The Mary Whitehouse Experience

Season 1 Episode 1

Series 1 Episode 1

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 03, 1991 on BBC Two
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Episode Summary

Series 1 Episode 1
Opening monologue(s): Germany

Crimestoppers: Stolen Car Stereos

"The Transport Experience": Public Transport, A-Z's - The Nicholson Street Finder, Car Mechanics - Alain Prost in a Ford Grenada, The Channel Tunnel - The Great Escape

Rob modifies "Whale Nation" by Heathcote Williams

"The Perversion Experience": Robert Robinson's Wife, Sex Talk - Bestiality & Top Cat, Perverts at the Zoo

City News - Finance Report

Crimestoppers: Pop Music

"The Northern Ireland Experience": The History of the Irish Conflict, Rev. Ian Paisley's Pastoral Care, Terry Wogan arrested

Rob explains the popularity of "Anyone Can Fall In Love" by Anita Dobson

"The 3rd World War Experience": Nicknames for dictators, Saddam - Live via satellite

"The Dungeons & Dragons Experience": Ron the Unemployed Person, Task A/Crimestoppers: The Three Sacred Weapons of Trollsbane, The Three-Headed Saville Beast's riddle, Other social issuesmoreless

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      • Hugh: (On Germany) At this point we should point out that we wouldn't wish to associated with the views of Nicholas Ridley.
        David: No, because Nicholas Ridley is so patently an arsehole. The sort of man who, when you see him like in a hardhat on a building site, you think "Oh, he looks a bit of an arsehole in that hat." And then you realise; it's not the hat.

      • Rob: I'd like now to do a reading from Heathcote Williams' classic conservation poem "Whale Nation." Now, those of you who are already familiar with this poem may perhaps notice that I've taken the liberty of adding one or two of my own lines here or there, but I trust you agree with me that this doesn't interfere with the poem's original meaning in any way. "Whale Nation":

        Out of the body of one whale is made oil, jewellery, clothes, medicine, soap, furniture, cosmetics and ornaments. (pause)
        What a bargain! Try getting all that lot out of a panda.

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      • Top Cat: In the "Sex Talk" segment, when Steve is talking about bestiality, he goes over to a large dustbin and Rob pops up and does an impersonation of two of the characters from the popular cartoon series "Top Cat."