The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack

Season 1 Episode 1

Several Leagues Under the Sea / Eye Sea You

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Jun 05, 2008 on Cartoon Network

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  • Another promising new show from Cartoon Network! :idea:

    It looks like this show is going to be yet another treasure from the Cartoon Network hit show factory! Flapjack is a bright-eyed, young, human boy kid with aspirations of adventure. He looks up to his mentor Captain K'nuckles and his mother figure is a big blue female whale named Bubbie. They've made their location in the world of Stormalong Harbor. Someday they hope to discover Candied Island, a legendary place where Lemonade, Soda Pop, Chocolate, candy bars, and lollipops are available for divulging! But first, Flapjack needs to learn the tricks of the adventuring trade. Flapjack learns there's a time and a place for boasting, and it's not during a race. Flapjack says that Bubbie is the fastest thing in the seven seas. But an inventor will try to prove otherwise with his Alpha Whale Machine powered by several juvenile delinquets. While the invention has technological advantages, it does not have the heart, spirit, and drive the three adventurers have. So the inventor fires his crew to destroy that heart, but Flapjack bests the boys in battle. But when Flapjack's Bubbie is primed to win, Flapjack realizes the Inventor's crew is floating in the dangerous Sea of Teeth. Even though it might cost them the race, Flapjack has Bubbie go back for them and saves them from the sea. So Bubbie races to catch up and just barely, manages to win by a tongue! The juvenile delinquets declare their independence from the inventor and Flapjack learns a very valuable lesson. Also, when Flapjack and K'nuckles aren't hanging around with Bubbie, she spends her time spying on others to learn about their lives. But she's still lonely without her friends, but Flapjack realizes that since she will always be there for the two adventurers whenever possible, he and K'nuckles should try to do the same for her, so they decide to spend a day spying on others, together! :lol: It's a very nice show and this was a good episode. I hope to see more great stuff from this show in episodes to come! :idea: Enough said, true believers! ;)
  • FlapJack in action

    FlapJack was awsome in this episode. He Fought with those kids with finger things, he risked his life to save those kids it was awsome. Great show great start. I just wished it started with FlapJack meeting K'nuckles or something but it was awsome anyway. I don't know what to type. a a a a a a a a a a a a s df f g g g g h gh gf h gfbh gfb gf bgb g b gb gb gb gb g bg bg b gb b bb b g gd bgf h t r y e
  • Cool

    I love this show. This episode is very great. Bubbie really really cares for Flapjack. This episode was so funny. There are not enough words in the english lauguage to describe what I feel abot this episode. I mean I just love it so much. I love every episode like this. I think it was a very good episode. I watched it a lot of times. I watched with my twin Gem. Gem loves the show too. Gem said that it was an overal good episode. I love the show, I love this episode. I dont think any other show's pilote can top this.
  • Very amazing.

    Ok I am shocked to have to say I didnt think any cartoonnetowrk show would be so AMAZING! The first episode was great.
    Eye see you. Was very funny,When flapjack Wants to know what bubbie does all day long while he is out playing he waits and spys on bubbie all week long! But at the end of the week he Comes to find out that he Had been staring at a dummie all the time. So flapjack told bubbie what he did all week. Bubbie got very mad at him for peeping. So flapjack swore to never peep again. Once it was over he thought he would go tell K'nuckles over at the candy barrel.
    So while tellnig K'nuckles Flapjack Saw bubbie's eye in a hole in the floor! She had been peeping on flapjack all along. Bubbie said how addicted to peeping she was. And flapjack was ok with it. So The show ended with flapjack,K'nuckles,and bubbie peeping.
    Several leages under the sea also amazed me! When flapjack got in trouble for Bragging in the beggining of the episode he got himself into an even bigger mess. By challenging the "SECOND" FASTEST Whale in the sea to a challenge A race through the sea of teeth.
    Bubbie Does go trough with the race and at the end she beats the mad inventor. Though it is not the lasttime we will see him..
    Overall i love this episode!!
  • A very good way to start the series!!

    These were the pilot episodes, and they were both very good. The show's animation is dirty, but clean cut at the same time. Which is very neat. In the first episode, the thought of a mechanical whale shooting children at a sea monster, well that's crazy, but it's also very funny. There is a part in "Eye See You" where they show Candy Wife peeking around the corner glaring at Peppermint Larry, which is very funny. Overall these two episodes were very well done with a lot of funny moments. Based on these episodes I decided to watch the series, and now it's my favorite show, and that has to say something.
  • Not a very good begging, but good series

    Several leauges under the sea
    In this episode, Flapjack must race with Bubbie to be the fastest thing in the seven seas. But, he meets an inventor (Again seen in Several leages over the sea) That has a faster whale. It's machine. But, Bubbie one anyways.
    Final Score: C

    Eye Sea you
    Bubbie is a peeking tom in this episode. This was'nt very good. But, I did like the Peppermint Larry and Candy Wife story. And, at the end. Candy wife gives Peppermint Larry, pickle juice! He hates pickles. Like he said in the episode "That's a wrap". The end.
    Final Score: D-

    Final score: C-
  • A very good first episode.

    This was a fine example of what a good first episode is. It introduced all of the important characters, it showed the attitudes of all of the characters, and most importantly it showed how all of the characters interact. At first I was a little scared of this show. I mean it looked almost annoying. The commercials seemed to show only the worst of the show. I mean Flapjack doesn't sound like that all the time. The commercial made me think that he waould have that annoying scraping sound all of the time. He doesn't have it all of the time... only about half of the time. Yeah but still its a good show. Watch it.