The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Season 3 Episode 1

The Good-Time News

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Sep 16, 1972 on CBS



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    • Lou: (about Gordy and Ted) They complement one another perfectly. One's sharp, one's dull. One's black, one's gray.

    • Mary: Why is he so concerned about what he's going to wear?
      Murray: Well, when you're Ted Baxter, you gotta hope that your clothes at least look intelligent.

    • Mary: Ted, aren't you going to the meeting?
      Murray: Is the Pope Catholic?
      Ted: I'm sure he is. (thinks for a moment)I don't think the last one was, though.

    • Ted: (To Lou) Why are you giving a 50-dollar-a-week raise to someone who told me to shut up on the air?
      Lou: It's all I could afford, Ted.

  • Notes

    • Beginning with season 3, other than the star/guest star credits, no clips from the show are shown during the closing credits. Mary is seen walking along a shore line in the winter this season.

    • This episode was the first one to be broadcast for season 3, but was the ninth one filmed. This episode was filmed on August 04, 1972.

    • Season Three opens with significant changes to both Mary and Rhoda's physical appearances: May's hair has been cut short, giving her an entirely new look, and Rhoda has lost a considerable amount of weight.

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