The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Season 4 Episode 4

The Lou and Edie Story

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Oct 06, 1973 on CBS

Episode Recap

Mary and Murray are perplexed when Lou is gone for four hours during the workday, even missing a scheduled interview. When Lou finally returns, he is preoccupied and aloof. Finally, Mary approaches him and she and Murray discover that Lou and Edie have been seeing a marriage counselor. When Edie shows up minutes later, Ted makes everyone uncomfortable by joking with her that if she ever decides to leave Lou, Ted is available.

Later, Mary and Rhoda are hanging out at Mary's place and Lou shows up. Intoxicated, he tells them to pay no attention to him, but interrupts their conversation at every turn. Upon learning that Mary told Rhoda that he and Edie were having problems, Lou divulges an embarrassing secret to Rhoda that Mary shared. Lou then bursts out that the marriage counselor they've been seeing advised Edie to do a trial separation, and that Edie's moving out of the house.

The night that Edie leaves, Lou delays at the office. She has promised that she won't leave until after he gets home so that he doesn't have to return to an empty house. When he does get home, Lou takes out his hurt on the suitcase buckles and an orange, which he inadvertently squashes. Finally he asks hoarsely, "How can you leave me, Edie?" She replies that she needs some time of self-discovery, and after saying, "I love you," in reply to Lou's declaration of the same, Edie is out the door.

In the final scene, Lou is at the television station explaining in a single, quick breath that Edie has agreed to get together with him later that week, that they're going to talk, and that he is beside himself with anticipation.