The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Season 2 Episode 16


Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Jan 08, 1972 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Another rare episode that has an actual scene during the closing credits. This time, Mary is explaining to Murray what a "feeb" is.

    • Lou Grant comes across as out-of-character in this episode by seeming less devoted to his wife and more obsessive about leering as he comments on woman after woman who applies for a job. This episode portrays him more as a male chauvinist, which is not why audiences love him.

  • Quotes

    • (Mary is on the phone with Randy, who hangs up on her instead of putting her on hold)
      Mary: Feeb!
      Murray: Feeb? What's that?
      Mary: Feeb. Feeble. A dum-dum. Ineffectual. It's a word, to Feeb. The verb, "to feeb," or to be "feebed upon." The adjective feeb, or feebish. There's, uh, feeb city, feeb time. Head feeb.
      Murray: You mean like Ted Baxter?
      Mary: Super feeb!

    • Murray: Happy Birthday, Ted. (hands him a gift)
      Ted: (shakes it) I'll bet it's a book. (opens it) It is a book. (Reads aloud) Dick and Jane Visit a Farm.

    • Lou: I guess I'm what you'd call a male chauvinist pig.
      Mary: She, uh, she wasn't right.
      Lou: I'm glad we're communicating.
      Mary: What was wrong with her?
      Lou: Well, for one thing, when she walked out of here, I didn't watch her.
      Mary: Oh. You mean, uh… she-she didn't have any, uh-- (Mary motions at her backside)
      Lou: Right. No caboose whatsover.
      Mary: Well, if that is the case, Mr. Grant, why have I been wasting my time for the last two days screening them for skills? I mean, why don't I just march them in here in bathing suits?
      (Lou chuckles)
      Lou: How many more applicants are there?
      Mary: Uh, two. Uh, the first is Doreen Skinner. Her skills are excellent, and she seems to measure up, caboose-wise.
      Lou: Good. Back her in here.

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