The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Season 3 Episode 3

Who's in Charge Here?

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Sep 30, 1972 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Looking carefully, one can see that Gilligan's Island is listed in the three o' clock time slot on WJM's broadcast chart behind Lou.

  • Quotes

    • Phyllis: Woman's job, man's job? There's no such thing. Name one job a man can handle that a woman can't.
      Rhoda: A female impersonator.

    • Lou: They don't want any new ideas. They just want me to sit behind my desk and look like a program manager. Take the money and smile. That's not me, Mary.
      Mary: No, sir, it certainly isn't.
      Lou: I don't mind taking the money, but the smiling was killing me.

    • Lou: (telling Mary his thoughts on being promoted to program director) Up there I'll really have to work at being good.
      Mary: Yeah, down here you were good without really even working.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Rhoda says of Phyllis' talking while they're exercising, "She never gets winded! It's like doing calisthenics with Hubert Humphrey!" Rhoda is alluding to the Vice President under Lyndon Johnson, who was also a senator from Minnesota.