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Season 7 : Episode 9

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"Mentalist, noun. Someone who uses mental acuity, hypnosis and/or suggestion. A master manipulator of thoughts and behavior." The Mentalist tells the tale of Patrick Jane, who is employed as an independent consultant working with the California Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to solve crimes. He had been making a living as a psychic, and he would assist the police on cases -- until his life changed when he lost the two most important people in his life to one of those serial killers he was helping track. He now uses his refined observation skills to help the CBI solve cases. He works with Senior Agent Teresa Lisbon, Agents Kimball Cho and Wayne Rigsby and the rookie Grace Van Pelt. The series is produced by Warner Bros. Television.

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  • Still loving it

    While a lot have changed in the chemistry of the show, no more arch-nemesis of Jane and several main characters has been replaced in the new office. I still really nejoy watching this show. then again, the list of shows I love is tremendously long :) Things has changed, but it's still The Mentalist.
  • the mentalist sucks!!!!!

    I used to love watching the show. But honestly now its boring its not the same they ended the redjohn storyline too quickly. I don't know but the whole show started with red john and Jane and should end with redjohn and jane. I mean the show is fine but redjohn was the reason I would wait a whole week just to watch the show waiting to see what jane would do...moreless
  • A great criminal show needs great villain

    Yes, a great show needs a great villain, and a greater good guy. Once the great villain was Red John, and the greater good guy was Patrick Jane. Now everything is a big mediocre BS.
  • WHAT HAPPENED?! Where is the story?!

    My. Favourite. Show.

    WHAT Happened?!

    Season 7 looks like a waste of air. I don't recognize 'The Mentalist'. UNBELIEVABLE.

    There is no story left. No twist. No mind-games or puzzles. All is gone. As if everybody, who created the chemistry of the show, left, leaving it an orphan. I am so very sad.

    Even now, using sudden thoughts, I could see so many possible twists to the current season of show that could've been created.

    Why don't make it over somebody else, than Patrick? He solved his life case, now let's see how he can help somebody else? Or a cause? Solve a conspiracy that's been all over about his life before Red John?

    Or: Abbot, for instance. What if he is a global conspirator, who wants to take down FBI and kill everybody with Patrick's hands?

    Or: Vega. She might be Lorelei's sister, and now it's her vendetta to make Patrick fall in love with her, kill Lisbon and make his life miserable.

    Or.. I don't know - Patrick, Cho & Lisbon get a tape with Rixby & Vanpelt crying for help, right after which those two disappear and it's Patrick's quest to find them and take them home for good. Team reunion, fireworks, show finale. Is that too much to ask?! ANYTHING!!! A storyline!

    After watching Kerry Washington in her series, this show is becoming a joke in comparison. Why do you bury it's legacy?! It used to be one of the best!!!

    Wake up, writers!! You have already wasted 5 episodes of the show! Come on!!! =\ Ugh.moreless
  • This show is only getting worse by the episode S07E05

    I watched this show religiously, waiting for the eventual and inevitable snuffing of Red John. But every episode following that season's conclusion has only gotten worse and worse. Season 7 has become laughable? I just watched episode 5 and that might be the worst one yet? I can watch no more. No more suspense. No more drama. Just Jane loves Lisbon and fools the bad guy yet again. Not since Dexter has a show gone so bad, so fast. Rest in Peace Red John, as you didn't have to watch what has become of this once great show.moreless

    The Mentalist Has a Premiere Date *and* a Series Finale Date; The Good Wife Is Taking a Break

    CBS just made a bunch of scheduling announcements.


    News Briefs: Under the Dome Boss Brian K. Vaughan Escapes from (Quits) the Show

    Plus: The Mantalist promotes an agent, get a first look at Lebron's basketball comedy, and Powers has a premiere date.

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