"i Love A Piano" - idea on how Murray told Marie about the piano

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    I used to loe this show a long time ago, when I was a kid in the '70s. (I think I've seen most episodes, our CBS affiliate hasd it on in the afternoons, but some evenings I probably watched, too.)

     Anyway, I was just mentioning on another board how cerebral I am; i've helped produce a "Full Huse" Chronology making characters more 3-dimentional, having thigns between scenes and episodes, and before and after; a true family history. (With Book Universe, too.) And, I mentioned something I thought I'd bring up here.

    Okay, in "I Love A Piano" (I had to look up the title) Murray is tempted to have an affair, but doesn't. (Ah, the good old days of couples who were faithful on TV.) He goes to this woman's apartment to buy a piano, and the last line is something like, "How do I explain to my wife I bought a piano while watching "The Sting." And, I told them on this board how when i saw that, I can remember trying to figure out how he would, as I don't think it was ever brought up again.

    (By the way, does anyone consider this a mistake - people bring things up on modern shows all the time tht are not mistakes, but merely things we *don't see on screen* but that viewers need to presume. Are today's viewers not wanting to think or something? Or did people back then say, "Hey, you need to explain that!"?)

    So, how did Murray tell her? Here is what I'm thinking? The woman is one who he probalby wouldn't see again, and the chances of Marie seeing her are small. He invents a cousin of hers who he says he met at the movie theater. (It would seem odder for him to talk to a single woman at the movies - though it could happen, so many he doesn't need to invent one.) He simply says that through him, he learned of it.

    Now, I don't recall if he'd always wanted a piano, but he can always say he did. In fact, he can simply tell Marie that he's doing it in a sort of "mid-life crisis" type of thing.

    This story could be great fanfiction, though I don't remember the characters well enough. However, it would be really good if Ted were to somehow be in there talking and say that Murray wanted to learn to play "Bee-thah-ven" instead of the way Beethoven is pronounced. :-)

    What are your ideas? Anyone?

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    That is a good theory. Knowing Murray, I bet he prob. just laughed it off when Marie asked him about it. Or he could just simplify things and say someone at the theater mentioned they were selling a piano (why bring the woman into it at all, since as you said, Marie would likely never see her?).

     Just my two cents, and I agree it would make an interesting fanfic someday. I haven't had good luck motivating myself to write any lately, though. 


    - Kristen 

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