The Match Game

Season 1 Episode 1

Arlene Francis & Skitch Henderson (Debut on NBC-TV)

Aired Unknown Dec 31, 1962 on NBC



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    • This is Season 1 of "THE MATCH GAME" on NBC-TV.

    • This game began in the following... The Host will read a question and the 2 teams write down the answer on a blank card and a crayon. When they finished, They all raise their hands. When 2 members of the team match the answer to the question wins 10 (later 25) points and when all 3 members of the team including the star team captain wins 20 (later 50) points and the 1st team scores 100 points or greater than that wins the game and collects $100 and plays the "Audience Match" for $450. In "The Audience Match", it had 3 survey questions on an announced date that held the 3 survey questions and the host will read them one(1) question at a time. When 1 person match his/her answer wins $50, When 2 people matched the answer wins $100 and when all 3 people matched the answer wins $150 for a possible payout of $450 and for the possible total of $550. They play again until time runs out.

    • These are the pilot episode and one of 11 shows still exist today.

      Pre-empted on January 1, 1963 for NBC Sports coverage of the 1963 NCAA Football Championship series "THE ROSE BOWL".

    • This, the pilot episode, is one of the 9 episodes still known to exist today.

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