The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Season 3 Episode 23

Put On a Happy Face

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Feb 24, 1973 on CBS

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  • Best episode of the Series

    Mary Tyler Moore shows why she is worthy of all of those Emmys. The ensemble cast shows why they were worthy of all those Emmys. The writers show why they were worthy of all those Emmys. And the series, as a whole, shows that it was worthy of all those Emmys. Brilliant episode. Funny from start to finish, with Mary in the center of the humor. Moore's favorite episode of the series... and mine as well. A brilliant episode.
  • Mary and physical comedy.

    Sitcoms with large casts very often have a character who functions as the general straight man/woman. Even Seinfeld, a comedian by profession, usually served as a straight man to Richards, Alexander or Dreyfuss. In the Mary Tyler Moor Show, Mary mostly reacted to the craziness of the other characters. In this episode, however, she gets to do all the physical comedy and she doesn't seem to mind looking ridiculous. Unusual for the show, but very effective. Mary Tyler Moore proves that she can be funny on her own. Added to that, physical comedy isn't the easiest form of comedy for actresses, but Mary pulls it off.
  • Screwball comedy at its best.

    Mary Tyler Moore is perhaps one of the most famous "straight-man" characters. She brilliantly sets up joke after joke for her costars with total grace, but here is an episode where she gets to be in the spotlight with all of the focus of humor on her. The very subtle stain on the blouse is hysterically realistic as is the "bump" in her hair. Moore allowing herself to look terrible at the Teddy Awards shows that she was a great sport - knowing that if it made the episode work, she'd do anything. The false eyelash scene is one of her absolute funniest scenes ever. A really great episode to watch to see Mary mastering physical comedy.
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