The Masterminds

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  • Season 1
    • The Hotel Pierre Heist
      On New Years Eve 1972, Bobby Comfort and his gang pulled off the largest hotel safe heist in U.S. history. It happened at the Pierre Hotel in New York City. After rehearsing a number of scenarios and planning their getaway, Comfort and his gang swooped into the hotel at 4am on New Years Eve. After two and a half hours, they greeted the New Year with more than $10 million dollars in cash and jewels.moreless
    • A Smuggler Supreme
      Brian O'Dea, an infamous drug smuggler who used fishing vessels to smuggle hundreds of millions of dollars worth of drugs into the U.S. His biggest catch? Two hundred and seven tons of marijuana, valued at over $270 million, delivered right under the noses of the DEA, ATF and FBI.
    • The Riviera Job
      The Riviera Job
      Episode 4
      The Société Générale in Nice, France was considered to have one of the world's most secure vaults. With foot-thick walls and a 20 ton door, the wealthy of France were confident that their valuables were completely safe within the vault. But on July 14th of 1976, when the bank was closed for the Bastille Day holiday, the unthinkable happened. An elite robbery crew composed of former French military officers, career criminals and members of the Marseilles mob had breached the vault. Led by former paratrooper Albert Spaggiari, the gang toiled for two months digging a tunnel from a sewer line to the subterranean vault. When they finally broke through, they celebrated the event with a feast held in the vault. After the festivities, Spaggiari and his men spent more than a day looting the safety deposit boxes, amassing an estimated $18 million by the end of their escapade. The authorities were left without a clue, and even when Spaggiari egotistically boasted of his crime in public, his military training made him a difficult man to arrest...
    • The Dinner Set Gang
      They were the craftiest cat burglars of the 20th Century. For years, Peter Salerno and his partner Dominick Latella plagued the wealthy along the East Coast. In the summer, they struck homes in the ritzy suburbs of New York and Connecticut. When winter came, they trailed their prey to Palm Beach, . There, waterfront properties gave them a great advantage in avoiding police patrolling the roads by approaching their target homes by boat. Over the years they made millions pilfering from the elite of society. The heirs to multimillion dollar businesses such as DuPont, Macy's, Gimbles, the Vat 69 whiskey distillery and others were easy targets for the duo. Salerno and Latella were at the top of their game, and one of the keys to their success was a technique that other thieves would consider suicide. They broke in and carried out their robberies at a time when they knew security alarms would be inactive - while the families were at home having dinner.moreless
    • The Dunbar Heist
      The Dunbar Heist
      Episode 2
      Armored car companies do more than provide secure shipment of money. They also store cash for banks and businesses, and hold millions on any given day. Security in these facilities is intense, and for many would-be robbers, bypassing such defenses is an impossibility. On September 13, 1997, Allen Pace found a way to beat the system. As the regional safety inspector at the Dunbar Armored facility in Los Angeles, Pace was able to determine the weaknesses in each security measure. For months he planned and calculated and when the time was right, he recruited a gang of childhood friends to pull off the score. With military precision, Pace and his crew evaded the security cameras, ambushed and neutralized the facility's guards, and made off with nearly $19 million in 30 minutes - the largest cash heist in American history.moreless
    • The Anthon Forgeries
      Mark Hoffman made a career for himself as one of the most skilled forgers in American history. Forging and altering coins, books, and historical documents, he conned unwary collectors and historians out of thousands. But his life as a counterfeiter reached its greatest heights when he successfully duped the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints by selling them phony documents and letters detailing the early Mormon movement. With church officials unaware of their true authenticity, Hoffman became bolder and stepped up his game, earning hundreds of thousands with his false documents. However, when massive debts began to pile up and he couldn't produce his forgeries at a fast enough rate, Hoffman tried to buy time by sending mail bombs to those who threatened to ruin his career, and crossed the line from counterfeiter to murderer...moreless
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