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The Mask

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This show is based on the hit movie about a lower then regular guy who finds an enchanted mask. When he puts the mask on, he becomes a totally zany superhero who fights crime and makes a huge production of himself. He can instantaneously make his clothes change to something else, a body part change shape, pull anything out of his pockets, etc. Whenever Ipkiss is wearing the mask, there are no rules. For those who believe that comedian Jim Carrey is actually a cartoon disguised in human form, the 1995-1997 cartoon season offered abundant evidence. Three of Carrey's starring vehicles were adapted to the small screen: Dumb and Dumber, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, and The Mask. Of the three, The Mask was probably the most obvious choice for adaptation. The feature film was a digitally-enhanced human cartoon, based on the Dark Horse comic book. The animated series continued the adventures of nerdy Stanley Ipkiss, who discovered an 11th-century green mask that transformed him into an invulnerable, super-powered loony. In the cartoon, The Mask was an Edge City crime fighter, aided by girlfriend Peggy and dog Milo. Red-mo-hawked bad scientist Pretorious supplied most of the crime, while the insane Kablam added a dose of toxic mayhem. In place of Jim Carrey, who was not involved with the show, Rob Paulsen supplied the title character's voice. The switch apparently didn't bother Mask devotees, who made the show a hit in its three seasons on CBS. Category: Animation/ Comedy, Kids/ Family Description: Whenever Stanley Ipkiss, a shy young man, puts on the mysterious mask believed to be owned by the Norse god of Mischief, Loki, he turns into an uncontrollable green superhero in Edge City.

Jim Cummings

Jim Cummings

voice of Doyle, Lars

Neil Ross

Neil Ross

voice of Lt. Kellaway

Tress MacNeille

Tress MacNeille

voice of Mrs. Peenman

Frank Welker

Frank Welker

Baby Forthwright, Milo, Pepe

Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor

Charlie Schumacher

Pat Fraley

Pat Fraley

Additional Voices

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  • Smooooooooooooooooooooookin!!!!!

    Okay, before anyone starts to anoy me with the old "This is worst than the movie" or vice-versa, let me just tell you that I see the movie and this series as totally different worlds (We have the world form the movie, and then we have the world from the series), and so, we have some things that are similar and some things that are different (a little bit like what happened to Beetlejuice).

    I really enjoy the series because it's funny, it's full of humour and we have a really great voice cast, who makes us laugh all the time. The way the characters are done in this cartoon are wonderful, and I really love the villains they came up with. A 10 is in order for this one.moreless
  • Fun and exciting to watch!

    A great TV series. Enjoyed a lot of episodes. Just one question. Why isn't it being released on DVD?

    Some of the episodes in all the seasons are excellent. Very good voice actors chosen for different parts. It's nice how it comes after the movie and explains more about The Mask and Stanley's life. My favorite episodes:

    The Mask is Always Greener on the Other Side, How Much Is That Dog in the Tin Can?, Split Personality and more.

    I would say this deserves 8.5 because I still thought few episodes could have been improved but still a great series to enjoy.moreless
  • Best Cartoon of all time

    This cartoon is brillent it is well writen and animated the people look good and not odd shaped like in most cartoons i remember watching this as a child it was very funny ! the story's for eatch episode are always perfect the mask always made the "bad guys" such as putty thing and fish guy look dumb before defeting them...

    also to the people who seem to think this is a series made from the movie it is not this series was released WAYYY befor the movie ok! look it up this series was made from the dark hourse comics p.s sorry for the spelling in a rush

    Thanks for readingmoreless
  • Well This show was sooo funny. The Mask Totally Rocks.

    Well This Show was totally cool the mask's powers were really good. Whoever Came Up with this shows hould be a genius.The Idea of let's say twisting like a tornado or throwing a bomb was quite cool. However Some Episodes were not so imaginative or the same powers were used over and over again in an episode.But Cartoons Like This cannot be remade again.The Movie made you curious at the end but this show completed the end very very well. In Other Words if this show did not exist maby "The Mask" (Movie) wouldn't be so great.Fully Cool Cartoon.It Rock's. I think tv should bring it back.moreless
  • Why isn't this show on tv?

    This show was good to watch when you get out of school and saturday mornings. It is better than the crappy cartoons that come on tv now. This is one of the good cartoons made from a movie. I wonder why this show is not on tv now and they need to put it on boomerang. Children of today do not know what a good cartoon is.
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