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    Why is it that u take away the mystery and give away the results? It seems you always show the results showing the scenes while going to commercial break. Showing that takes away watching the show till the causes me to change the channel because I know whether they are cheating and lying before u come back from commercial and causes me to watch another channel. I love your show but save the drama until you read the test results.
  • Poor show

    I use to like this show alot now is all about some chick that has no clue who she slept with and Maury allows a bunch of screaming and shaking their asses on another jerry Springer
  • Salt and Pepper only.

    I'm far from being racist but I would like to know why there are only Black and White people on the Maury show and most other shows like his as well? No Asains, Hispanics, indian, etc... are ever on these shows. Why is that? And where do you find these people? All they do is yell and scream and curse at each other. A lot of them are so gross and disgusting you wouldn't even find them in Walmart. I only tune into the show because it's like slowing down to see a car wreck. You just got to stare at these poor unfortunate souls. Donald Trump for President. Let's take this country back from illegals. The Donald says exactly what I've been thinking for years. I can't get a job and I'm afraid to go outside or be in crowded places. A lot of really bad people out there that came to this country illegally and they work at all the fast food places and grocery stores and construction, etc.... I take a chance every time I want to get something to eat. Yes, I'm white and scared shittless from what the government has let happen to this country. Time for a change was long ago. Let someone in that has the ballls to get it done. Donald Trump for President. And bring our boys home to guard the borders instead of guarding someone else's borders. Can I get a Hoorah?
  • Green Room Review

    While I'm a true fan of your show I have just one comment and/or questions?




  • Great unless?

    I love the maury show just the way it used to be. Lately seems like he is allowing all the screaming and guests yelling over each other! Reminds me of the Bill Cunningham debacle! ! Keep it sane maury! Just tell us "You are/are not the baby daddy".
  • Elv ght have another

    Hello, My name is Shanna Lee and I have a great tip, its about Elvis Presley. I know of a woman that is 57 years old that had a secret held from her. For years she has been trying to get an answer. When she was a little girl she herd her mother and Grandmother argue about taking her to see her "Father" her grandmother forbid it but her mother told her she wanted her daughter to know her father she did not care how. Soon after that she watched and listened to nothing but Elvis Presley. She was told by her aunt that the father on her birth certificate was not her father. Now after 40 plus years she got a few phone calls saying that Elvis was her father. She wants to know so we are contacting as many news articles as possible so be the first or be the last... The woman wants close and she is willing for DNA. For more info Contact me directly 518521970
  • My mom doesn't believe her "perfect" boyfriend touched me.

    Hi Maury,

    I recently turned 16, and a year or so back while my mom was sleeping and her boyfriend was drunk he asked to see the size of my nipple and somehow it ended up in his mouth and when I told my mother she didn't believe me and told me I was just trying to get her boyfriend in jail, and she told my sister she doesn't think her boyfriend did it cause he's not into "chunky" girls, when My mom is bigger than I.....

    Please help
  • Im being accused of cheating and lying! I and innocent and i want to take a Lie Detector test to prove it !!!!

    My fiance is always accusing me of cheating on her. I want to prove to her I Love Her. She is my soulmate but i cant take all the accusations. Please help me I dont want to leave her but i cant put up with all the YELLING !!!!!!
  • 11/26/1999: Teen Paternity

    I am looking for this episode: 11/26/1999: Teen Paternity - Please contact me if you know where I can find it!
  • my life as a dancer

    Hello maury,

    My name is Amanda Maximin. I am 19 years old, and I am a dancer. Im currently Writing to you to inform you that I am Very dance, I play piano, I write poetry, I choreograph my own dances I have my own small dance group, and I did it all teach younger girls between the ages of 4 to 17 how to dance, because I know growing up, my parents couldn't afford it. My dream one day is to really perform for you. I would want that more than anything in the world. I admire you, I admire your show, and I love how you give back to people all over the world. Its am a student at Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater and i was chosen almost 3 years ago because of the way I dance. I created a Documentary of myself for you to watch. hope you enjoy it! Thank you for your time! love you.

