but he drinks some, then acts like a typical drunk. If parents intend to teach their kids to become vulnerable, alcholics then be my guest, let your kids watch this "childrens show" and see what they turn into. If they were to change it to where Knuckles is told not to drink in the show and "Bubby" to tell flapjack not to hug every old man he sees, then we should go ahead and use shows like Total Drama Island, South Park and Family guy tech our kids values... But what do I know, im just 14 and watched the first episode of southpark in 1997 when it came out. Atleast they teach whats right from wrong, jeeze, our kids will learn to cuss in school anyways, so I don't see the big deal in TV MA and PG or PG-13 shows. They're all the same to me.
  • Unwatchable.

    This show is disgusting. The characters and backgrounds are disgusting, and the plots are either stupid or gross. There is some funny humor, but not enough. This show should have ended, and not Chowder. I do not think that this show deserves to be on cartoon network. If you haven't seen it yet, don't watch it. This show defines terrible. Overall, this show gets:

    .5 out of 5 stars

    This show is really creepy and disturbing, and it needs to end as soon as possible. This is my review of The "Marvelous" Misadventures of Flapjack. alisao64, onto the next review. Bye.
  • almost as bad as Chowder. ALMOST

    Hated this show a lot. The characters are the basic definiton of ugly and the show is very poor when it comes to writing decent plot lines. So glad that this is long done for.
  • The most idiotic cartoon in the history of animation.

    I honestly don't understand why Cartoon Network would make a cartoon that encourages children to act like goofballs and eat lots of sweets that causes diabetes. It is also historically inaccurate because last time I checked, pirates didn't care about candy, they cared about attacking citizens, other ships, and treasure hunting. And candy didn't exsist back then. Flapjack's friend K'nuckles is not an excellent role model; all he does is eat candy and he always puts Flapjack in dangerous situations, that is a bad example of being a guardian. The only decent role model in this show is Bubby, and she's a talking whale. Oh and let's not forget Chowder, whose valgur eating habits can influence children to eat more and excerise less, which is not good for their health. Remember children are very impressionable. Not to mention he lacks social skills, that's why he doesn't have any friends around his age. I'm sorry but I don't think there is room in Cartoon Network for two waste-of-everyone's time, idiotic cartoon shows.
  • Who would watch this?

    Sorry Flapjack fans, but to me, the show is a complete waste of time. I can only look at it for 30 seconds at a time, and sure, there's slight humor, but emphasis on "slight". It's about a young boy who wants to become an adventurer someday and is best friends with a former one. First of all, Flapjack and K'nuckles rarely go on real adventures, and secondly, Flapjack makes the weirdest facial expressions and K'nuckles is such a jerk; he would trade Flapjack for 100 pieces of candy if he had to. Not to mention they guzzle maple syrup (maple syrup isn't meant to be drunk!) and are candy addicts (don't they know too much candy is bad for your health?). Plus, a lot of the female characters are totally ugly. It's a bit strange that Peppermint Larry has rosy cheeks (like that insane exercise guy with the afro from the Billy and Mandy episode "Waking Nightmare" lol), but what can I say, he owns a candy shop. As far as I'm concerned, the only character I like is Bubbie. She's intelligent, caring, and actually has some common sense.
  • Okay but...

    This show was okay but not as good as Angry Birds Toons.

    5.5 out of 10
  • Can pirates ever be cool again?!

    I never thought pirates could be so lame since 4kids' One Piece dub. I mean, These characters that claim to be pirates only eat candy and talk about friendship. Do they do anything that pirates acually do? Like collecting treasure and pillaging and stealing treasure from other ships? Even if the show creators wanted to keep it kiddy and have the "pirates" only like candy, couldn't they pillage candy from other ships? Or do something to act more like pirates?

    Another problem I have with this show: Flapjack's design. It dosen't look like any special effort went into it. I mean, Flapjack is only a stick figure. Anyone with a little talent could draw him. Same thing for the captain and the whale.

    P.S. Its not funny!
  • The Completely Horrid Misadventures of FlapJack.

    Pirates. Candy. An incredibly messed up kid. And another Pirate accompliss who makes Maple Syrup look like alcohol. That's The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack for ya! A show that probably scarred most of the younger viewers of CN for life mainly because this show was Weird, Stupid, completely unoriginal and had like 5 great gags in the entire series. I can't get into this show, I just can't, I don't understand how people watch this without picking up their remote and flipping the channel. And this replaced what? The recently ended Ed Edd n' Eddy? Oh my God...
  • I think it's time for this show to walk the plank.

