The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Season 3 Episode 8

But Seriously, Folks

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Nov 04, 1972 on CBS

Episode Recap

The episode opens with Mary and Rhoda chatting about Mary's latest beau, a writer at WJM News. She reveals that he is a comedy writer…for Chuckles the Clown. Rhoda warns her about "those funny men" but Mary insists that Wes, her latest flame, is sweet and good-natured.

Mary finds out later that Wes has been fired from Chuckles' show. He's unfazed by the termination because he believes that this will free him to do more "grown up" work. Mary tries to find Wes work on their station, and discusses the idea with Lou, who is not impressed by what he sees of Wes' talent and his ability to mesh it with the evening news. After refusing her boyfriend the job, Lou assigns Mary the task of informing Wes that his audition didn't go so well.

That evening, Mary prepares dinner for Wes and tells Rhoda about what happened. When Mary goes down to see Phyllis to get some scotch to "lessen the pain," Rhoda is left alone with Wes, who pries the information out of her. He's heartbroken to learn that he hasn't gotten the job, and has a showy demonstration of emotion. Mary walks in to find that Rhoda's inadvertently spills the beans, and has to deal with Wes's demonstrative chagrin.

A short time later, Wes is scheduled to appear at a comedy club which shares space with a bowling alley and deliver his act. Mary, Lou, Ted, Rhoda, and Murray all show up to support him. Unfortunately, he stinks. He's not funny at all, and quickly clears out the club. Mary goes into the ladies' room and cries on his behalf, and Lou follows, barring other women from entering. He consoles Mary, and then informs her that Chuckles has gone through five writers since Wes and wants him back. They return to watch the rest of the sorry act.

Afterwards, the others go bowling and Mary is left alone with Wes, who does his own routine just for her, which is actually much funnier now that he's able to relax. Wes informs Mary that he'll be taking his old job back with Chuckles.