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  • The Megan Mullally Show?.... aqui no Brasil já está quase!!!....

    Nossa!... o Show da Megan Mullally tá demorando tanto pra chegar aqui!,... O Canal da Sony Entertainment Television demora muito pra decidir se vai ou não comprar o programa!!... Todos nós (os que gostamos de Will & Grace) aqui do Brasil adoramos a Megan Mullally e gostaríamos muito de vê-la todos os dias!!!! Esse, acho, que seria o único jeito de matar as saudades com episódios inéditos dela!

    Mas tem outro problema também... ouvi rumores de que o programa está cancelado! Será verdade???... Mesmo que seja cancelado..., ainda restam os episódios legais como o "Megan helps around the office" e "Survival Guide" que fazem o maior sucesso aqui no Brasil, onde todos nós assistimos pelo YouTube (nossa única fonte confiável mesmo!).

    Bom, resumindo, tomara que chegue rápidamente aqui no Brasil. Nós adoraríamos!


    Cauê :) :)
  • I love this show alot its a very cool show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    this show is kind'a like the tyra banks show in a good way of course but i mostly watch it every day!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!! send me an e-mail!!!!!!!!!! send me an e-mail!!!!!!!!!! send me an e-mail !!!!!!!!!! send me an e-mail!!!!!!!!!! send me an e-mail !!!!!!!!!! send me an e-mail !!!!!!!!!! send me an e-mail !!!!!!!!!! send me an e-mail !!!!!!!!!! send me an e-mail !!!!!!!!!! send me an e-mail !!!!!!!!!! send me an e-mail !!!!!!!!!! send me an e-mail !!!!!!!!!! send me an e-mail !!!!!!!!!! send me an e-mail !!!!!!!!!! send me an e-mail !!!!!!!!!! send me an e-mail !!!!!!!!!!
  • Cancellations come real fast in life!

    Since "The Megan Mullally Show" got cancelled, I like to review the show, I had a mix reactiuon to the show. As I watched the show, she not intrested in promoting the guest,she more intrested in herself.She can't stop talking about her husband and the same tiome she flirt with half the guest on the show. Last fall, when the Megan Mullally Show went on nthe air, I signed up for a chance in meeting her, but I lost. I wanted to be on her show. I even e-mail to her on wanting to be on the show. But no answer. I wish that her show got better, but it never did. I review several epsiodes. The highest show is a 8.5, the lowest is a 4.Yesterday, I saw the best of Megan and the only thing I got out of that hour is Allison Janney. I hope Megan's reading this because she has lost a loyal fan in me. it's too bad that a show like Megan can't come though.
  • I love her as a host and all around character! I just can't stand the format of the show though.

    She frequently doesn't spend enough time with her guests and, while I enjoy some of her comedic skits, I just wish she'd be more natural with her audience. I don't if it's the pacing of segments or what. It feels forced and stiff at moments. I'm also not crazy about the band. I guess it's very difficult to find the balance between Megan's natural personality and that of her very popular portrayal of Karen. I loved her in Will & Grace as much as everyone else. Though I also like to think I'm ok with not seeing her as Karen anymore. I still tune in cause I hate to give up on someone I enjoy but sometimes is it kinda painful to watch...
  • I can't say that I've seen very much of this show, but what I've seen, I love!

    I tuned in to this show basically because Karen Walker was my favorite in Will and Grace. Over the years I caught Megan in various talk shows and still adored her, so when I heard she was getting her own talk show I was thrilled! The show is kind of like Ellen, with interviews and other cool stuff that she feels like doing. And she does it great, she feels like a genuine funny woman. No Karen, but still. I take what I can get. Megan is good at talking about the guests and not about herself, as many other talk show hosts do.
  • One of the smartest, funniest talk shows since David Letterman decided to give up on meteorology.

    "Will and Grace" recently drew to an end after eight seasons. It was speculated that various spin-offs might be ready for air. None of these have yet coalesced; instead, different opportunities are in store for the members of the cast.

    What, you're asking, does the world need with another talk show? Plenty: most shows of this type are either hysterical exploitations of problems in the current headlines, or tailored to fit the tastes of just one audience. This show, however, gets its appeal from the offbeat wit and intelligence of the host. How's this for a change, someone who's actually interesting to listen to? Megan Mullally is as charming on a 'real' show as she was in the sitcom. Oh, and she's not afraid of mountain lions.

    If you miss Mullally from the Wednesday night funnies, check her out here, you won't be disappointed.
  • This show is extremely uncomfortable to watch.

    When Megan Mullally and her guests sit on the couch it looks really awkward. Maybe two chairs would resolve this. Another problem I have is her negative attitude. On one particular episode Megan had a laughing yoga instructor. I felt so sorry for the guy cause she kept making weird faces. I'm not sure if thats her trying to be funny but I find it rude. Maybe daytime television is not a good fit for Megan. I’ve tried to watch this show and give it a chance but the awkwardness drives me crazy so I wont ever watch this show again.
  • What a waste of a terrific talent.

    I keep tuning into this show, hoping it will find itself and be as terrific as only Ms. Mullally can be. So far, nothing. Perhaps a visit from \"Karen\" would add a bit of spice.I keep tunimng it, hoping it will get better, hoping these a growing pains, but I\'m always disappointed. Ms. Mullally seems to be disappointed, as well. Why don\'t the writers use her natural talents to make this show a success? I LOVE Megan Mullally and want her to have a show that \"works.\" Right now, thumbs down, but I won\'t give up. C\'mon guys, give us a reason to watch!
  • Great show!

    The Megan Mullally show is great, I love all the interaction she has with the sudience. Always asking questions, answering questions, and involving the audience with the show. I also like how she regulalry has regular people with cool talents on the show. That 10 karate kid was AMAZING, just imagine what he will be able to do when he's older. I hope she gets the viewers to keep this show on, She's doing a great job and only wish the best for her. She should incorporate little skits into the show too, where she could portray different characters that woul dbe really fun, possibly a little "Karen" in there. Well GOOD LUCK to her and her crew!!!
  • Megan Mullally is the the host of the newest hit talk show!

    I am a big fan of Will & Grace, and also of Megan Mullally's work on Broadway, so I was thrilled to hear about her new talk show! I absolutely tuned in to every episode the first week (well, technically, I Tivo-d them; some of us are required to be in school at eleven o'clock!) Anyway, I think the show is wonderful. I love the great mix of talk show and variety show, and Megan is exciting and outgoing enough to pull it off. I thought Will Ferrell and Jenny McCarthy were great first guests, and every one since then has been just as spectacular. I hope this show will be on for years!!!!