The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Season 3 Episode 17

My Brother's Keeper

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Jan 13, 1973 on CBS



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    • Phyllis: (describing her brother to Mary) Oh, Mary, you'll adore him! He's just like me!

    • Phyllis: There's no question that if Bach were alive today, he'd be doing television.
      Murray: That's what they say about Ted.

    • Ben: How come you're not interested in music at all?
      Rhoda: Oh, listen, some music interests me.
      Ben: Classical music?
      Rhoda: Now that really depresses me.
      Ben: Well, in that case I guess you wouldn't want to go to a concert with me.
      Rhoda: Oh wait, now I didn't say that. I've gone through worse than that for a date.

    • Mary: In case you haven't noticed, Rhoda is an attractive woman.
      Phyllis Is she? Is she? It must be on some level I just don't understand. Like ultraviolet light. Or those whistles that only dogs can hear.

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