The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack

Season 1 Episode 4

Shave and a Haircut.. Two Friends! / Cammie Island

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Jun 26, 2008 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Shave and a Haircut.. Two Friends!: Captain K'nuckles enlists Flapjack's help when he finds a treasure map.

Cammie Island: Captain K'nuckles and Flapjack arrive on a mysterious island while searching for candy.

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  • In Two Friends K'nuckles tries to have Flapjack read a map but finds out Flapjack needs a hair cut. In the next episode, Cammie Island, Flap Jack and K'nuckles board a ship to Candy Island. It goes somewhere else and the encouter a giant girl giant.moreless

    Great episodes! Two friends had many good points in it, but like any other epsiode, low points too. K'nuckles really figured himself a put down to Flapjack which we never ad found out. Flapjack also shows so more instrest with his diffrent skills and learns to enjoy his ablites. Low points were the things like random happenings. Hot towels may have had something to contribute to everything but the end is thrown off. Cammie Island is the same. Cammie is a nice extra character to throw in. Flapjack seemingly has a small disliking to K'nuckles way of behavior, for Cammie is his friend and Cammie is the exact opposites. It seems the K'nuckles is very accident prone or so it seems. The characters all seem to learn something about themselves and learn to like it throughout these two episodes making then better and worse.moreless
Thurop Van Orman

Thurop Van Orman

Pirate #2

Guest Star

Steve Little

Steve Little

Handsome Pete

Guest Star

Kevin Michael Richardson

Kevin Michael Richardson

Cammie / Murdock / Stranger / First Mate

Guest Star

Steve Little

Steve Little

Dr. Barber

Recurring Role

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    • Flapjack: Now Cammie, I'm an adventurer. And adventurers leave old friends to make new friends, who they left to make new friends. It's a little confusing. K'nuckles can explain it better.

    • K'nuckles: Hey, got a place where I can swab my poopdeck?
      Sweepers: nooooooot.

    • Flapjack: It must be difficult for the dock people to see a little boy suffering from sudden blindness. Describe their faces to me, friend. Be my eyes.
      (people are snoring)
      K'Nuckles: Uhh...they look pretty sad.

    • K'Nuckles: Don't worry, Flapjack. The doctor will know what to do. Unless he doesn't.

    • Flapjack: You'll think of something! You're Captain K'Nuckles!
      K'Nuckles: Who told you that?
      Flapjack: You did.
      K'Nuckles: Oh, so I did, so I did.

    • Pirate: Repulsive? Sardines are the cutest fishes in the sea!
      Flapjack: (laughs dressed as sardine)

    • (referring to Bubbie)
      Pirate #1: Who was she talking to?
      Pirate #2: In a world of peaches, my Johnny, don't ask for applesauce.

    • Pirate #1: Who's got the map?
      Pirate #2: I do!
      Pirate #1: Who's got the scurvey?
      Pirate #3: I do... (teeth fall out)
      Pirate #1: Who's got the tattoos?
      Pirate #4: (makes tattoo talk) I do! (in regular voice) Well, I do.

    • (talking to Dr. Barber)
      K'Nuckles: I thought you were going to kill us! You have a place where I can swab my poop deck?
      Dr. Barber and Sweepers: (singing) Oh no he did not!

    • Dr. Barber: Why stand when you can sit? That's what I always say.

    • (referring to hot towel)
      Dr. Barber: Now this may feel a little hot at first, like a- like a hot towel on your face.

    • K'nuckles: Get in the seat, Flapjack! The sooner we trim those bangs, the sooner we'll be eating delicious candy!
      Dr. Barber: Delicious candy? And... eh, why is that good, sir?
      Flapjack: Because we found a map to Candied Island! See?
      K'nuckles: (swipes map away) Uhh, it's not a map to Candied Island, it's a map to...Poison Island.
      Dr. Barber: Poison Island? Hmm... no, thanks. I... I don't like poison.

    • Flapjack: Adventuring is fun, but so is spending time with old friends. And you're the oldest friend I've got! So old. So very, very, very-
      Bubbie: Stop it now, baby!

    • Bubbie: (after being poked with shovel) Don't you poke me with that shovel, you rascal!
      Pirate: Hey! This ain't no sardine! It ain't even a fish! It's a mammal.

