The Mentalist

Season 2 Episode 21


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 06, 2010 on CBS

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  • Loved the twist! For once, a show that had me guessing till the end!

    Once the killer was revealed, you could look back and say, "Oh yeah", but I was fooled, which is rare. I also loved how Jane showed in a subtle way that he could out-smart a genius! Wish I could play chess in my head like that!
    I loved the humor in this episode. One quirk! The speed in which the young man escaped, especially with all the guards standing around in the hallway was a little impossible to me but hey, it's TV. Isn't that the excuse we always give it? Otherwise, great episode! Loved how he destroyed the device and made the guy so angry, as is his usual play in each show. I love that about Jane's character, and he almost always does it with that innocent smile!
  • 18-5-4

    "A crazy clown is after you? Oh, that's rich."

    Sorry, the Seinfeld fan in me saw the opportunity and had to get that quote in.

    This was a very good episode of The Mentalist tonight. Things fell apart a bit at the end as the wife doing it (how very NCIS) was a bit of a letdown for me. I would have liked something a bit more original or creative.

    The verbal duel of chess was also a great use of Patrick Jane here. The show needs to emphasize his mind, his main weapon, more than it has been doing lately, so as to not fall in the trap of this becoming just another procedural on CBS.

    Great episode tonight. 8/10
  • another fun one :)

    I really enjoyed this one. Always liked Fisher Stevens. I hate clowns too...don't know where that comes from, but it was a very interesting one from start to finish. I too was surprised it was the wife. I thought when they used the gizmo at the end it was going to print out that the brother did it. Love it when I'm fooled.
    It was nice to the the "boss" wasn't on this episode. Refreshing.
    I wonder if they're going to get back to Red John soon. I hope so. Would love to see Fisher Stevens as Red John, but can't imagine how it would work.
    Good work writers!
  • DiNozzo says it's always the wife.

    I guess he's mostly right. Interesting that if you were going to consider either the wife or the brother, in the beginning you would likely have pegged the brother, as Jane did.

    Also interesting was the clown angle, as the victim did not like clowns. What's with the clown hating on TV? "Booth" hates clowns too; tends to shoot them up!

    As bad as the wife was, creepy chess guy was worse because he just IS the way he is; to the core. he deserves to go away somewhere even though he had nothing to do with the murder. The character is a sociopath; he could be very Red John-ish, and the writers succeeded in giving us someone to be more squeamish about than the murder. A good outing.