The Men Who Killed Kennedy

The History Channel (ended 2003)


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Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • The Guilty Men
      The Guilty Men
      Episode 9
      This new episode of the series looks at the two most challenging questions of the mystery: Who commissioned the crime and why did they do it?
    • The Love Affair
      The Love Affair
      Episode 8
      Hear the story of a woman who has remained undercover since JFK's assassination and has never before been interviewed. This woman claims to have had a passionate affair with Lee Harvey Oswald that began in early 1963 and ended with his death.
    • The Smoking Guns
      The Smoking Guns
      Episode 7
      This new program in Nigel Turner's series explores evidence of conspiracy and cover-up in the 1963 murder of the 35th president and examines the Secret Service's behavior on that fateful day.
    • The Truth Shall Make You Free...
      Startling information reveals a conspiracy and cover-up as the final episode exposes the official charade that the case is closed on the assassination. Includes a new look at photographic evidence using the latest image processing techniques. Also, an exclusive interview with Lee Harvey Oswald's widow.
    • The Witnesses
      The Witnesses
      Episode 5
      If in 1963 there had been an honest investigation of the Kennedy assassination, we might today know the truth. In the fifth episode, witnesses help us decide for ourselves--who really killed Kennedy?
    • The Patsy
      The Patsy
      Episode 4
      Was Lee Harvey Oswald a lone assassin...or just the fall guy in an elaborate plot to murder Kennedy? Interviews with Oswald's friends and associates shed light into his character and state of mind at the time of the killing.
    • The Cover-Up
      The Cover-Up
      Episode 3
      Searching for the truth behind JFK's assassination, investigators uncover a clandestine police tape, recorded two weeks before Kennedy's murder, that accurately details the plot.
    • The Forces of Darkness
      After a four-year search for the killers of JFK, an intrepid investigator uncovers a former government agent who provides shocking insights into the Kennedy assassination.
    • The Coup D'etat
      The Coup D'etat
      Episode 1
      In the first episode of this investigation into the assassination of President Kennedy, several eyewitnesses break their silence and reveal some startling facts about that fateful day.