The Mary Tyler Moore Show

CBS (ended 1977)





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  • Love IS all around!

    This is SUCH a pivotal groundbreaking show. In many ways for me, as I grew up with this show, Mary Richards was such a role model for not getting married, for having a family of friends, for having a career and for most of all being happy with one's life. The acting and the situations were always treated with a light hand, yet there was always a serious or deeper meaning to every single episode. The writing was so superior and most of all the acting on this show was superb. What makes this show a true classic for me is that each of the characters was so fleshed out, so well written that they became archetypes of people you would know in real life. Any time I watch an episode I am right back there, as a young preteen--dreaming of the day I would be able to put my "letter" on the wall of my apartment too!