The Mary Tyler Moore Show

CBS (ended 1977)





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  • A classic comedy, with genuine emotion...

    This is a show with plenty of laughs, but, rare for a sitcom in any era, also can pack an emotional punch, due to many factors - the consummate skill of the entire cast to often extend a comedy show beyond comedy; the writers adding to the complexities of the characters year by year; for some, the knowledge of Mary Tyler Moore's often tragic real life during and just after the run of the show; and not least importantly, the beautiful theme song, especially from Season 2 onward, musically and vocally wistful and bittersweet in contrast to the brash and confident lyric, adding an undercurrent of self-doubt that really gives the theme and in turn the show much of it's emotional power. These factors continue to resonate today, especially if you've been away from the show for a while; it makes you think back to when you originally saw the show as maybe a child trying to figure it all out, or perhaps a young adult in the rat race; either way, no matter what life threw at you, it presented the possibility that there were nice people with good friends somewhere in this crazy world.