The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Season 2 Episode 21

Where There's Smoke, There's Rhoda

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Feb 12, 1972 on CBS

Episode Recap

Rhoda is hanging out in Mary's apartment one morning and the two of them are startled to hear a firetruck outside. Rhoda's apartment has caught fire, and she later finds out that all of her things have been destroyed. Mary is shocked that Rhoda isn't completely devastated, but Rhoda has meanwhile met a handsome firefighter whom she's already scheduled for a date. Phyllis comes up, worked up because she's the building manager and must fill out insurance papers. The phone rings then and it's Murray. Mary has forgotten all about work with all the excitement upstairs. Before she leaves, she insists that Rhoda move in with her, rather than stay in a motel until her apartment can be restored. She also tells Rhoda to pick out anything from her closet that she wants to wear.

At work, Mary is interrupted by phone calls from Rhoda. She is surprised to learn that Rhoda picked a dress to wear that still had the tags on it, and she is a little taken aback that Rhoda wants to know when she'll be home for supper. Murray overhears the conversation and warns her that nothing good can come from friends moving in together.

That night, Mary has a cot for Rhoda to sleep on; she feels badly making her friend sleep on it because it's so uncomfortable, and the two agree to alternate nights. Rhoda opts to take the comfortable sofa bed that night, and Mary settles reluctantly on the cot. Because it's eleven o' clock at night, Rhoda is wide awake and decides to watch television. Mary has an audio cable for her to use, but Rhoda's laughing under the covers at the W.C. Fields program keeps Mary awake anyway.

The next morning in the newsroom, Mary has to walk around with a crick in her neck. When Mr. Grant finally arrives, he's all excited and gathers everyone into his office for a big announcement. He begins telling everyone about this wonderful idea that came to him in the elevator, but as he is speaking, Mary's phone rings. She finally answers it in Mr. Grant's office at his behest, and it's Rhoda. She's upset that Mary didn't wake her up in time and she was late for work. Trying desperately to get off the phone, Mary nonetheless draws Mr. Grant's wrath, especially since his wonderful idea has totally eluded him since the interruption. Mary tries in vain to help him remember, but he has completely forgotten what he wanted to say, and ends up shutting the door on her.

That night, Mary comes home from work to find her sofa bed still out, and pots and pans everywhere with Rhoda cooking, in the midst of the mess. Mary hides her annoyance at the disarray. Phyllis comes upstairs with a report on what started Rhoda's fire: an old refrigerator cord that was on the fritz. Phyllis still gives Rhoda a hard time, and Rhoda replies sarcastically, "How careless of me to leave the house with my refrigerator plugged in." Rhoda needs horseradish for her recipe, and Phyllis tells her to do downstairs and get it from Bess. While she's gone, Phyllis begins prying, asking Mary if Rhoda isn't getting on her nerves. When Phyllis finally leaves and Rhoda serves the meal, Mary is dismayed to find it's only soup.

That night, Rhoda leaves all the dishes for morning, telling Mary that "they can soak overnight." Mary can't stand it, and ends up getting up in the middle of the night, doing dishes with a flashlight, until Rhoda screams at her to go to bed.

The next day, Mary is stunned to see Rhoda all packed with her suitcase and ready to go. Rhoda tells her that she's moving into a motel, and Mary tries to dissuade her from leaving, saying it will only be a few more days. Rhoda explains why she has to go, citing a number of ways that she knows she's getting on Mary's nerves, which Mary tries to deny. The chief reason that she knows she's getting on Mary's nerves, she explains gently, is that Mary is getting on hers. Mary smiles and agrees, and at that moment, Phyllis shows up. She makes a second show of offering to let Rhoda stay with her, and Rhoda - to Phyllis' horror - says, "I accept your offer."