The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Premiered Apr 02, 2006 In Season


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  • Am I the only one who isn't caught up with this "Haruhism" or whatever the F you call it?

    This show is one word: crap. The show has no point and is full of nonsense. I don't get why there's so many hyper fans for this stupid anime?! There is NO character developement, whatsoever. Haruhi is the ''most'' annoying lead character I have ever seen in anime. She is stuck-up and loves kissing up to her own ass. Her voice makes my ear want to bleed everytime she comes crashing into the club's room. The narrator, Kyon (or whatever his name is) is just as dull. The only person I guess I like in this anime is Yuki Nagato... Another problem with this anime is the plot. Every episode has its own sort of thing that it doesn't matter if you miss two or more episodes, heck even HALF and you'll still get the stupid point of the show. Wait! I forgot, there is NO point to the show. There's no climax and it doesn't even give you details about Haruhi being "god" (wow, lame). The best part in the show is when it's actually quiet and when they're doing nothing. Serious, I don't get why people like this anime and if you're thinking about watching the anime, don't. It's overrated (I mean seriously overrated) and it sucks.