The Maxx

MTV - Music Television (ended 1995)





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  • Watch this program now you wont be disappointed. Sorry about the repeated review but my computer crashed, can someone please tell me how to delete the other 3 posted reviews?

    I used to watch this show when it first aired on MTV and recently decided to watch it again. I love the animation and dark stories told- but found it hard to review episodes because of the cross over action, between reality and fantasy worlds- however if you get to the final episode all is explained and my words do not do it justice. The show contains deep messages that are ambiguous from the context they are presented. This is best illistraighted in the last episode where Julie leaves Maxx, although they are never in a relationship the conversations they have mirror that of a couple going through a break up and have multiple meanings. A great show that should have lasted longer- give it a watch if you like cartoons like Phantom 2040, or Aeon Flux.