    • Flapjack: I can't just leave Cammie! She's my new friend!
      K'nuckles: What about poor Bubbie waiting for you in Stormalong?
      Flapjack: But you said adventurers leave old friends to make new ones!
      K'nuckles: No, I didn't! I said adventurers leave new friends and go back to Stormalong!
      Flapjack: Oh.

    • Cammie: Friend make raft? Friend leave Cammie? (angrily) Friend try to leave Cammie in poorly built raft?!

    • K'nuckles: Quick, boy! Let's get this raft in the water!
      Flapjack: That's a raft?
      K'nuckles: Yes.
      Flapjack: Is it finished?
      K'nuckles: Yeeeeeeeessss.
      (short pause)
      Flapjack: Will it float?
      K'nuckles: Who's the sailor here?
      (Flapjack breaks raft)
      K'nuckles: Well, now it won't float!

    • Flapjack: My name is Flapjack.
      Cammie: Cammie's name is Cammie.
      Flapjack: I thought you were going to say that.

    • Flapjack: Candy walrus!
      K'nuckles: Flapjack! You can't just eat a candy walrus! You got to make it last! (nibbles on walrus)

    • K'nuckles: (enters dressed as a lobster) Flapjack! There's a ship full of lobsters, and it's going to Candied Island! Here, put this on! (holds up a lobster) The store was out of costumes!

    • K'nuckles: Bubbie! Bubbie! Something terrible just happened!
      Bubbie: Oh no, Flapjack's still blind?
      K'nuckles: No. He's fine. He just needs a haircut.

    • Flapjack: (laughs) Mud feels nice!

    • Cammie: Cammie hates sardines! And Cammie hates saying Cammie all the time! But, if Cammie didn't say Cammie, then no one will say Cammie.
      Flapjack: I'll say Cammie. (short pause) Cammie.

    • (K'nuckles is crying)
      K'nuckles: (thinking) I hope the boy don't think less of me for crying!
      Flapjack: I don't!
      K'nuckles: How did you know what I was thinking?!
      Flapjack: I can hear your brains.

    • Flapjack: Captain K'nuckles, I wonder if candy friends ever want to eat themselves!
      Captain K'nuckles: I'm sure they do, boy, I'm sure they do.

    • Barber: Now you gentlemen try and relax. (whispering) And I'll try not to steal from you.
      K'nuckles: Uh Flapjack, did you say something?
      Flapjack: Adventure?

    • Flapjack: (telling Captain K'nuckles what the 'X' on his note means) The 'X' is a kiss on the cheek! (smooches him on the cheek)

    • Flapjack: (referring to Cammie) Captain K'nuckles? I think "he" is a "she."
      K'nuckles: Boy, I think it's about time I tell you the difference between a man and a woman. A woman isn't a woman unless she's pretty. And a man isn't a man unless he's ugly.

    • Cammie: (In menacing voice) Guess what Cammie does when friend wants to leave Cammie! Cammie... (happy voice) builds a boat!

    • Barber: Now, hand over the boy, so I can... give him a haircut!

    • Flapjack: Captain K'nuckles?
      K'nuckles: Quiet, boy, I'm thinking.
      Flapjack: Then why is your brain so quiet?
      Bubbie: 'Cause he doesn't have one.

    • K'nuckles: Nothing. There's no sign of that barber, and we've been searching for hours.
      Flapjack: But it's only been 20 minutes.
      K'nuckles: I never learned to tell time, neither.

    • Flapjack: Your breath stinks like sardines!
      Cammie: Cammie knows, but sardines is only thing they bring Cammie to eat. Cammie wants scrambled eggs!

    • Barber: (about Flapjack) In all my years of barbering, that is the weirdest child I have ever seen.

    • (all singing)
      Sweeper 1: Look at those split-ends...
      Sweeper 2: The flaky scalp...
      Sweeper 3: Saltwater damage!

    • K'nuckles: Flapjack? Where are you boy? Oh, there you are, sleeping on the whale's tongue.

  • NOTES (5)


    • Shrek

      The scene where Flapjack discovers that Cammie is a woman is reminiscent of a scene in the first Shrek movie where Donkey suddenly discovers that the giant dragon is female, and tries to sweet-talk her.

    • Episode Title
      The title "Shave and a Haircut.. Two Friends!" is an allusion to "Shave and a Haircut, two bits," a famous song.

    • Cammie Island
      Cammie Island is very similar to Skull Island from King Kong.

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