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Season 6 : Episode 22

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"Mentalist, noun. Someone who uses mental acuity, hypnosis and/or suggestion. A master manipulator of thoughts and behavior." The Mentalist tells the tale of Patrick Jane, who is employed as an independent consultant working with the California Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to solve crimes. He had been making a living as a psychic, and he would assist the police on cases -- until his life changed when he lost the two most important people in his life to one of those serial killers he was helping track. He now uses his refined observation skills to help the CBI solve cases. He works with Senior Agent Teresa Lisbon, Agents Kimball Cho and Wayne Rigsby and the rookie Grace Van Pelt. The series is produced by Warner Bros. Television.

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  • Help!

    How do you watch The Mentalist, please help ;(
  • WHY!!

    I love this show. But even though the first 8 episodes was some of the most exciting in tv history i wish they would use a little more time on red john. Theyve spent 5 seasons taking it insaly and then in only 8 episodes they really rushed to get him out of the show. I too thought that red john would be a little more difficult to get. But yeah. Lisbon and Jane?! Really! Terrible! I could see jane with Kim after the whole mexico thing. And she seemed interested. I should've seen it coming with all the comments on "have they ever been a thing, romantic and whatnot" I think it ruined it a bit. And they didnt go into the list of tiger people at all. Dissapointed. Its like Dexter and Debra. Not goodmoreless
  • The creator ruined the show

    I love this show!Havn't seen any in season new episodes look so horrible!Because it dosn't take place in takes place in a diffrent they don't work for the CBI anymore,they now work for the is diffrent people on there new and Rigsby are usaully never still is a consaulted,for the and Lizben work in diffrent is diffrent people on their new are going back early next still over did it way to much on their new to many shows,they do it so is so much diffrent then the other why the creator is and idiot,and there is something horribly wrong with or she still,ruined the show,because they over did it way to the still shouldn't have the privealge,to own the runing the show i hope creator,Bruno Heller a horible they don't desverve the whole FBI,thing is a major ruined the whole was why it was on the bubble for so could easyly go they didn't at the end of were lucky it didn't get that they ruined,the show and did not change it,yet and it still got are so so would they do it?If you agree with me thank write in Creator Bruno Heller,should gave it a one for the episodes with the FBI,thing.moreless
  • Love this episode

    I don't really like how it ends with Red john coz i thought red john would be someone who is more powerful and smarter.

    It is a pity that Risby n Van pelt left the team. But the whole new FBI team seems to work out great; especially Abbot, love this guy.

    As for the ep22, so touching i cried when Jane said I love you to Lisbon. Finally can see Jane n Lisbon being together after all theses years. They are perfect match. I mean ya, maybe Lisbon is not as clever as Jane, however, they are a good fit being together. They have something special between them n I dont really think there is any other woman suits Jane. Just love this two so much.

    I just wanna say, this is the best TV series ever. I'm so in love with it n waiting for the Season 7. Hopefully there will be season 8,9,10 LOL!

    MOREOVER, just let you guys know that the Mentalist has a lot of fans in China as well. And they want keeping this show going.moreless

    I'm with Cho. Lisbon and Jane are like brother and sister -- mother and child, even. It's absolutely awful to make them into a romantic couple. I don't even know if I can even keep watching, it's so awful, so WRONG WRONG WRONG. It's like watching incest. Yuck. Cho always knows where it's at. His take on it is my only hope that the writers are going to have them find out it's a mistake -- as it always is when people try to turn a friendship into a love affair. Oh, lord. I can't believe the majority of fans want this. I'm here to say that I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT!!! And who wants a Jane who behaves "like a normal person?" His whole character is at stake here, along with all the humor and pleasure of the show, which all emanates from his non-normalcy. The way I see it, Jane has "implanted" on Lisbon, like a baby duckling brought up by humans will think a human is its mother. Lisbon "took care of" Jane and was absolutely there for him no matter what he did in the years when he was so grief-stricken. But now look at the way he turned into a complete child in his declaration of love. He's a man, an uncompromisingly strong man, who against the most powerful authorities of the state, dedicated 8 years of his life and was willing to spend the rest of it in prison for the sake of avenging his wife and child's murder. And now he's this wide-eyed little baby wanting to kiss mommy on the lips. Gawd, it's just awful to me. Please make it not happen, please, please, please. Thank you, Flatto and patrishdehler, for agreeing with me -- in essence if perhaps not in detail.

    Hoping for a Season 7 that gets us back on track. This has been by far my favorite show for all 6 years, but a Lisbon/Jane mating would absolutely ruin it for me. Mistake, writers, mistake.

    ... I'm coming back to say that I thought it was time for the RJ theme to end, that I thought it was ended to perfection, and that my enjoyment of the show is not in any way lessened by the loss of that theme. So, whoever is in charge, WE WANT JANE SEASON 7!!!moreless

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