  • Turn the other way!

    I was home sick yesterday, a very rare happening. I landed on this demented channel with this Povich circus. For those who actually watch this show, I suggest you look up the meaning of Shame or Shameless. Povich and his promoters are all shameless social whoe masters. I could only watch ten minutes before I felt I had to take a long shower. For those who can't see the obvious social decay of this show, I suggest you talk to a mature figure you trust and see if you can hopefully find a better and more mature values directed road to follow you in life. Thinking he is doing anything good for society is shameful mockery on you. You would be taking steps to better your life and the world around you.
  • Killing television one DNA test at a time.

    Maury Povich, you are a useless piece of crap who is responsible for the dumbing down of an entire country. Having your audience cheer for women who don't know who th father of their children is wrong. Trying to convince someone to raise a child that is not theirs is stupid. Just because you can't knock Connie up doesn't mean everyone else wnts to raise a strangers kids. It is sad to think that you are on twice a day, and your wife, who actually was talented, is not on at all. Burn in Hell, you waste of a blank tv screen.
  • Maury is unfair

    Maury you are very unfair to the male guests. You let the women screem spit slip the male but when it comes out that the man is not the father you will not allow the man to give it back to the bitch! Because if the bitch acts that way on your show how is she in real time.
  • The Maury show is more than just talk!

    I like the Maury show because it has good variety and the people that are on his show have the need to get answers. The Maury show also has individuals that cause one to ask questions that hit home. My question is how come Maury has not had even one true nature made hermaphrodite or morphodite on his show? With all of the transvestites, transsexuals an female impersonators that have been seen on his show why no nature made hermaphrodites.
  • Gets old too quickly!

    A reality show. So I don't have to explain it all. But this show gets really old and boring, sorry. Watching teens' problems is not the kind of entertainment for me. I just don't like this show's own nature. So I'll give it a 3.
  • Great show

    I really enjoying watching all ur shows, always straight to the point. Maybe one day if by chance you read this review I can someday get some help with some who I havent been in contact bout 30years now.

    Well have to say you've certainly done a good job and helped a lot of lives. Thanks
  • The Original Slime


    I've tuned into the Povich show, sporadically, for 6-7 years. Between Povich and Springer, I've not been able toconjure upa sufficient description of their deviate styles. They Both perpetuate the worst in our society, and while they disguise their joy in bringing the worst in people to bear, they clearly revel in the harm they have done to our social health. The networks who foster this kind of exposure, are culpable and equally deviate. Those audience members, who participate in these repulsive formats, also have adepraved intent. Ratings and revenue, will always run the engines of television...but at what cost? I found my daughter watching Povich this morning, and gave her ears full on the consequences of indulging this social parasite. He, and those like him, are evolutionary aberrations. Those who partake of this programming, are the residue thereof.

  • Shameless exploitation of the abysmally dysfunctional for fun and profit.

    Oh my God. This show makes me generally fearful for the future of western civilisation. The guests (combatants)on the Maury Povich Show are pathetic beyond reason...pathetic beyond words. And dear sweet merciful God in's the future of CHILDEREN these low rent animals are arguing over. The offspring of these...creatures don't have a chance in hell of making it once they're grown, except maybe the occasional guest appearance on an episode of Cops...or maybe one or two of them may make the big time and wind up on John Walsh's hit parade on Americas Most wanted. And people watch this rot...they eat it up!! What's wrong with us all that garbage like this goes on year after year in the name of entertainment. Maury, you ought to be ashamed of yourself. I mean it.
  • Maury, who once said he'd never be like Jerry Springer, has found his niche. He's even worse. How many women can you do DNA tests for?