    A cartoon about a small boy named Flapjack who loves to go on adventures and hangs with this guy named Captain K'nuckles. The two of them try to sail to a magical place called Candied Island but never successfully get there because of strange things that stops them. I bet there is more to it but I don't really know.

    What I think of "The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack"

    Nice unique sea and pirate-style feel to the show.
    Some episode stories are at least okay.

    Gross humor.
    Dull and nasty art and character design.
    Episodes mostly feel indifferent.
    Most of the character's voices sound very similar and familiar a lot.
    Stop-motion animation scenes aren't so pleasant to look at.

    Now this show is funny at times but it can be unnecessary most of the time especially the way Flapjack talks and the things he does is just like Spongebob Squarepants. I think the show just has a few laughs and the art can just draw you away and make you watch better cartoons out there like "Dexter's Laboratory" or "Animaniacs".
  • Another show that prevents CN from making a recovery...........

    Flapjack is a show about a boy who seeks adventure. The plot is completely unoriginal Chowder wants to be a chef he wants to have adventure. And both him and Capitan Knuckles are obsessed about candy (reminds me of Ed,Edd,n Eddy). And Flapjack thinks a whale is his mom. Also the episode plots are always the same it starts out with him waking up inside a whale then he and Knuckles look for both candy and adventure then something happens (like the map is stolen to what they think is a map to candy island) then they have to go on this "adventure" then all is well.

    Animation- Fair but it could be much better.

    Characters- Not very likable.

    Humor- Not very good

    Overall, Flapjack is definitely not worth a view.
  • Not so Marvelous still needs work

    I tried to like this show. I am looking for things to like. One that captains concept looks good on paper as a scum bag who is greedy and will do what ever it takes to get what he wants. The animation of the show is just okay. The characters aren't drawn out to much and are kind of annoying. The stories don't work me except for those times where it was about trying to make the kid of the show into the captain or having him grow up or do something bad. A lot of the time the show made me chuckle maybe three or four times in a episode. I never felt like that evened out with the annoying characters and other problems in the story though. It's not really consistent either. Also in these episodes I don't see how the stories help them get any closer to there goals. The worst bit is it uses the strange element. Where crazy things just happen. And it works rarely if at all throughout the six episodes I watched. I just don't see what people like in it. Also to Cartoon Network step your game up.
  • I just don't understand. Why can't I find this show interesting?

    I don't know if it's just me, but I just don't find this show so interesting. Maybe it's just because I'm getting too old for these types of childish shows. I nearly fell asleep while I watched this show. The humor in this show in my mind just not exactly appealing to me. I didn't laugh at any at the jokes. I guess if I was 10 years younger, I probably would've laughed at them. I really just don't have much to say, but the reason why I give this show a 6 is because I just think that this show just doesn't get through to me. Well uhhhh....good bye.
  • Sorry, but it just ain't doing it for me, you know? Gosh.

    This review reflects my own views and definitely not the view of fans of this show. Read accordingly. I think this show is just so bad. They got the pirate who's supposed to symbolize an alcoholic, who has to take care of a kid who to me seems like a spaz. And even though he's such a terrible role model, he still seems like an angel on Earth to Flapjack. It's like the fact that he is so mean to him makes him love him more. And he goes around kissing people. Seriously? Ok, that is it! Ew. No more!
  • even though I'm 13, i still love this show! why does everyone hate it??

    The Marvelous misadventures of Flapjack is so Marvelous indeed. It's a very funny show with some lessons of life. though the only thing that bugs me(You're gonna think it's weird) Is the color it make me throw - up. But that's just the way they make it look piratey i guess. Just why does everyone hate it. Maybe it's because your a bit older than me. who knows? I will admit i am a little immature for 13, A LITTLE! but Flap jack rules. This has been a great cartoon that I've seen in a while. I don't know why but i think this show is similar to Chowder. I have no idea Y. I have one more thing to say... Adventure!!!!!
  • I'd rather drown in icy cold water than watch this again!

