The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Season 3 Episode 20

What Do You Do When the Boss Says, "I Love You"?

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Feb 03, 1973 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Lou mentions his three daughters names: Sara, Ruthie, and Janey, and his four grand kids names: Amy, Abby, Eric, and Matthew.

    • This is the first glimpse of, or even reference to, a lunchroom at the office. It has four vending machines and at least three tables.

  • Quotes

    • Mary: Well, I thought you'd be really curious to know who your new boss is going to be. Aren't you curious, Mr. Grant?
      Lou: Not really, Mary.
      Mary: Well, I will read it to you then. It's not a very long memo. It just names the person who will be replacing Snyder.
      Lou: All right, what's his name, Mary?
      Mary: His name is Barbara Coleman.

    • Murray: (seeing Doris crying inconsolably and finding out her boss, the station manager, was fired) Did it just happen this morning?
      Doris: No. Friday. Last Friday.
      Murray: And you've been crying all this time?
      Doris: No, just Friday. Friday and today. I had company over the weekend.

    • Barbara: (looking at Lou's football picture) Oh, is that you?
      Lou: Yeah.
      Barbara: College?
      Lou: High school.
      Barbara: You look old for high school.
      Lou: I looked old for Kindergarten.

    • Rhoda: (discussing men with Mary and Barbara) Let's not forget the worst kind of all: a guy who lies about being married. (the women groan knowingly) Tells you he is when he isn't!

    • Rhoda: Yeah, there are two people I've never thought of as being romantic. Lou, and the guy I'm going with now.

    • Mary: (telling Barbara about Lou and Edie) I mean, she goes away for a day and the man can't eat. He can drink, but he can't eat.

    • Lou: Mary, she wants me. Why me?
      Mary: Well, you're a very…kind of special person.
      Lou: Yeah.

    • Lou: Well, if-if I'm going to have any extracurricular activities, frankly I'm better off bowling. It's less complicated.

    • Ted: You don't really think she'd fire me for a little pinchareeno in the elevator?
      Murray: Well, I hope not, Ted. Because if you go, I go! I couldn't write for anyone else.
      Ted: Do you mean that, Murr?
      Murray: Mm-hmm. My vocabulary isn't what it used to be.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Ted: (in front of Barbara, the new station manager) Uh, Mary, I'm going on special assignment. If Eric Sevareid calls, tell him it's OK to use that piece I wrote.

      Ted is alluding to Eric Sevareid, who was a renowned foreign correspondent for The CBS Evening News from 1964 until 1977.