The Mavis Bramston Show

Seven Network (ended 1968)


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The Mavis Bramston Show

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Australian sitcom. Gordon Chater, Carol Raye, Maggie Dense, and Barry Crayton, with many unsung writers and contributors created a landmark show in Australian television history. With small budget and loads of talent, they transformed comedy by providing contemporary satire on politics, manners and culture. The show combined music, humour and drama. Gordon Chater transformed the old cream pie in the face into an over the top bizarre batch of meat pies in the gob and you couldn't believe what you were seeing.
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  • Look, let's be honest here, this show is largely unknown outside of Australia... Inside Australia it is huge, a legend, a landmark of epic proportions... I kid you not!

    How can I make the world a better place? Is it by bringing to the world some humour, some small drop of light on the end of my sweaty nose!?? Do you ever get the feeling that time has stood still, that all ones efforts in life have come to nought ? No? Well, thank goodness for that, it's not my place to get involved in your problems, I hardly even know you, except for the files kept under lock and key at the CIA office down the road. My mate Bazzer and his mate Ted have the keys, and the codes, and spend many a lazy afternoon there, while all the hard working staff, all five of them, are at the pub near the beach. It's a tough assigment here in Australia, and the local intelligence community are always hard at it, pushing the beer down their throat and catching the eye of the bikini babes on the sand. We even clean up the cigarette butts from the ashtrays, while the sun sets on a glorious day in paradise.

    But seriously, only kidding folks, we love all the suits, they make it easy to spot them. And our beloved Prime Minister Harold Holt, we know he is safe in the hands of the security boys here. He has his finger on the pulse of President Lyndon Baynes Johnson,, and President Johnson has his finger on the button. The belly button, near his apendix scar.moreless