    I think this cartoon is very overrated! This was one of the most annoying cartoons I have ever seen in my whole life! First I'll just get my friend That_TV_Dude's request. There! Alright, I agree with that reviewer. What is it about the new age cartoons that just keep on getting worse? There are some TV cartoons that are actually watchable and there are those that sounded good but fails, case in point The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack. The show was about a young boy named Flapjack, his whale Bubbie, and a captain named K'nuckles. Together they would explore the seas in search of the fabled Candy Island, where there is a lifetime supply of candy and get into other various adventures. Now on paper, the idea doesn't sound too bad, but on TV it got executed terribly. The artwork could have been a little better, the colors on everything look either too washed out or too dark and some of the characters look a little disturbing even for kids, but the animation looks great. Speaking of characters, none of them are really that likable and can be annoying, especially Flapjack, but Bubbie was actually the funniest person in the show. The actors could have improved the character's voices, some of them are alright, but why does Flapjack have such an annoying voice and an even worse laughter? I know he's a kid but couldn't they find someone else? One thing that you'll notice very quickly is that the show relies on a close up shot gag with gross stuff as humor. I usually don't mind it, but they keep on using it again and again, it gets too worn out fast and is just gross. Another thing you will notice is that these "adventures" are just basically eating candy or trying to get candy and doing other stuff to make K'nuckles rich, but once in a blue moon they will try to find Candy Island. One thing I definitely caught was that there is a huge lack of women in the show. You got Bubbie and that rich lady, but that's it, you only really see women if they are in a crowd of people but the show has men 98% of the time. This show just tanks for many reasons, too gross humor, annoying characters, lack of real adventures, mediocre artwork, and borderline acceptible acting, with the exception of Flapjack since he was annoying. MMOF could have been a good show but in the end, it just sank to the bottom of the sea and got canceled which is probably best for this mess. I understand some people like this show and that's fine, go ahead and like it, but for me it doesn't work. If you like this show, watch the reruns, everyone else make like a sailor and sail as far away from this show as you can. Its one of those Cartoons that should have never aired! Cannot believe its popular! Happy its gone!
  • Really wasn't that marvelous, except for the animation.

    The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack wasn't all that marvelous, unless you count the animation and the fact it was set somewhere other than the future. The idea rocked, the execution, not so much. The barber was freaky, and the whale (although a fabulous job by Thalia the Muse's voice actress from Hercules) wasn't as memorable as the muse's. K'nuckles or whoever his name is reminds me of my uncle: he drinks a lot. And I mean a lot. Of what? Here it's maple syrup, but in the real world it'd be equivalent to alcohol. The kid's design is adorable! But his voice is too high and squealy. Also, there aren't too many girls in Flapjack, unless you count the rich lady and other backgrounders. Set sail...somewhere else.
  • This show seems to have taken a fall in its quality.

    This show seems to be for kids and appears on a kids channel, but has some very dark humor. Flapjack is a show that has its highs and lows. A high point for example was the show when K'nuckles and Flapjack switch places. They learn the problems that they go through everyday. Kids can learn from this. Other episodes, like the more recent one, has K'nuckles eating so much candy that he becomes crazy and drunk. When he runs out of candy K'nuckles goes into a state of withdrawal. He eventually sees hallucinations of Flapjack prying his mouth open and shooting candy down his throat. I'm sure kids under 13 wouldn't get much from this. This episode made me think about the quality of The Misadventures of Flapjack. I know not all people that watch this show are kids but this is a kids network during the day. This show is sometimes disgusting and repulsive to watch and I don't recommend this to any children because it could give them nightmares.

    4.5 out of 10
  • Ok this is a very odd type of show.

    After watching a lot of episodes I have come up with a list of things that make it good and bad.First thing that caught the eye is the art if you like cartoons to be pretty pass on Flapjack, many of the characters look like they were modeled after pickles. Most of the show is dark colors giving it an even more unpleasant feel. On the lighter side the the show itself is usually very funny. Flapjack gives the show the happiness that for the most part counters the art. If you like odd art and lots of laughs then "The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack" might be for you.
  • great show!..

    "Advvveennture!" lol flapjack is so funny! i watch this show every time it comes on. at first when i heard about this show, i thought "OMG! another retarded show?!?!" but then i happened to watch a couple of eps & thought it was hilarious! i love the theme song. it's really cool=] i thank CN for makin this terrific show! i hope there's a season 2. every ep makes me laugh! Flapjack is awsome awsome awsome awsome awsome awsome awsome awsome awsome awsome awsome awsome awsome awsome awsome awsome awsome awsome awsome awsome awsome asome awsome awsome awsome awsome awsome!!!!!!
  • Superb

    Best. Show. Ever.
  • I feel that it's time announce that Cartoon Network loves having "idiot shows" invade their network. If you want to watch something smart and educational, tune to the history or military channel.

