The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Season 4 Episode 1

The Lars Affair

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Sep 15, 1973 on CBS

Episode Recap

Mary hosts a party in which Lou and Edie have a fight and Phyllis finds out that her husband, Lars, left with Sue Ann Nivens, the star of a WJM show entitled "The Happy Homemaker." Phyllis believes Lars' story that he and Sue Ann had car trouble and that's why he was three hours getting home. Mary and Rhoda shake their heads over Phyllis' gullibility, even as Lars is seen having lunch with Sue Ann and Ted sees Lars coming out of Sue Ann's dressing room. Finally, Phyllis laments the truth of Lars' affair to Mary and Rhoda, admitting that Lars has already gained weight and has cleaner clothes since dating Sue Ann, thanks to Sue Ann's domestic abilities. Phyllis decides to confront Sue Ann and demand she leave Lars alone, and brings a reluctant Mary along for the showdown. On the set of "The Happy Homemaker Show," Sue Ann cheerfully deflects Phyllis' threats. Finally, Mary steps in and tells Sue Ann that Ted knows about the affair and soon, the whole world will, too. If Ted doesn't tell, Mary promises that she will and the image of Sue Ann's squeaky-clean show will be tarnished. Sue Ann declares that for the sake of her show she will end the affair with Lars. In closing, Phyllis goes on about the nature of her relationship with Lars and their mutual trust, before checking in with his secretary that he is actually at the office.
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