The Maxx

MTV - Music Television (ended 1995)



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  • As one reviewer said a few years back: "The Only Thing MTV Never Screwed Up"...

    That was stated by Richard Matthes back in '07... and it def rings true... between The Maxx and Liquid Television (and later Aeon Flux, MTV had pushed mature Animation from being strictly comical and childish into a legitimate form of artistic expression. Without these three shows (along with The Head and HBO's Spawn) becoming somewhat underground cult classics, the current wave of adult oriented animation would never have came to be... I seriously doubt Cartoon Network would have let Coast to Coast and the later Adult Swim stuff air (even at midnight on Sundays).

    Enough of the arm-chair history lesson...

    The Maxx, while on the surface a mere "superhero" show, is actually about much deeper and thought provoking. It depicts the mending of a fractured psyche and all the external and internal consequences in bloody detail. With characters that are fleshed out nicely and seem almost realistic in their motivations and drives. each fitting as another piece in the overall puzzle that keeps the viewer captivated as layers upon layers fall into place. Bottom line... just watch it... then think about it for a little while... then watch it again.
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