    Here's the basic line of the show. A mentally challenged wannabe pirate named Flapjack teams up with a self-centered jerk named K'nuckles to find "candy island" On the way the adventures are impaired by K'nuckles' poor sense of direction (really pirate like eh?) and Flapjack's incredibly low intelligence, seriously who the heck came up with that. And K'nuckles seems to use Flapjack for personal gain and Bubby the whale seems to take care of Flapjack for some reason I don't want to know. Is there a message children should see? Glorifying mental retardation is okay? Intelligence is not allowed? Dancing like a fool in public is a local pastime for youth? There are no positive moral messages in this show. If idiot conservatives say video games cause violent habits in youth, well I say shows like these are part of the reason why American youth are incredibly stupid and sociopathic.
  • Completely Idiotic! I can only rate it 1, but I'd give it a -5!

    People seriously enjoy this show?? Give me a break. Cartoonnetwork is seriously lowering it's standards. I'll begin with the art. It's terrible, sloppy, and it gives me the impression that the artists don't at all care about their work, and have no pride. I am aware animation is hard, but if you're gonna broadcast it, work hard!

    The actual show is way way way worse. Flapjack is an idiot pirate, and the jokes are not funny in the least bit. It's one of those shows where you can feel your I.Q. dropping. This is a terrible show-I'd rather watch grass die! It's terrible shows like this that cancel good shows like Code Lyoko, and so many others that suffered the same fate.
  • An unappealing show as far as designs go, but it has its moments

    The first thing one will feel when they see this show, is that the animation was done poorly. The illustrations just make the show seem unappealing, and turn viewers away. The character designs don't add much to it, either. They are very sloppy, and the puppet images are pretty dull and bland. However, though an ugly show, it's OKAY at times. It does seem a bit dumb, though, especially since pirates never really cared about candy, and what could have been a good concept was ruined by a mediocre "pirating" image, though they seem nothing like pirates, just goofballs. The jokes aren't very funny, but they serve a few laughs every one in awhile. But not a whole lot seems to happen in each episode, so the show becomes quickly bland and boring, and some characters such as Flapjack can get rather annoying. So, it's an okay show, but it's not really one to care for much unless you're into the material the show focuses on. On the biggest areas, I'd say:

    Story: 6

    Probably below par, as it's an acceptable concept, but the story seems to go bland, and have little significance. Plots are also either dumb or uninteresting.

    Animation: 4

    This is probably what the show does worst. It's just unappealing to look at and atrocious character designs just ruin it even more. Puppet images look horrifyingly inconsistent. In short, hardly any effort was spent into the designs of this show.

    Voice Talent: 6

    What can I say? Flapjack's can be so irritating, and some voice talents are just annoying. Captain K'nuckles, however, has a nice voice for his character.

    Theme: 5

    The pirates theme this show expresses seems interesting, but its mix with silly, "kiddy" stuff just kinda slops it up, and Flapjack's guardian is a terrible example.

    Overall: 5.5/10

    Granted, it's not a very appealing show to most eyes, but it can be decent at times, and it's not all that bad compared to other crap out there.
  • Way better than most of CN's current programming.

    Flapjack is a uniquely animated cartoon that is enjoyable to watch. The characters are interesting and the vioce overs are great. The music that is spareingly added is always good, songs like "the plantman" and flapjack singing "I will follow him" are both funny and well done. Oh yea and for the record Cpt. Kerknuckels (Hope that's right) OWNZ!!!
    His and flapjacks completely oppsite personalities clash superbly and can turn any situation into a funny one. The background characters all have thier time to shine and each one is as entertaining as the next. If you haven't given Flapjack a chance I urge you to reconsider.
  • i liked the second episode but it could have ended on better terms

    i hope sally syrup will return she would make the episodes much more interesting if flapjack had a crush or something that could blossom into a crush. i had thought of the flapjack love interest thing a few months ago and it takes about a few months to make an episode of a show i wouldn't be suprised if thurop saw the messege boards and took the idea for himself and made some modifications like for example she plays a conch at the end of the episode to lure the blood gnats away i thought of my character playing a candy cane flute to lure in flapjack.sorry but it was my idea or it's a coinidence i get those alot. oh well what's done is done but it was done too soon and the other episode was good too. edfan out!!!
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