The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack

Cartoon Network (ended 2010)





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  • Interesting concept, terrible execution

    What is it about the new age cartoons that just keep on getting worse? There are some TV cartoons that are actually watchable and there are those that sounded good but fails, case in point The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack. The show was about a young boy named Flapjack, his whale Bubbie, and a captain named K'nuckles. Together they would explore the seas in search of the fabled Candy Island, where there is a lifetime supply of candy and get into other various adventures. Now on paper, the idea doesn't sound too bad, but on TV it got executed terribly. The artwork could have been a little better, the colors on everything look either too washed out or too dark and some of the characters look a little disturbing even for kids, but the animation looks great. Speaking of characters, none of them are really that likable and can be annoying, especially Flapjack, but Bubbie was actually the funniest person in the show. The actors could have improved the character's voices, some of them are alright, but why does Flapjack have such an annoying voice and an even worse laughter? I know he's a kid but couldn't they find someone else? One thing that you'll notice very quickly is that the show relies on a close up shot gag with gross stuff as humor. I usually don't mind it, but they keep on using it again and again, it gets too worn out fast and is just gross. Another thing you will notice is that these "adventures" are just basically eating candy or trying to get candy and doing other stuff to make K'nuckles rich, but once in a blue moon they will try to find Candy Island. One thing I definitely caught was that there is a huge lack of women in the show. You got Bubbie and that rich lady, but that's it, you only really see women if they are in a crowd of people but the show has men 98% of the time. This show just tanks for many reasons, too gross humor, annoying characters, lack of real adventures, mediocre artwork, and borderline acceptible acting, with the exception of Flapjack since he was annoying. MMOF could have been a good show but in the end, it just sank to the bottom of the sea and got canceled which is probably best for this mess. I understand some people like this show and that's fine, go ahead and like it, but for me it doesn't work. If you like this show, watch the reruns, everyone else make like a sailor and sail as far away from this show as you can.