    Got nothing better to do? Then Maury is the guy to watch. Rarely is the show worth watching. How many times can you do DNA tests for a woman before you realize that you'd have to test the whole state before you'd find the father? Gets old quick. You soon find yourself not even caring for the "victims" on his show. There's just one too many "victims" we're supposed to think have nightmares for lives. Instead of airing their dirty laundry, how about just dealing with the problem like normal people. Even Doctor Evil went to Jerry instead of Maury.
  • Maury is the best daytime talk shows on the air right now. I love everything about the show especially when he helps the kids and help the children find there fathers I really love what he is doing and hope the show be around for many years to come.Good!

    I love the show and I've been watching it for a long long time. My favorite shows are the Maury kids, the DNA testing and the man or woman shows. I love the show so much that I'm trying to get my son on the maury kids because he loves to dance. So be on the lookout for my son bcause he will be on the next maury kids hopefully. I love maury and all that he do. He is really a blessing to those people who have no one eles to turn to keep doing what you are doing maury and I love you.
  • Welcome to the human zoo.

    Theres no two ways about it, I dont like Maruy Povich. Im not a big fan of chat shows as it is, I think most are nothing short of a freak show, that deliberatly expliots dumb and desperate people. But its the persona of the host that saves it. Springer was detached, Sally was constructive, Trisha is too, Kyle is shocking and the person going and can be in doubt to what will happen, but with Maury it just feels more sinister.

    This is a man that comes over as caring and considerate, but depending on the victim, his body language seems to suggest he also looks down at people in a mocking way. He takes the most tragic and the most sensitive and treats them as a joy ride, thinking a therapy session afterwards or a trip to Disneyland justifies it. He should change his attiude or choice of topics. I feel bad enough when I laugh at people in the situations you find them on on these shows, but I can;t sit the and doing knowing the host is doing everything he can to make things look worse and encourage the people to make fools out of themselevs, in such an apparant manner.

    Worst of all was the hippocracy of the Dame Edna Situation, which typifies mike dislike for the guy: Here is Maury getting anyone and everyone to bear thier private lives to the public, and his reaction when Humpries lets slip (deliberate of course) parts of Maurys private life! Maury was subsequently furious and had the episode pulled from TV. Weather or not Humphries was right to do this or not, its says very little that Maury pulls it out of his guests, but he cant take the same.

    Not impressed at all.
  • Getting boring.

    I know a lot of you would get mad because I rated this show 4.1 but hear me out. First of all, in almost every episode. It's either all about teen sex, or husbands (or wives) cheating on the other. If it's teen sex, this is how it goes most of the time.

    Mother (or father, or both) are crying after telling Maury what happened. Maury says: Well here we have (some girls name). She steps in, everybody boos, you here censored swears, she sits down and tells him she doesn't care what her mother (or father, or both) thinks. Mom cries more, Maury disagrees, girl reveals something horrifying and everybody boos. BBBOOORRRRRING!

    If somebody's cheating on someone, the have them seat together without an entrance. Husband says lies but Maury uses a lie detector and reveals something horrible. For some stupid reason the wife tries to leave (she called him, so why is she leaving). Everybody boos.

    If it's the wife revealing something to the husband, the husband yells at her and can't sit down.

    In my opinion the Steve Wilkos show is better. Sorry Maury, but the show is as repetitive as pokemon.

    Storylines: Cliché-1.6
    Actors, whoops! I mean characters: Fake-6.7
  • I've watched this show for a long time and I love it. My grandmother was the one who go me to watch it. I like the shows about DNA testing, and the kids that get helped. (like Jessica).

    I would be up set if it was taken off air. It gives me something to look forward to every day. I watch the re-runs because sometimes it reminds me of how things are in the world. I hope that everyone learns something from watching the show. I've learned alot about the world and how other people have it harder than others. I just had a baby and am very happy he has 10 fingers and 10 toes and is healthy. Some people aren't as lucky. So, the next time you think you have it hard, just think about those who are worse off than you. I'm looking forward to watching the next show no matter if its a re-run or a new show.
  • Very interesting.

    Back in June 2007, when I first saw The Maury Show I thought it would be a densely that deals with discompose, intimate stories like other talk shows, than I release this show is the perfect example with convention people with their dependable stories about DNA test, Out of control teens and much more drama of that show.

