The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack

Season 1 Episode 8

Sittin' Muscle / Knot Funny

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Jul 24, 2008 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Sittin' Muscle: Captain K'nuckles and Flapjack are looking for a long lost body part, so they go to the South Pole to find it.

Knot Funny: Captain K'nuckles and Flapjack go to the Knot Festival after Flapjack loses his voice after K'nuckles somewhat cursed him.

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  • flapjack and k'nuckels go in surch for k'nuckels sitten'muscel,on top of a frozen mountain.flapjack tries to make enemys all day,but,flapjack just can't seem to make enemys.

    This episode was very adventurous!when flapjack helps k'nuckels find his sitten'muscel.It was an interesting and adventurous episode to see flapjack climb a mountain!it was also funny how k'nuckels lost his sittin'muscel!it was also funny to see flapjack trying to make enemys,a classic way of trying to be a total jerk,in a nice way!

    Its a classic episode in the series,and a funny one!

    another example of k'nuckels exaderating the story.

    and we get to see more in the world of flapjack,harbors,islands,mountains and ocean!

    it had all the elements i like in an episode,adventure,comedy,good plot,backround story.Apparently k'nuckels has lost many of his limbs,hands,feet,sittin'muscel,but thats what makes his character unique and interesting,he is full of surprises!moreless
  • Captain K'nuckles loses, finds, and loses his sitting muscle, and Flapjack loses his voice! (Or does he?)

    While this episode was really silly for what it was, it still shows us an important factor of Captain K'nuckles. The blue-faced explorer is in fact, Not a washed up has been villain trying to redeem himself as I had first previously thought. Granted, he's done his fair share of yarn-spinning and doing naughty things, but he's had a hard life as well. When he was young, he Literally lost his sitting muscle! And where did it wind up? At the 'Bottom' of the world! Flapjack manages to get Captain K'nuckles his real sitting muscle back, but he instantly loses it again when they slide down the icy mountain! Also, Flapjack is a kid who likes to do fun things, but he needs to learn the importance of not worrying his parental figures needlessly! When Captain K'nuckles Claims that he's going to put Flapjack under the curse of Mute Mike, it seems as though the curse Actually worked because now, Flapjack isn't saying anything! There's only one cure: a trip to the Knot Festival! Captain K'nuckles proves that he cares about the welfare of Flapjack when he wins a bunch of gifts for the boy in an attempt to cure his muteness. But its revealed that Flapjack was never Actually mute! He only pretended to be since he thought that was the only way to get K'nuckles to take him to the Festival! K'nuckles says that Flapjack shouldn't have made K'nuckles go through all that! It's very deceptive and wrong in nature, and K'nuckles was genuinely worried about him! Flapjack shows K'nuckles a new-found respect by singing for his favorite friend and adventurer, proving to K'nuckles that Flapjack is willing to learn and grow from his mistakes. This is shaping up to be a fine show. :idea: Enough said! ;)moreless
Jeff Bennett

Jeff Bennett

Sailor #1 / Steve / Ropes Pierre / Cursing Booth Operator

Guest Star

S. Scott Bullock

S. Scott Bullock

Captain Ridiculous / Old Scientist / Frank / Mute Mike / Worker / Old Woman

Guest Star

Steve Little

Steve Little

Sailor #2 / Sailor #3 / Lolly Poopdeck / Pirate Captain

Guest Star

Jeff Bennett

Jeff Bennett

Peppermint Larry

Recurring Role

Steve Little

Steve Little

Dr. Barber

Recurring Role

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (13)

    • (K'nuckles believes he cursed Flapjack mute)
      Flapjack: (knocks on Bubbie's teeth)
      K'nuckles: (frightened) No! No! Don't tell Bubbie!
      Bubbie: Don't tell me what? (sticks her tongue out and she see's Flapjack and K'nuckles, but Flapjack can't speak) K'NUCKLES!! Did you curse my baby!?
      K'nuckles: Well... I don't know. That old curse never worked before.
      Bubbie: (growling) Well, un-curse him right now!
      K'nuckles: (frightened) Well, I never learned how to un-curse someone!

    • (When K'nuckles tells Flapjack he went to Knot Festival)
      Knuckles: Flap, what's wrong with your face?
      Flapjack: (crying) You promised you would take me!!
      Knuckles: Oh! Well... I lied.
      (Bubbie strangles Knuckles with her tongue)
      Bubbie: KNUCKLES!!

    • K'nuckles: (after finding out Flapjack wasn't mute) Cover your ears, boy, I don't want you to hear this.
      Flapjack: (covers ears)
      K'nuckles: (starts swearing)
      Flapjack: (jaw drops)

    • Flapjack: She looks like she could make...SOME REALLY GOOD PINEAPPLE UPSIDE-DOWN CAKE! She looks like she could take...really good care of me...if I didn't already have Bubbie. Thank you!

    • Clown: Knock knock! Who's there? A rope. A rope who? I rope ya like knock-knock jokes!

    • Sailor: Hey, it's Slipknot! Slippin' and a-slidin'!

    • Captain: (menacing) I'm no storyteller. (pause) (happy) I draw pictures!

    • Flapjack: I'm practicing my survival skills! Captain K'Nuckles says that all adventurers need to know how to make a fire with two sticks, and he should know, he's the greatest adventurer in the world!
      Bubbie: Uh huh, then why is he in that barrel over there?
      Flapjack: That's where he went to sleepies!

    • Clown: Knot funny!
      K'nuckles: You're not funny.

    • Background: Power hug!

    • Flapjack: Why are all of the sea monsters shivering?
      K'nuckles: It's because they're nervous! They're hiding down here because they owe other people money!

    • K'nuckles: Next stop, the bottom of the world!
      Flapjack: To look for your bottom.
      K'nuckles: Sittin' muscle!

    • Scientist: I told you it would be chilly.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Slipknot
      When K'nuckles and Flapjack both enter the Knot Festival, a pirate is talking to a crowd of sailors, and he says, "Look, guys! It's Slipknot!" and he begins to sing. This could possible be a reference to the infamous and popular heavy metal band, Slipknot.

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