The Mentalist

Season 1 Episode 19

A Dozen Red Roses

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 07, 2009 on CBS
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Episode Summary

CBI investigates the murder of Hollywood movie producer Felix Hanson. Evidence leads to the belief that drugs are involved, but further investigations indicate a connection to a running movie production of a film called "A Dozen Roses".

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  • A murder? No way!

    The wife wants husband dead, husband shows up dead, but who done it? plot may be growing a little tiresome, but The Mentalist finds a way to make this seemingly overdone topic enjoyable no matter how many times they seem to do it.

    Patrick Jane was not as fun as he usually is, and the solemn ending left me with a bitter taste in my mouth. Kind of a weak way to end an episode, although you have to like the fact that they acknowledged Red John's damage to Jane's life, and that the writers did not simply forget about it. Now if only the murderer actually showed up, but hey there's always the season finale.moreless
  • Man gets murdered. Must find person who did it. Yawning to follow.

    The follow up to the previous week's episode was very poor. With almost every episode of this series, I find myself putting everything I am doing away and just focusing entirely on this show. Not this week. I thought the acting of the guest stars was forced and the storyline was pretty lame.

    The woman who is supposed to be the "movie star", seemed bored with her role. She had that "when is this going to be over" look in her eyes. The story didn't really go anywhere and didn't make use of the characters the way that it normally does.

    Does Lisbon do anything ever? She says and does the same things all the time. She should never be surprised at the actions of Jane. Seriously, he doesn't hold back, he makes it clear what he is going to do and sometimes goes beyond. I don't see the chemistry between them, I think that people just want it to be there. They need to go back more into the RedJohn mystery. Its going to be interesting to see how it all ends up.moreless
  • Quite an interesting case.

    No wonder the guy wanted to pull out of the movie – it's terrible! The 'super actress' sucks too… at least on set. She's far more convincing after shooting Brandon. If she was going to shoot him, she should have killed him. The fact that she just happened to have a gun in her hand and shot him in a dark room – how could she claim to see the gun? It was fitting that the 'actress' confessed on camera, Patrick was completely right, she was completely unconvincing.

    Not a great episode but pretty interesting. Definitely lacking in Jane's usual theatrics, made it a little boring.moreless
  • We are transferred to Hollywood for a murder done first-class style

    This is what one might call an "intermission episode", a humorous and relaxed one after the previous two that were heavy and intense. The action goes on in a Hollywood setting, where a famous actress plots to have her husband killed because he prevented her from resuming her career. The plot isn't very original, I guessed it was the wife from the first ten minutes, but it is given in a refreshing way and has an extremely intense, emotionally charged scene near the end (the scene where Jane makes the actress confess in front of everyone in the middle of a shoot). That scene is a very good indicative of how he can affect people, the actress forgets everything about protecting herself at that moment and gives in to the shame and guilt Jane emphasizes for her, and finally confesses to everything. Jane can be compassionate sometimes, merciless at others, and this was one of the moments where the second trait shines through. Memorable scene. I also liked the disgruntled teenage daughter and the incident with Marilyn and Chaplin in the beginning. All in all a good, enjoyable episode. I'm guessing we will have another "intermission" before things start to get heavy with the final epis.moreless
  • Amazing!

    What another great episode! I must say, The Mentalust continues to impress me with it's intriguing plots and utterly awesome, fantastic writing.

    I have to admit, I had trouble guessing who the killer was in this episode, and I believe the writer, Andi Bushell (also, the writer for the episodes, "Redwood" and "Red Rum"), did an awesome job of concealing the "true killer's" identity and keep us guessing up until the very end of the episode. So, in summary, The Mentalist continues to show everyone (and me)why it is the biggest and only breakout hit of this aging TV season.moreless
Sarah Foret

Sarah Foret

Sydney Hanson

Guest Star

Rebecca Rigg

Rebecca Rigg

Felicia Scott

Guest Star

Marcus Giamatti

Marcus Giamatti

Gabriel Fanning

Guest Star

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    • Felicia Scott: I hope that she finds happiness. Because happiness is so hard to find. Once you find it, you've gotta hang on tight, or you will lose it.

      Jane: That's true.

    • Jane: You know what I predict?

      Lisbon: Nope.

      Jane: Guess.

      Lisbon: Just tell me.

      Jane: No, I think you should guess, it's good for you. (Lisbon gives him a look.) I predict that Brandon Fulton will pay a visit to the Hanson residence this evening.

      Lisbon: You think? Wouldn't be too clever.

      Jane: Love is not blind, but it's often pretty stupid.

    • (Talking about Felicia Scott)

      Jane: Whoo. She was some woman. Make the mighty agent Lisbon blush like a school girl.

      Lisbon: Please, I did not.

    • Jane: Oh, Mitch, I thought we'd worked through your doormat issues. (To Lisbon.) Tell Cho to squeeze him a little, he knows things.

      Mitch: No, I don't.

      Jane: Sure you do, Mitch.

      Lisbon: You're not gonna like getting squeezed by Cho.

    • Jane: What is it that first attracted you to your husband? Not his looks.

      Felicia Scott: Oh, really?

      Jane: Yeah, really. He's not your type.

      Felicia Scott: And what is my type?

      Jane: Oh, ah, sporty bad boys with a hidden masochistic streak.

      Felicia Scott: Aha.

      Jane: Not too bright.

      Felicia Scott: Not even close.

      Jane: No, that was a bull's eye.

    • Lisbon: What do you think?

      Jane: Oh, he's lying. They had an argument. You go out to celebrate with the man that financed your movie and only pay half the dinner bill?

    • Lisbon: Do you own a gun, Gabriel?

      Gabriel Fanning: No. I like guns, but I'm afraid of blowing my own head off.

    • (After Jane lets go of two street performers without Cho's authorization)

      Cho: Nice. I could arrest you for that.

      Jane: You'll never take me alive, copper.

      Cho: Seriously.

      Jane: Seriously, it's Marilyn and Charlie. What, do you want to make a comedy arrest, see your name written in the weird news section?

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