    I always watched Maury every weekdays when I got out of school of doing such much homework and stuff, Sometimes I missed the Maury show because I'm watching the TV Guide channel whenever the commercials appears every ten minutes. Maury is a great talk show host, I wonder when the DVD box will be coming out.

    Good show.
  • paturnity tests

    This is for the Maury staff. You should do some research on a disorder called KIMARISM it is when one person has two different kinds of DNA. They are literally their own twin. I saw a documentary on the Discovery health channel that was telling about two women who weren't the mothers of their own children that they had gave birth to. How weird, I know I thought the same thing. There was some University that was doing more studies on these cases. It doesn't matter man or women you can be a KIMARA and to me that makes me wonder how many DNA test came back saying that someone wasn't the father of some child and the women swore that he was the only one. Maybe he was the one but he was a KIMARA. This new founded information is going to change the way DNA tests are performed forever, and rightfully so DNA is submissable in the court of law and now we find out that DNA may not always be 100% accurate unless you take different types of DNA samples (ex. sperm for a paturnity)to be sure that the person has only one type of DNA. The one mother in the case had 3 kids, two had different DNA from her and one had the same and the other women in the story had 4 children and they all had different DNA then her. The only place in her body that held different DNA was her ovaries. With the other women though, you could pull two hairs out of her head and find two different types of DNA scrap two different spots of skin, same thing. She had mixed DNA all through out her body. I have been so tormented with thoughts of all the guilty gone free cases in this world that may be due to this disorder and all the fatherless children that I have vowed to tell anyone who will listen about this disorder. Look it up do some research and you may just get a great show or two out of it. Sincerely, Selina Morrow Glenmoore,PA

    I felt sorry for D.J. because there are ladies like me that would love to have a good man and yet there are woman like Ebby who take them for granted...If he was in my area and at least 5;10 he would have a new friend and a possible long term relationship its really sad.

    Honestly this is the worst thing on tv. I watched while on vacation because my husband loves to laugh at the moronic guests. This show is so phony. The paternity shows are the worst, floowed by the lie detector testing. Every guest flees off the stage when the "truth is read". The men go to their left, the women to their right with Maury in hot pursuit.The women sob with no tears. The men all have the same exact lines. The dye job on Maury's hair is laughable. His integrity as a journalist was sucked away from him years ago so he just sinks deeper into trash tv. Why does he give these lowlives a forum to tell the world just how pathetic they are? Give us a break. I would sooner watch Springer. As bad as that show is, at least everyone knows its phony.
  • i've only seen a few episodes but woaaah...

    i saw this episode the other day about these girls who were 13 to 15 and all wanted to have a baby, and were having sx like 5 times a day just to get pregnant and all their mothers and famalies came to the show for help to try and change their minds. In the end after alot of discussing the topic and how the girls were wrong to want one because they couldn't imagine wat it wud b like and they would regret it.. they made the girls look after a real live baby for 24 hours, and in the end none of the girls wanted a baby anymore and apologised to their parents.
  • I like the fact that you appear to cover problematic situations & don\'t use actors as some of the shows (I know, because some of my son\'s actor friends are paid to portray characters on other shows, while they are in fact nothing like those characte

