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  • Entertaining, but not without flaws

    There was a time when I would always watch this show. I liked it a lot. It was fairly entertaining the way the arguments would go on and people would talk over each other. I normally always found it funny when that happened. I liked the issues that were discussed, even if the panelists could be very uncivilized. It's biggest problem wasn't something I realized at first. I talked to people about it and they said that it could be biased politically. Now, it wasn't the bias you might expect from a PBS show. But I found out after watching an episode that it was, in fact, biased and I stopped watching as a result, only coming back for what I believe to be its last episode. Outside of that, the show will still be an entertaining show and something that should probably be done in a different and truly unbiased format. Maybe I should start a podcast with four other people and talk politics like they did on this show. As long as it lasted, it remained quite topical. So please, come up with something new like this.
  • Is the McLaughlin Group undergoing "Fundamental Change"?

    I have watched the McLaughlin Group for well over 20 years. One thing I could always count on was that there would be 2 liberals/democrats and 2 conservatives/republicans sitting on their respective sides (the viewer's left for liberals and right for conservatives). On today's show (Nov 3 2013) we had the ultra liberal Eleanor as usual (and she is NOT cut off but rather raises her voice over the other speakers and interrupts them in a rude manner during most of the show) and Mort Zuckerman on the left and Pat Buchanan on the right as usual. And who shows up on the right side as the alleged 2nd conservative? CHRIS MATTHEWS ... are you kidding me??? The guy who gets a thrill up his leg every time that Obama speaks and whose self-proclaimed job (as he described it on TV) is to get Obama re-elected? This is the right side conservative???? John you let your audience down badly today and if this is not corrected quickly, you can count me as a lost long-time viewer. John you have changed you views over the years from a conservative to a liberal (in my view) but I believe you are upfront about it and you do try to be fair and at least allow both positions to be properly explained and heard. Lately however, by your actions of allowing Eleanor to yell over the other speakers and to interrupt them I believe you have lost your objectivity. Now that you put Chris Mathews on the right side you have really let me and your objective viewing public down forcing me to now question the presumption of your show. Do you realize this fundamental change? It is no longer a fair and objective presentation of the right and left points of view on national issues. Pat Buchanan, thanks for being the stalwart conservative on the show and for showing rationality and total respect for all despite the numerous attacks that you and your ideas have received over the years to include ad hominem attacks. John, it is now up to you on whether you will "fundamentally transform" your show to mere leftist propaganda (we sure have enough of those shows) or keep it as a model for rational discussion. Please consider replacing Eleanor with a liberal who does not yell over the others and insure you select no less than two (2) conservatives and I mean true conservatives (why not ask Allen West or Tim Scott or Mike Savage to present the right point of view on occasion?? Would this be too much to ask, especially if you keep Eleanor?). Also, please ensure all your guests get a fair chance to present their views. Please don't let down your long-time viewers John. Thanks for considering my comments and thanks for your efforts over the years to present a rational discussion on important issues.
  • mort zuckerman

    kindest greetings john: love the show, especially elinor; so am not ask mordant mort to give his answer to our economic problems, rather than merely allowing him to keep ranting about how dangerous things are?? isn't it time he said something positive about the economy? is he merely another mellon-stockman-friedman liquidationist? or what??
  • Very one sided

    I used to really like this show a lot. But now, Eleanor is the only liberal and she is constantly being cut off. The new young man from the National Review seems so arrogant and contemptuous of Eleanor. It has become very one sided and people cut each other off too much. McLaughlin is not doing a good job of moderating. He allows this to go on.
  • McLaughlin Group, PBS 17 Feb 2012, Discussion on Iran

    Its quite an interesting discussion. I like it as it consists of some very learned and some interesting individuals. There were five scholars sitting on 17 Feb 2012 analyzing the pros and cons of striking Iran, should it be Israel, USA or both. When it came to naming the Sea (body of water) north west of Iran none of the scholars knew the name, finally John called it Black Sea, EUREKA, that 's NOT Black Sea it is the Caspian Sea. Given this is an example one wonders the shallowness of five out of five spellbound and John finally delivers the blow of naming the wrong one. Such is state of research of stalwarts sitting in a forum for educating the innocent of the state of the world. By the way, John M, why destroy another country without rhyme or reason, is Zionism such a sacred cow that its neighbours must be decimated, and if it is sacred why not give it double the strip in the US where there is plenty of empty land, after all US and Zionist Loyalists are supporting that stolen land financially, keeping the people in the dark, and ignore even their own blood and flesh sacrificed in the high seas, meaning, USS Liberty. Zionism has numbed minds and emptied the coffers of USA, presidents and those aspiring to be presidents are scared stiff to their skin not to offend the aggressions of the Zionists. John M, where is that land of the free that is led by a noose in the nose of the people on the hill and congress. Tell the world that paper tigers sit in the oval office surrounded by lobbyist and advisors playing a symphony orchestrated by the Zionists.
  • 9.5
    Today (March 28) was the first Sunday that I really enjoyed this program. Eleanor is usually totally outnumbered, but today Bill Press was on the program and he was EXCELLENT. Too bad he's not a regular on the program with Eleanor. It was GREAT!!!!!!! This program is sometimes very one-sided. John McLaughlin should be narrator and non-commital, but he's not, making the panel unequal. It would also be great if Monica would stop to listen and think of what she's saying before it comes out of her mouth, instead of always grandstanding. Let's have more shows like today, it certainly got my attention.
  • Only Two Democratic Canadidates?

