The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack

Season 1 Episode 14

Whale Times / Love Bugs

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Feb 12, 2009 on Cartoon Network

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  • Bubbie and Flapjack both fall in love. :D Hilarity ensues! :lol:

    Valentines Day can sure bring out romance in the most surprising of ways. First, Bubbie gets romantically linked to a big whale named Harvey, unaware that Harvey isn't really after her, but after Captain K'nuckles and Flapjack! Harvey wants some more sailors to wash other people's laundry on Laundry Island, and Harvey picks Flapjack and Captain K'nuckles. When Bubbie finds out that Harvey has stolen her two sailors from her, she doesn't take it laying down! She speed to find Harvey and teach him a painful lesson in picking on others smaller and weaker than himself, and she literally takes Harvey down to size! Then Flapjack finally meets his feminine equal in Sally Syrup, a girl who is just as adventurous as he is, and just as adorable to. But when Flapjack falls in love, Captain K'nuckles is both shocked and alarmed by this! Captain K'nuckles is sure that love can cause nothing but trouble! But as it turns out, the love Flapjack is feeling is producing Sweet Hearts, and because its a first time love, they are very sweet. Peppermint Larry decides to enlist Captain K'nuckles help in getting Flapjack to express his love and makes a huge profit out of it. But Flapjack can't live on love alone, and is tired of having to constantly produce Sweet Hearts all the time. So when Captain K'nuckles brings in Sally Syrup to speed up the production of Flapjack's Sweet Hearts, Flapjack runs away with Sally in order to cure his love sickness. But the sickness isn't love sickness, but Blood Gnats which are shaped like hearts! They infested Flapjack and now they have infested all of Storm Along Harbor! Eventually, Flapjack gets news of this and finds out that he never had a problem with being in love, he had a problem with blood gnats. So after Flapjack gets cured and Sally Syrup decides to go on another adventure, Flapjack says he doesn't mind whether or not Sally Syrup ever comes back. But I still secretly think that Flapjack kind of likes Sally Syrup. :idea: Enough said, true believers! ;)