The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

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The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

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On the first day of high school a beautiful girl named Haruhi Suzumiya introduces herself as having "no interest in ordinary humans". She asks for any aliens, time travelers, sliders or espers to join her. Watching her weird behaviour is Kyon a boy who sits in front of Haruhi and is the only person who talks to her. Commenting on Haruhi's joining every club in school and then quitting Kyon unwittingly gives Haruhi an idea to start her own after school club. Thereafter Kyon and several others find themselves literally dragged into the Save our world by Overloading it with fun Suzumiya Haruhi's Brigade (the SOS Brigade for short). Opening Themes: 1) Koi no Mikuru Densetsu ("Mikuru Legend of Love") 2) Bouken Desho Desho? ("Adventure, Right? Right?") Ending Themes: 1) Hare Hare Yukai ("Sunny Sunny Happy") 2) Bouken Desho Desho? ("Adventure, Right? Right?") (episode 14 only)
Stephanie Sheh

Stephanie Sheh

Mikuru Asahina (Eng.)

Tomokazu Sugita

Tomokazu Sugita

Kyon (Jap.)

Crispin Freeman

Crispin Freeman

Kyon (Eng.)

Daisuke Ono

Daisuke Ono

Itsuki Koizumi (Jap.)

Michelle Ruff

Michelle Ruff

Yuki Nagato (Eng.)

Wendee Lee

Wendee Lee

Haruhi Suzumiya (Eng.)

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  • I love Haruhi!

    Haruhi Suzumiya is a great show with characters who grow on you from the first episode. A lot of the show is carried by the narrator, who also plays one of the main characters. His voice portrays the character's annoyance and cynical outlook perfectly, and his cynicism is nicely offset by Haruhi's craziness.

    The show is mainly done as a slice-of-life type anime, but there is a plot arc in there as well, which has to do with sci-fi, aliens, a group from the future and time travel. Oh, and superpowers. But it's all taking place in an everyday high school setting. Sounds crazy, and it is - you just have to see this one.

    I can't wait to see a second season of this incredible show.moreless
  • This show is so funny, and very enchanting.

    I really like this show. It's so funny, and very enchanting. What I mean by enchanting is that the show's dialog, and humor will suck you into the series. This show is about Kyon, a normal high school boy who after meeting Haruhi Suzumiya, a beautiful, quiet girl who in fact is NOT an alien. She's an Earthling just like Kyon. Haruhi does not care about humans, she only cares about beings with god-like powers. After Kyon talks to Haruhi, she wacks him against her desk, and comes up with a club name. Haruhi names the club, The "SOS Brigade". Haruhi recruits Mikuru, a time traveler, Yuki, an alien magician, and Itsuki, an esper. The five of them have crazy, supernatural, and some sports adventures together. The humor in this show rocks! Most of the scenes, and jokes are hilarious! Although the overusage of the sexual innudo did kind of tick me off. I feel bad for Mikuru, because Haruhi always picks on her. I know Mikuru is really cute :), but I kind of think that Haruhi is raping Mikuru. Poor Mikuru :(. Mikuru is my favorite female character, and Kyon is my favorite male character. The dialog in this show is really good, although most of the long talking scenes kind of got boring. The music in this show is excellent! I like the ending theme, and Haruhi's singing at the arts festival. Overall, awesome show, lovable characters, hilarious humor, great dialog, excellent music. One more thing to add, I somewhat wish that this show will have a second season. It would be cool :).moreless

    It's all Haruhi who had no interest of ordinary human beings, she got interest of nonsense like time-travellers and aliens and stuff.

    Ok, this is the worst anime show ever like what the heck is this?!, all people like all people like this show, yeah right. This is even worse than Negima. The plots of the show is full of nonsense like what the heck, like fighting and war against boys likewise. The voice acting is terrible even in the Japanese version, but actaually the english version was more horrible than japanese version but I like Haruhi's English voice.

    I just don't like anime nowadays, all I need to do is watch nowadays is to watch anime with a genre of action.moreless
  • Am I the only one who isn't caught up with this "Haruhism" or whatever the F you call it?

    This show is one word: crap. The show has no point and is full of nonsense. I don't get why there's so many hyper fans for this stupid anime?! There is NO character developement, whatsoever. Haruhi is the ''most'' annoying lead character I have ever seen in anime. She is stuck-up and loves kissing up to her own ass. Her voice makes my ear want to bleed everytime she comes crashing into the club's room. The narrator, Kyon (or whatever his name is) is just as dull. The only person I guess I like in this anime is Yuki Nagato... Another problem with this anime is the plot. Every episode has its own sort of thing that it doesn't matter if you miss two or more episodes, heck even HALF and you'll still get the stupid point of the show. Wait! I forgot, there is NO point to the show. There's no climax and it doesn't even give you details about Haruhi being "god" (wow, lame). The best part in the show is when it's actually quiet and when they're doing nothing. Serious, I don't get why people like this anime and if you're thinking about watching the anime, don't. It's overrated (I mean seriously overrated) and it sucks.moreless
  • An android from the future, a time traveler, an esper, a crazy girl with god-like powers... than there's Kyon - the normal guy thrown into the big mess!

    On the first day of school Kyon adores a beautiful girl. He get's a big surprise when she introduces herself. Haruhi demands that any alien, time traveler, or esper report to her and she doesn't want anyone else to talk to her. Eventually, we learn that she has god-like powers and everything she wished for came true!

    The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is an awesome show. Even though it can be slightly violent and even perverted at times, it kept me watching through the first season and I can't wait for the second. Overall, watch the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and you'll be impressed!moreless
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