The Mary Tyler Moore Show

CBS (ended 1977)





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  • This is the best comedy series ever! This show had a combination of great writing, great directing and a near perfect cast.

    Mary Richards fled to Minneapolis after breaking up with her fiance. She took a studio apartment at a small apartment house managed by her good friend Phyliss (Of course, she didn't know the second half until later.) And meets a woman who would become her best friend, Rhoda.

    Mary and Rhoda were the perfect woman. Mary was bright and beautiful and Rhoda was challanging and eventually sexy.

    Mary became the Associate Producer of the WJM News. Now she applied for a secretary's job but that was taken by someone who never seemed to be on the show? At the newsroom you had her boss Lou, the gruff but loveable Producer of the news, her at work best friend Murray, the news writer who harbored a crush on Mary, Gordy, the weatherman who was definitely too good for the station, and Ted Baxter, the totally inept newscaster.

    This show was one of the few TV shows that could have a show entirely at home, entirely at work or a combination. That is because the both sets of characters were spectacular and could hold the show alone but were even better together.

    The show also has the distinction of being the first show to end on its term, rather than continuing until it is cancelled. And the last show (called The Last Show) is the funniest 30 minutes in television history.