The Max Headroom Show

Channel 4 (ended 1985)


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The Max Headroom Show

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British talk show not to be confused with the TV series "Max Headroom"
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  • When On DVD?

    I Have The 'Max Headroom'Series That Aired On ABC,On DVD. But I'm Waiting For The Talk Show To Come Out,Because That Was Max At His BEST!
  • Max Headroon, the stylish, charming and egotistical artificial intelligence program with a speech impediment.

    The low-budget, but beautifully-directed & darkly brilliant British telemovie "Max Headroom: 20 minutes Into The Future" (1985) introduced the stuttering, arrogant, wisecracking artificial intelligence CGI character Max Headroom, and told us how he was created from the brain of roving reporter Edison Carter. The character of Max Headroom himself had a fairly brief role in that movie in a relatively minor sub-plot, but the key point was that he found himself in the hands of a pirate TV station, where he was given his own show and helped boost their ratings.

    The spin off British TV series "The Max Headroom Show" (1985) was then ostensibly Max's show on the pirate TV station. It was basically a series of half-hour music video programs with comic monologues and celebrity interviews by Max linking the music videos, although it is probably more accurate to say that it was a series of comic monologues and celebrity interviews cheaply padded out with music videos.

    I was entranced by this series as a young teenager, even before I saw the original movie which made sense of how the character came to exist, and why he behaved as he did. It's probably fair to say it had a substantial cult following among younger people. I suppose I was captivated by the novelty of what I thought was a fully computerised character, even though in reality it was just digitally processed footage of an actor talking to camera. With the benefit of hindsight, I now realise Max's character was stolen from Bob Hope, and for the most part he was just as unfunny. Once the novelty of Max Headroom himself wore off, "The Max Headroom Show" had little to recommend it above any other music video program, other than the non-blandness & verbal barbs of the host. I seem to recall that the reason given for the program's termination wasn't poor ratings, but the sheer expense of frame-by-frame image processing in the mid-1980's.moreless
  • the max headroom show had 14 episodes it was on channel 4 in the uk late nights beetwwen 1985-86 max headroom was a vj playing muisi video's interviewing the stars of the time and telling a lot of jokesmoreless

    i have these show and there great max plays alot of good music videos like peter gabrial shock the monkey

    and interviews michael cain which is my favourite unterview i hope this show comes out on dvd soon or i hope this year as there are some much crap on dvd this is nt crap it was great