The Master

NBC (ended 1984)





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  • When you are 12 yrs. old this show, like A-Team, Knight Rider, etc, has to be one of the fondest memories of American television.

    I can remember watching this show when I was a kid and loving every minute of it. I would be watching the show and I would have my G.I. Joes delivering some chop-sake-justice to each other and mimicking the action scenes of the show. It was awesome. I haven't seen the show in some 20 something years so I'm sure it would not hold up well, sort of like A-Team (thousands of rounds an episode and the team only got shot once a piece in 5 or so seasons) and Knight Rider (aren't you hot always wearing black in the sun?).
  • A cool ninja show.

    Ninja movies and tv shows were so popular during the 80s. Most of them were silly looking mindless martial arts exhibitions that lacks plot and substance but The Master was an exception. The Master was truly one of a kind show that mixes american narrative with oriental themes. The show was complete with central characters, adventurous plotlines and amazing action scenes. Each episode of this show promises lots of actions and compelling stories. This can't be accomplised by a lot movies such as american ninja series. This show struck the right cords and proves that amazing fight sequences don't mean much if it lacks an equal intriguing story.