The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Season 1 Episode 3

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya II

Aired Unknown Apr 16, 2006 on

Episode Recap

Ryouko Asakura greets Kyon on the way to school and Kyon wonders why more girls can't be normal like her. As Kyon opens the door to the classroom, Haruhi greets him with that smile and asks him what they need for the club. Haruhi explains to Kyon that she thinks what the SOS Brigade needs most is a mysterious transfer student, and it becomes obvious Haruhi doesn't really care at all about Kyon's opinions. Taniguchi questions Kyon at lunch as to what on Earth he and Haruhi are up to and asks if Kyon's going out with her. Kyon replies sternly that he's not. He then thinks to himself he needs to worry about protecting Mikuru and Yuki from any harm Haruhi might inflict. In the clubroom, Haruhi expresses her desire for a computer as well. Haruhi grabs Kyon by his collar and says they should go retrieve one right now. Haruhi then drags Mikuru by the hand into the Computer Society clubroom with Kyon following close behind. Haruhi startles the club's members and then demands a computer. The president of the club says they'd never give her one and Haruhi gets an evil looking grin on her face. Haruhi moves Mikuru close to the club's president and forces the president to grab Mikuru in a rather embarrassing place and Haruhi snaps a picture with a camera. Haruhi continues to blackmail the president and his club with more pictures of Mikuru and the president in awkward positions until finally the president gives in and says Haruhi can take a computer. Haruhi then blackmails the club into giving her the newest of the computers as well as getting them to hook the computer to the Internet for her. Back in the SOS Brigade clubroom, Haruhi claims Kyon will make the club's webpage and that he better make it good. Kyon begins work on the site and realizes he's not really sure what on Earth the Brigade will be doing. Kyon falls asleep for the remainder of the lunch break and when he wakes up, Yuki lets Kyon borrow the book she had been reading. After school, Kyon meets up with Yuki and Mikuru in the clubroom. Mikuru asks Kyon where Haruhi is and Kyon suggests that maybe she's extorting more things from people. Mikuru seems worried and wonders if she'll be forced into a situation again like the previous day and Kyon replies that he'll do what he can to stop that from happening again, much to Mikuru's delight. Haruhi appears with two bags and suddenly locks the clubroom door, startling Mikuru and Kyon. Haruhi passes a copy of the SOS Brigade Creed to everyone before pulling a bunny suit out of one of the bags. Haruhi explains that she and Mikuru will pass out flyers for the club at the front gate wearing the bunny suits. Haruhi then grabs Mikuru and tries to forcefully change her into the bunny girl outfit. Kyon yells at Haruhi to knock it off, but Mikuru yells for him not to look at her, sending Kyon scrambling to open the locked door. Later on, Haruhi opens the clubroom door to reveal Mikuru and herself in the bunny girl outfits. Haruhi explains that she only had enough to buy two outfits since she bought the full sets. Haruhi then grabs an extremely reluctant Mikuru behind her to go off to pass out flyers. Kyon apologizes for not being able to save Mikuru from this embarrassment. As Kyon walks back into the clubroom, Yuki, not looking up from her book, points down at the floor. Kyon then notices that the girls left their clothes and undergarments scattered on the floor, much to his embarrassment. As he begins picking the clothes up, he picks up the SOS Brigade Creed and begins to read it. The Creed explains that the Brigade is looking for the mysteries of the world and invites all mysteries (preferably one that wows the Brigade) to come forth to them. As Kyon reads the Creed, Haruhi and Mikuru are being lectured by two school staff members for wearing the bunny girl outfits at the front gate. Back at the clubroom, Mikuru, still wearing the bunny girl outfit, is sobbing from embarrassment while Kyon puts his jacket around her shoulders. Haruhi, also still in the outfit, storms in extremely angry that the staff members forced them to stop handing out flyers. Haruhi yells that everyone is dismissed for the day and tosses down her bunny girl ears in frustration. Kyon notices Haruhi is starting to take off the outfit and quickly scrambles for the door. Kyon waits outside the clubroom door for Mikuru who hands him his school jacket back. Mikuru still looking like she's on the verge of tears, asks if she should become ruined for marriage, if Kyon would take her. Mikuru then goes off sadly leaving Kyon to wonder what on Earth he should say. The next day, Taniguchi and Kunikida come over to Kyon's desk and talk about the previous day's events. Taniguchi comments that the entire school is focused on Kyon and the others. Ryouko Asakura then walks over to Kyon with the Creed in her hand asking what the SOS Brigade is. Kyon says she should ask Haruhi since he has no clue, nor does he want to know. At the clubroom, after Haruhi notes that they haven't received any e-mails yet, Haruhi notices Mikuru is absent and grumbles about how she even bought a new outfit for her. Kyon tells Haruhi to wear the outfit herself but Haruhi claims it's no fun when Mikuru isn't there. Haruhi then goes home leaving Kyon and Yuki in the clubroom. Kyon decides to leave as well but then Yuki asks him if he read the book yet. Kyon replies he hasn't and Yuki tells him to read it as soon as he gets home. Kyon agrees and heads off. That night as Kyon flips through the book a bookmark slips out telling Kyon to meet at 7 PM at an entrance to a train station. Kyon meets up with Yuki and then follows Yuki to her apartment. Yuki takes Kyon into a rather empty looking room and Yuki explains that she lives by herself. Kyon asks Yuki what she wanted to talk about and Yuki says it's about Haruhi and herself. Yuki explains that she and Haruhi are not normal human beings. Yuki then explains further that she is an alien.