The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Season 2 Episode 3

He's No Heavy . . . He's My Brother

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Oct 02, 1971 on CBS

Episode Recap

Record cold temperatures in Minneapolis and the need to use up her vacation time prompt Mary to investigate traveling to a warmer climate. When she learns that a colleague was able to stay in Mexico for $12 per night, she and Rhoda decide to stay at the same resort. Upon discovery, that this particular hotel is booked and there are none similar available, however, Mary concludes that the Mexican trip must be forfeited.

When Mary meets Rhoda to tell her this disappointing news in the Mexican restaurant they had picked to go to lunch, the restaurant owner, Gustavo, overhears their dilemma and offers to be of help. Being a native, he knows of place that might be available and helps them book it.

On the eve of their leaving, Gustavo finds Mary at her workplace and has a special request: he wants her to track down one person in particular to deliver a package that he has, which is all wrapped up with a ribbon. As Gustavo proceeds to explain to Mary that she will find this person through a series of other people, everyone in the newsroom becomes suspicious of the contents of this box. Mary thinks that their skepticism is unfair, and agrees to deliver the package for Gustavo.

That evening, as she and Rhoda are preparing for their trip, the mysterious contents of the wrapped box overwhelm Rhoda's curiosity, and she carefully removes the wrapping paper. The contents, they discover sheepishly, are candlestick holders bearing the Minneapolis-St. Paul skyline.

At that opportune moment, Gustavo knocks at the door, wanting to get his gift back. Rhoda runs to hide in the wardrobe and rewrap the gift while Mary tries to stall him. When she can no longer delay giving him back the package, she opens the door to where Rhoda is hiding and the gift is tossed to her by Rhoda. Mary hands it back to Gustavo, who can see it has obviously been mauled. After Mary apologizes for snooping, Gustavo explains his reason for wanting the gift back: it was intended originally to be a present to his fiancée, who has now decided to leave Gustavo for his brother.

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