The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack

Cartoon Network (ended 2010)





The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack Fan Reviews (127)

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  • An Underrated Classic!

    This show is such a great show, and it really is unbelievable the amount of hate it gets. Pioneered by Thurop Van Orman (Powerpuff Girls, Camp Lazlo), this show incorporates a lot of things I don't like, but makes me like them. For example, I am not fond of gross-out at all, yet the grossness of the show can make me laugh, and it adds a lot of charm to the show (unlike post-movie episodes of that talking sponge). The writing has a ton of thought put into it, and it is made, like most great cartoons are, with the appeal of everybody. Anyone can enjoy the show. Lots of clever jokes, and well written plots. In the contest between Chowder and Flapjack, while I definitely enjoy Chowder, I have always preferred Flapjack. The show just has so much charm. When I first watched the show back in the summer of 2008, I loved it, and I could not believe the large amount of hate it got online. I was shocked. Especially since not all of it was by nostalgiatards, either. But I guess different strokes for different folks. But I surely enjoyed what the show had to offer.