The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Season 4 Episode 3

Rhoda's Sister Gets Married

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Sep 29, 1973 on CBS

Episode Recap

In the newsroom, the producers want to experiment with a "working anchorman," and so Ted is filmed pretending to respond to breaking news. His first several takes are flops, as he makes one ridiculous gaffe after another. After getting a real call about a fire, the camera crew and Lou prod a reluctant Ted to the scene. As they leave, Rhoda arrives and invites Mary to fly with her to New York for the weekend and promises a fun-filled couple of days – as well as attending Rhoda's younger sister's wedding.

Upon arrival in New York, Rhoda's mother and father insist that Mary stay with them, rather than retire to a hotel. Ida, Rhoda's mother, uses this opportunity to obsess to Mary the entire time about how depressed Rhoda is over her younger sister getting married. When Mary tries to correct Ida's misunderstanding of Rhoda's mindset, Ida rebukes Mary and tells her not to interfere. Meanwhile, Rhoda discovers how badly her mother is seeking to downplay every detail of the wedding, and decides to leave before Ida can ruin everything.

The situation comes to a climax with Ida producing a letter that she wrote to Rhoda on the day she was born. Mary reads the heartfelt sentiments, in which Ida expresses all her dreams for her daughter, especially that of throwing her a lavish wedding. The three of them are reduced to tears, and Rhoda stays for the wedding.

When Mary returns from her weekend away, Ted is still trying to shoot an acceptable take for the news crew. He does everything perfectly until he is exiting the newsroom, and the camera crew films him pushing with all his might on the double doors that need to be pulled.

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