The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Season 4 Episode 10

The Dinner Party

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Nov 17, 1973 on CBS

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  • A nice example of the classic show in its prime.

    Mary tries to host one of her infamous parties, and, as usual, some problems arise.

    A nice episode, one where the cast fires on all cylinders to set up a situation that grabs some laughs. Mary, as usual, is competent and means well, but is at the mercy of the characteristics of her friends. Lou is typically gruff, complaining that her parties are always terrible and taking more than too much food once the dinner gathering is underway. Sue Ann Niven works well in this story, as you get to see her on set of her television show's taping, transitioning from sweet homemaker to vindictive barracuda in an instant. Ted is broadly drawn as usual, but its a good Ted set-up, as he tries to be included in a party where there is no room for him. And its fun to see a young Henry Winkler, a co-worker of Rhoda's from the department store who has just been fired. He comes of as small in stature and lacking in confidence as he must eat his food at the party at the upper table near the window -- a role that's a world away from "the Fonz".

    A lot of people talk about how the Mary Tyler Moore Show broke new ground as a realistic telling of young women's lives -- and it does. But sometimes, simple situations and letting the characters loose just makes for the most laughter.