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The Maury Povich Show deals with every day life drama's. From "Who is your baby's daddy to is it a man or a woman. Maury deals with real people with real problems. He helps try to solve mysteries of guests who have no where else to turn to get answers.

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  • Elv ght have another

    Hello, My name is Shanna Lee and I have a great tip, its about Elvis Presley. I know of a woman that is 57 years old that had a secret held from her. For years she has been trying to get an answer. When she was a little girl she herd her mother and Grandmother argue about taking her to see her "Father" her grandmother forbid it but her mother told her she wanted her daughter to know her father she did not care how. Soon after that she watched and listened to nothing but Elvis Presley. She was told by her aunt that the father on her birth certificate was not her father. Now after 40 plus years she got a few phone calls saying that Elvis was her father. She wants to know so we are contacting as many news articles as possible so be the first or be the last... The woman wants close and she is willing for DNA. For more info Contact me directly 518521970moreless
  • My mom doesn't believe her "perfect" boyfriend touched me.

    Hi Maury,

    I recently turned 16, and a year or so back while my mom was sleeping and her boyfriend was drunk he asked to see the size of my nipple and somehow it ended up in his mouth and when I told my mother she didn't believe me and told me I was just trying to get her boyfriend in jail, and she told my sister she doesn't think her boyfriend did it cause he's not into "chunky" girls, when My mom is bigger than I.....

    Please helpmoreless
  • Im being accused of cheating and lying! I and innocent and i want to take a Lie Detector test to prove it !!!!

    My fiance is always accusing me of cheating on her. I want to prove to her I Love Her. She is my soulmate but i cant take all the accusations. Please help me I dont want to leave her but i cant put up with all the YELLING !!!!!!
  • 11/26/1999: Teen Paternity

    I am looking for this episode: 11/26/1999: Teen Paternity - Please contact me if you know where I can find it!
  • my life as a dancer

    Hello maury,

    My name is Amanda Maximin. I am 19 years old, and I am a dancer. Im currently Writing to you to inform you that I am Very dance, I play piano, I write poetry, I choreograph my own dances I have my own small dance group, and I did it all teach younger girls between the ages of 4 to 17 how to dance, because I know growing up, my parents couldn't afford it. My dream one day is to really perform for you. I would want that more than anything in the world. I admire you, I admire your show, and I love how you give back to people all over the world. Its am a student at Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater and i was chosen almost 3 years ago because of the way I dance. I created a Documentary of myself for you to watch. hope you enjoy it! Thank you for your time! love you.

  • Most Hated Guest
    Mary Lou by far is the guest I hated the most. She was such a loud-mouthed psychotic biatch. Which guest did everybody else hate t...
  • maury retires
    when maury retires, i dont want the show to end, so someone else should replace as talk show host. who do you think should take ov...
  • How to Submit
    [url=]missribs correct formats[/url] [url=http:...
  • woman 42 marries boy 16
    This was shown on UK tv earlier this year but I think it was from 2003Does anyone know what happened to this couple?Are they still...
  • Simone...
    Do they ever find out which dood fathered her child?

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