The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Season 7 Episode 22

Mary's Big Party

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Mar 05, 1977 on CBS

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  • Mary invites everyone over to her special party at her apartment and as usual, something goes wrong. The power in the building goes out and so everyone argues over the past terrible Mary parties.

    This episode is a TRUE CLASSIC! I mark this episode as one of the top 10 BEST Mary Tyler Moore shows, ever! This one is just so terrific and features a special appearance from Johnny Carson, which you never actually see but hear him. The episode is loaded with great scenes regarding older parties that turned into disasters at Mary's apartment. There is a party where Lou doesnt want a surprise party but Mary has one anyways, one with not enough food for everyone and so on. Sue Ann is wonderful in this episode picking up the waiter and making out in the back room. Just everything about this episode clicks on all levels. Mary Tyler Moore show is really not known for real large laughs but this is about the best you will come to actually laughing hard. A Classic.