    Yesterday I watched on NBC, The McLaughlin Report. Why waste your time with a show, that is so far to the right, that their aging host, sounds like a poster boy for the conservative wing of the Republican party. All the comments were directed to Obama and Clinton, and how John Edwards is a spoiler, funneling votes away from Obama, helping Hillary. One of the commentators had the effrontery to call John's campaign just a side show. It has already been established that although this race has barely started, the press acts like there is only two democratic candidates. But to make comments like this, on national TV, is irresponsible and shabby.
  • We do the yelling, so you don't have to.

    I admit to yelling at the television during news broadcasts. This news/political show saves me the effort.

    Issue 1!

    With two on the left and two on the right, McLaughlin is in control in the center (of the stage, not philosophically). Taking stories from the headlines and adding a bit of analysis for each issue, the participants, who vary somewhat from week to week, wade into dissenting opinions. Sometimes an organized and civil roundtable discussion ensues; frequently chaos erupts - not in the sense of a Jerry Springer talk show, simply free-for-all yelling and interruptions that make lively, informative entertainment, in contrast to sanctimonious and didactic shows like Hardball or O'Reilly Factor, wherein the host dominates discussion. McLaughlin does have the last word on each issue, and I often find his opinion comical in its finality, as when he declares with great relish, "WRONG! The answer is: two."

    Bye bye!
  • My favorite weekly political show.

    I've been a fan of this show from the beginning, I especially like its focus on debate of the issues rather than a lot of lead in details or film footage.

    John McLaughlin has always made me laugh in his attempt to create topics of discussion, especially his attempts at hyperbole to get the ball rolling. From the early days of Freddy "The Beetle" Barnes, Morton Kondracke and his "hideous neckwear", Eleanor Clift, Jack Germond, through the days of Michael Barone (who I swear may have left the show because his anger got very close to the edge), to the current group in the chairs -- this is one show I rarely miss. The lack of people with current political aspirations also makes it interesting, there are points that people as different as Eleanor Clift and Pat Buchanan can agree on. Love the year in review awards show, too.
  • Interesting Sunday morning discussion of what is going on in the country.

    Each weekly episode looks at what is going on in the United States, from a political perspective.

    The panelists look at the current issues. Then they pick them apart from the standpoint of different political factions - as well as how the issue is impacting different groups of the population.

    They look at what is popular - and what is not. Poll results, approval ratings, and other statistics are often brought in to support statements or trigger discussions.

    The nice thing about the show is that it does not put forth the idea that only one thing is important, or only one opinion matters.

    It takes the effort to collect the different opinions and get them out there. They issues and opinions are discussed quickly, and then they move on quickly to the next topic.
  • A fast-paced panel discussion of current events, with special focus on the political and rhetorical. Moderator John McLaughlin rides herd over two liberal and two conservative journalist panelists. Issues are introduced, argued through, and bottom lines

    The McLaughlin group is no doubt a regular favorite of beltway insiders. For those interested in the political realities that impact legislation and US takes on national and international events, the show is indispensible. The panelists are incredibly well informed, and often bring to bear facts and theories that are not commonly reported in more mainstream news media. The debate generated from their different viewpoints is enlightening and sometimes surprising.

    Although regular Democratic supporter Eleanor Clift (Contributing Editor, Newsweek) can be expected to tow the party line, and Pat Buchanan (Political Analyst, MSNBC) is equally predictable at the opposite end of the political spectrum, suprising moments of mutual agreement and compromise happen, since these smart panelists often address the real complexities of the issue in question.

    Mort Zuckerman (Editor in Chief, U.S. News & World Report), also a regular, can be expected to lay plain economic realities and expose hidden political ties. He's a more measured fellow than Clifton or Buchanan. However, my favorite panelist regular bar none is Tony Blankley (Editorial Page Editor, Washington Times) for his pragmatic and convincing insights.

    I have, however, saved the best for last. The best aspect of the show is John McLaughlin himself. His brash absolutist bravado and barked authoritarian delivery carry the day. He's equally informed and intelligent, but his exaggerated persona also adds a dimension of humor to the show it would otherwise be missing. This plus the guarded and reluctant comradery of the regulars give the show the heart to go with its head.

    Guest panelists appear from time to time, and they are often interesting and well chosen, too.

    For informed, fast-paced, engaging discussion of politics and current events, the McLaughlin Group never disappoints.