The Megan Mullally Show

MyNetwork TV (ended 2007)


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  • Cancellations come real fast in life!

    Since "The Megan Mullally Show" got cancelled, I like to review the show, I had a mix reactiuon to the show. As I watched the show, she not intrested in promoting the guest,she more intrested in herself.She can't stop talking about her husband and the same tiome she flirt with half the guest on the show. Last fall, when the Megan Mullally Show went on nthe air, I signed up for a chance in meeting her, but I lost. I wanted to be on her show. I even e-mail to her on wanting to be on the show. But no answer. I wish that her show got better, but it never did. I review several epsiodes. The highest show is a 8.5, the lowest is a 4.Yesterday, I saw the best of Megan and the only thing I got out of that hour is Allison Janney. I hope Megan's reading this because she has lost a loyal fan in me. it's too bad that a show like Megan can't come though.