    It is just too bad that you don\'t cover some real life work comp situations where work comp is not the \"good guy\" being abused by the people, but where the people who actually need the system are in fact abused by work comp. For instance, my boss grabbed my neck and broke it, and while in physical therapy recovering from a 5 vertebra spinal fusion, I was attacked by a second man who tore the muscle from my spine, caused 3 vertebra to be partially amputated and another 3 vertebra to be fused. The police report ended up missing, and no charges were brought. When in litigation against my boss, I found that he is in witness protection program for turning against the mob in 1982 in Boston and I lost the civil action while retaining the work comp action - under the guise of \"This is an unfortunate work comp injury like any other\". (I cannot reveal my sourse as to the witness protection - I can only state for the record that - although he is at least 4 years older than me, his social security number issued in the State of CA is newer than my youngest son\'s number). Work comp agreed to cover my future medical and has not done so; and no matter how I have tried, my attorney and I cannot get them into court in order to force the issue, and thanks to Schwarzenegger, there are no penalties enforcable on the work comp system for non-compliance. To make matters worse, the second attack happened in a shared facility between an athletic club and a physical therapy organization. All I could go after was the attacker\'s (a member of the athletic club) home owner insurance. Between the attorneys, and Social Security, much of that money was eaten up - leaving me with a small amount of money, which I saved to build a house. There are no laws governing patient safety in a shared environment, so I could not go after a dime as far as the physical therapy facility or the athletic club. Further, the little bit that I made from the second litigation against the second attacker was stolen by a builder who knew I had \"$ X.00\" to work with and he took over $33,307 for which the grand jury refused to indict due to the fact that it was his first "offense of record" and no intent could be proven as there were no other police reports filed by his other victims (they had the money to "lose" which I did not), even though I brought other victims to court with me. Between my small inheritance which I received from my mother passing away 2 years ago and what I managed to scrimp together, I had to buy a house in a subdivision rather than have my little dream house in the country on my land built, paid for with no mortgage (as I am also on a fixed income). I only wanted my house built and to have enough in the bank to cover the unpaid medical expenses for a couple of years until we got this settled, or at least have my income provide enough to get my necessary life saving medical treatment. Now, once again, I\'m living from paycheck to paycheck, scrimping by and hoping the treatment that keeps me alive doesn\'t come before I have the money to pay for it, as work comp renegged on their end of the bargain and has not paid an expense for almost 2 years. I am running out of money. I was injured with no one person accepting the blame. I did not get my house built. I am running out of options.

    I do not know why I am even writing this, because - even if it makes your website, it will most likely be pulled as soon as someone on your staff reads it, and no one on the show will dare have me on - as it will be shot down as soon as your producers read this. You too will say, \"It\'s just an unfortunate trajedy to which we believe there are attributal to work comp.\" The arbitrator in the civil action actually told me that I \"chose\" a hostile work environment in which to make a living. I was in the car business for over 25 years and that I probably deserved it - and that it was an isolated incident. We can thank Clinton and the Grand Jury for those words - setting women\'s rights back 200 years. , a, I am now uninsureable, have to rely on Midicare, Midicare Part D (which puts me in the gap coverage within a month and a half with all of my medications - either on the formulary or not - and of which I have to pay $2600 out of pocket or not take my life sustaining medications), a work comp system which owes me over $69,000 in past due temporary and permanent disablity as well as past due medical expense reimbursements, a mortgage, which I would not have had, had the builder not stolen my money, as well as no possible recourse! (I was also a working musician for which I had never received an injury in any way, but my music has basically died now. I worked all of the time, was writing music, one song of which was the title song to a movie called "Heart of the Beholder", as well as being a headliner and having one of the most successful jam session/showcases in Los Angeles for many years - it's all dead now! I had to move back to Lubbock, TX due to finances and away from my friends, the LA music and actor scene, etc.) This, all due to my injuries!

    But, from the interview I had while calling your show, you\'re not interested in issues like I have.

    Sincerely - Desparate in TX
  • I really love maury show. It has some very exciting events on there like every week. Me and my cousin love watching the ones with the dna test results. It be so cool. But at the same time it do be sad I also like to watch the ones with the bad teenagers.

    Just this wednesyday i was watchin Maury and it was 2 baby mamas who was one there claming that this man name derrick was there baby daddy. And was just more drama b/c the 2 baby mamas did not like each other at all.But Derrick was neglcting that the two babies was not his. But they were. Also this nephaw uncle was married to his baby mama and ex-girlfreind. And the dna proved that the nephew was the daddy and the uncle tryd 2 fight his own flesh in blood. It was banannaz. but it was my type of show.
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