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  • True fans...

    Hello fellow Mary Tyler Moore fans, I am currently producing the short film Moving Millie, and thought you might be interested. Moving Millie is a romantic, fun, and inspiring short film paying homage to some of the great classic sitcom comedies like Dick Van Dyke and I Love Lucy.

    Why are we producing this film? is something about the great classic sitcoms of the 1950/60s that stand the test of time. The wholesome jokes and high energy physical comedy has made audiences laugh for over fifty years. It is no wonder that Dick Van Dyke is being honored this year with the SAG Lifetime Achievement Award (not to mention last years recipient Mary Tyler Moore).

    As young artists, we have always admired, and tried to emulate the comedic styling's of these great performers. We found ourselves in an age where crude, edgy, and/or slacker humor is the focus of mainstream comedy, searching for something more truthful.

    We are currently raising money for the project. Please help support our efforts by spreading the word and/or donating to our indiegogo campaign. Find us on under Moving Millie.
  • A classic comedy, with genuine emotion...

    This is a show with plenty of laughs, but, rare for a sitcom in any era, also can pack an emotional punch, due to many factors - the consummate skill of the entire cast to often extend a comedy show beyond comedy; the writers adding to the complexities of the characters year by year; for some, the knowledge of Mary Tyler Moore's often tragic real life during and just after the run of the show; and not least importantly, the beautiful theme song, especially from Season 2 onward, musically and vocally wistful and bittersweet in contrast to the brash and confident lyric, adding an undercurrent of self-doubt that really gives the theme and in turn the show much of it's emotional power. These factors continue to resonate today, especially if you've been away from the show for a while; it makes you think back to when you originally saw the show as maybe a child trying to figure it all out, or perhaps a young adult in the rat race; either way, no matter what life threw at you, it presented the possibility that there were nice people with good friends somewhere in this crazy world.
  • Nice!

    This truly was one of the first ensemble driven situation comedies in the history of television. Even though Mary Tyler Moore was the star of the show, the fact was that the series truly revolved around her relationships with not only her friends at home, but her friends on the job and when those two worlds collided, sparks usually flew. Also, this show was really funny when Valerie Harper was still on the show playing Rhoda. She and Mary were polar opposites (Mary the cheerful optimist and Rhoda the angry cynic). However, those differences was what made their relationship shine. Cloris Leachman was also perfect as the over bearing Phyllis Lindstrom. And lets not forget the other characters; cynical Lou, the optimistic Murray and, of course, dimwitted Ted Baxter. This show definitely one of the all time classics and made Saturday nights worth staying home.

    Another interesting fact about this show is the fact that it debuted during the final season of the original series about a single woman trying to make it, "That Girl". However, while Ann pretty much was still an innocent little girl at heart that had a boyfriend and often still relied on him and her parents to get her out of jams, Mary Richards proved that she could be single and live her life on her own terms.
  • This is the best comedy series ever! This show had a combination of great writing, great directing and a near perfect cast.

    Mary Richards fled to Minneapolis after breaking up with her fiance. She took a studio apartment at a small apartment house managed by her good friend Phyliss (Of course, she didn't know the second half until later.) And meets a woman who would become her best friend, Rhoda.

    Mary and Rhoda were the perfect woman. Mary was bright and beautiful and Rhoda was challanging and eventually sexy.

    Mary became the Associate Producer of the WJM News. Now she applied for a secretary's job but that was taken by someone who never seemed to be on the show? At the newsroom you had her boss Lou, the gruff but loveable Producer of the news, her at work best friend Murray, the news writer who harbored a crush on Mary, Gordy, the weatherman who was definitely too good for the station, and Ted Baxter, the totally inept newscaster.

    This show was one of the few TV shows that could have a show entirely at home, entirely at work or a combination. That is because the both sets of characters were spectacular and could hold the show alone but were even better together.

    The show also has the distinction of being the first show to end on its term, rather than continuing until it is cancelled. And the last show (called The Last Show) is the funniest 30 minutes in television history.
  • Mr. Graaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnt

    Of all the older shows (pre 80's) I'd have to MTM is one of my top 3. Everyone on this created an atmosphere of hilarity. If not directly by their words, by their actions and interactions. Like for instance, you knew that whenever Sue Ann and Mr. Grant were in the same room, she was going to go after him like a vulture after its prey. Also, Ted's interaction with about everybody was TV magic. Especially Hugh and the scenes where he would mess the news up on air. Rhoda and Mary's relationship was also a huge part of the show that I enjoyed. There was nothing about this show that I didn't like.
  • More...

    Mary Tyler Moore was the beginning of a series of news journalists. It was funny from the beginning, and was one of the many shows that should go on longer.

    I liked the episode where they are all having dreams. Mary has a baby in like 5 seconds, and then she gets married and the next one they are all old and it is so funny. When they try to talk there is that music playing and they heard it and were trying to figure out where it came from.

    I think they should bring this show back again. I still haven't seen all of it yet.
  • Watch for the hidden messages

    ' Mary Tyler Moore Show ' was a fantastic show and one that deserves the title " Classic " without a doubt.
    If you are new to the show or watching it again after years, keep an eye out for all those hidden messages rgearding sensitive issues of the '70's. Many viewers always thought that Mary was a good girl but in reality Mary was not so good and even one episode made light of the fact she was on the PILL or did not come home the evening before.
    The producers did a fantastic job fitting the actors to their related characters. Ed Asner as Lou Grant was classic and I do not think casting director could have found a better person other then Ted Knight to play Ted Baxter. To this very day when Iw atch a newscast, I can hear his voice screwing up the news.

    This is one of the few shows out there that TVLand should bring back on a permanent basis.
  • Even as a little kid, I coudl get into this at 5, 6 years old. It was very special, and shows how one should try to draw peple in - with just plenty of lughs and a family of great friends

    This show had everything, and even young kids could relate to it. This is what TV sitcoms were meant to be, as there's no vulgarity, no sex, no violence. The writers did a great job with the humor. Anyone of any age could enjoy this one; I still remember loving it when I was a kid. It's great to have shows you're not afraid to let your kids watch. In fact, it's vital.
  • One of the best!

    This is one of those shows that makes me smile no matter what mood I am in. If it's on, I'll watch it. This is one of my top five shows of all time! Classic sitcom format at its best! I have many fond memories of watching "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" late at night on Nick at Nite. My favorite time of the year use to be Mary Mondays on Block Party Summer. If you haven't tuned in yet, what are you waiting for?
  • Quite possibly the most perfect sitcom ever. Read on...

    I absolutely love this show! Arguably one of the first strong female leads, Mary performs wonderfully. Host to some of the funiest television ever, this show got better with every step. I can't say how much you need to buy the dvds, they really add to the experience. Though dated at a few points, it holds up to the standards of today's television, wonderfully. Practically perfect in every way!
  • Love IS all around!

    This is SUCH a pivotal groundbreaking show. In many ways for me, as I grew up with this show, Mary Richards was such a role model for not getting married, for having a family of friends, for having a career and for most of all being happy with one's life. The acting and the situations were always treated with a light hand, yet there was always a serious or deeper meaning to every single episode. The writing was so superior and most of all the acting on this show was superb. What makes this show a true classic for me is that each of the characters was so fleshed out, so well written that they became archetypes of people you would know in real life. Any time I watch an episode I am right back there, as a young preteen--dreaming of the day I would be able to put my "letter" on the wall of my apartment too!